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PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash (AD200)

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Product Information

PLEASE NOTE: This video is not full a representation of what is included in this listing as some items are used for demonstration purposes only. Please see the “Specifications” tab for information on what this listing includes.

The PIXAPRO PIKA200 (Godox Wistro AD200) is a 200Ws compact and portable Off-camera TTL flash with a modular interchangeable-Flash-head design. This small Portable Flash, which gives you access to powerful flash with a guide number of up to 60m at ISO100 (which is a similar to some studio strobes), whilst only being a mere 168mm x 75mm x 50mm in size. The PIKA200 is powered by a 14.4V/2900mAh rechargeable battery pack, which will give you approximately 500 full-powered shots per charge, with recycling times of between 0.01 and 2.1 seconds. 

The PIKA200 features an Interchangeable flash head, enabling you to switch between a Speedlite-Styled Fresnel head for a direct-focused beam) and a Bare-Bulb flash styled head (for an omni-directional beam). This also opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of flash modifiers, meaning that it would be compatible with most modifiers designed for Speedlites as well as modifiers designed for Bare-Bulb flashes. It can also be used with the PiXAPRO Smart speedlite Bracket for use with Studio flash modifiers. 

The PIXAPRO PIKA200 features an integrated 2.4 GHz radio receiver which enables it to be triggered wirelessly with the Pixapro ST-III TTL Flash triggers, with a working range of approx. 100m in an open area. The PIXAPRO PIKA200 also features TTL capabilities, compatible with Canon’s E-TTL II, Nikon’s i-TTL, Sony’s TTL and other TTL systems in PIXAPRO wireless ST-III system.  The PIXAPRO PIKA200 Flash also features a variety of different flash including a High-Speed Sync mode (up to 1/8000 sec), Second-Curtain Sync, Flash-Exposure Compensation, and Flash Exposure Bracketing (up to ±3 stops). It also includes a multi-flash mode, which can be set up to90 flashes at a frequency of 99Hz (flashes per second), which allows you to create many different effects such as stroboscopic photography. 

The PIKA200 is the perfect solution for the photographer requires a small- portable flash with approximately three times the power of a speedlite.



  • Interchangeable flash heads for different lighting styles.
  • Super-Fast Recycle times of between 0.01-2.1s
  • Super-Fast Flash Duration up to 1/13,000 second
  • High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second
  • Built-In 2.4GHz ST-III Receiver
  • Stroboscopic Flash and Rear-Curtain Sync Mode
  • LED Modelling light (Speedlite Head Only)
  • 8-Stop Power range (1/1 – 1/128)

  For a comparison on the PiXAPRO Portable Flashes Please Click Here.Pixapro Pika200, Godox Witstro AD200, Flashpoint eVolv 200r2

  For instructions on how to set up and use this product, Please Click Here.

  For more information about how High-Speed Sync works, Please Click Here.




Max Power (Ws)


Guide Number @ ISO100 (Speedlite Head)


Guide Number @ ISO100

(Bare Bulb Head)

60m (With Hybrid360 Reflector)

Power Range

8 F-Stops  1/1 – 1/128 Power

Flash Modes

TTL / Manual / Multi-Flash

Flash Duration (Speedlite Head) 

1/220 – 1/13,000 sec (T0.1)

Flash Duration (Bare Bulb Head)

1/220 – 1/11,300 sec (T0.1)

Colour Temperature

5600K ± 200K

Recycle Times

0.01     - 2.1 sec


1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)

Flash Exposure Lock


Stroboscopic Multi-Flash

Yes (Up to 90 flashes 99Hz)

Sync Modes

High-Speed Sync (Up to 1/8000s), First Curtain Sync, Rear Curtain Sync

Flash Delay Mode

0.01 - 30s

Mask Function




LED Modelling Lamp

Yes* (Speedlite Head Only)

Optical Slave Modes

S1 and S2


LCD Panel

Built-In ST-III Receiver


Transmission Range

Approx. 100m

No. Channels

32 (1-32)

Controllable Groups

5 (A, B, C, D, E and F)

Power Supply

Lithium battery pack (14.4V/2900mAh)

Number of Fill Powered Flashes

Approx. 500 per charge


168mm x 75mm x 50mm

(Without Flash Head)

Net. Weight

560g (Without Flash head and Battery)







Speedlite Head


Bare Bulb Head


Bare Bulb Head Flash Tube






Power Cable


Tilt Bracket


Carry Case



As used by: 

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Reviews for PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash (AD200)

(5)   By: A Campbell | 1 June, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Awesome Amazing kit open up worlds of possibilities and creativeness

(5)   By: N Glendenning | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Great product been wondering whether or not to buy for a while glad I did. Really like that everything is one package. Pixapro 360 which is also a terrific flash but the seperate battery is sometimes awkward. Also with the pika 200 the receiver is built in making it even more compact and user friendly.

(5)   By: T Grehan | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

A great all-round asset to my kit

(5)   By: S Jenkinson | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Awesome products built to last

(5)   By: R Sharp | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Not had chance to use In anger yet . but looks as if it will do the job great.

(5)   By: R Sweeney | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Brilliant piece of kit Does what it says and should do

(5)   By: R Yasas | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Unique product with a range of features in a small package size. 5 stars

(5)   By: B Benzo | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

So tired of being ripped off by Nikon for years, now there is a better alternative at a reasonable price

(5)   By: K Wallace | 30 April, 2018

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Great portable light. Around 3 times more powerful than a speed light

(5)   By: John | 30 January, 2018

They work like a dream.

