What Light Modifiers, Accessories & Spare Parts are available for the PIKA200 PRO?

The PIXAPRO PIKA200 and PIKA200 PRO (Godox AD200 PRO) are Super-Compact 200Ws Battery Powered Flashes that are perfect for use either in the studio or on location. They are perfect for photographers who want a small and lightweight, unit to use on location for events and more.

But what modifiers and accessories are available for it? And if something