Was looking for a portable flash unit so found these at a great price. They work like a dream. Used them on location with no problems. Easy to use and reliable. I ended up buying a 2nd one. Highly recommended.

(5)   By: AJ | 30 January, 2018

Works seamlessly ..

Works seamlessly with other Pixapro products.

(5)   By: Steve | 30 January, 2018

Does what it says on the tin ...

Does what it says on the tin ...

(5)   By: Chris Everett | 27 October, 2017

Great Unit

i have had the PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash for about 2 months now and used it for two weddings and numerous street style shoots. Im using a Fujifilm system and it is working flawlessly through TTL, the wireless is reliable, I've had it in 35+ degree heat shooting a wedding in Cuba and had no issues at all, as above mentioned it is a Godox AD200. The essential photo rebranding is great, and the customer service has been flawless. Fully recommend.

(5)   By: Paul H | 21 September, 2017

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Excellent flash will make good use of it in future

(5)   By: Martin | 21 September, 2017

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

This is basically a godox ad200 rebranded as pixapro pika200. Advantage buying this with essential photo is you get a 2 year warranty as these guys are uk based. This thing is built like a tank and the power output is excellent. Just buy one..Oh . And cheaper than the godox

(5)   By: Steven | 10 August, 2017

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Quality made product and fits into the knuckle of a C stand in order to use a flash modifier.

(5)   By: drkswt | 23 May, 2017

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Fantastic is the only word

(5)   By: mdharris | 23 May, 2017

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

Great portable solution and compliments the citi600 very well

(5)   By: Mark | 25 April, 2017

PiXAPRO® PIKA200 Portable Battery Powered TTL Mini Flash

I bought this from Essential Photo instead of Ebay to ensure a UK warranty and customer service. The flash was chosen due to its power size and the fact it has the dual head system. I used it on a shoot of my dog Indi a GSD with the evening sun as a rim light. The PIKA200 easily filled the light in against the sun So far i love it

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Questions & Answers


To remove the head from the PIKA200, first, pull back the "unlock" switch. Whilst holding the Unlock switch, slide the PIKA200 head upwards (towards the labels on the top of the unit" to disengage the connector pins. Once the connector pins have been disengaged, the PIKA200 head should now come away. Please see video below


Guide-Numbers (GN) are not a measure of absolute flash output, they are meant to be a guide to give you an idea of what kind of exposures you can expect at a given distance, with a certain ISO and aperture (usually ISO 100 and Aperture F/1.0). The Guide Number for Studio Strobes and Bare-bulb flashes are usually based on when the flash is used with its standard reflector. In the case of Speedlites, the GN is usually based on when the flash is used at its maximum zoom setting (200mm with Li-ion580II speedlites).

It is difficult to directly compare two different types of flashes this way as the light from speedlites at their maximum zoom setting is usually a lot more concentrated and focused than the light from a Bare-bulb flash with its standard reflector. If you zoom your Speedlites to 35mm to match the PIKA200’s Speedlite head, you will find that you will get a lot more output from the PIKA200 than your Li-Ion580II speedlite.


Yes, this will include a 2 year UK warranty. Any issues with your items will be sent back to and dealt with by our team based in the UK. This means a faster turnover time to resolve any issues and a dedicated UK based customer service team.


The PIKA200 portable flash is transforming the way many photographers work, where once a low power speedlite was the only option for a small portable flash. Now there's a 200Ws answer and at a little bigger than a speedlite, with 3x the power for a fraction of the cost of OEM flashes!. It also includes a Li-Ion battery about the same size as 4x AA cells giving at least 500 full powered flashes.


The MASK feature is found under custom function 5, and you can set 2x groups (n1 or n2).

Once everything is set, the PIKA200s mask groups will alternate depending on the groups of lights in sequence. For Example, n1 lights fire first, then on the next shot, the n2 lights etc.


Before updating the Firmware, try discharge the PIKA200 by removing the battery and then holding the OFF/ON Button for two seconds. Once this has been done, try updating the PIKA200 again.

If that didn't work, there is a chance that the software removed the previous version of the firmware without installing the update. In this instance, try updating the firmware again.

If you are still experiencing problems, you are more than welcome to send your PIKA200 back to us and we will update the firmware for you. Please contact us at Customerservice@essentialphoto.co.uk for more details.


The PIKA200 can be triggered using any sync cable with a 3.5mm sync jack such as our 3.5m Sync Cable with 3.5mm Jack. Please be aware that you will lose ccertain features such as TTL and High-Speed sync etc.


To see what your current firmware version is, press and hold the <Mode> Button as you switch your PIKA200 on (please see photo below).


If you would like to trigger your PIKA200 with any of these triggers, press and hold mode/z (circled in red) until a Wireless Symbol appears in the top-left hand corner of the screen (Circled in Yellow).

You should now be able to control and trigger the PIKA200 with the ST-III or ECO2.4 triggers


The PIKA200 doesn't an Optical TTL slave mode unfortunately, so you are unable to use your TTL Speedlite to control it.


The Pika200 Modelling light is Daylight balanced at 5600K ±300k

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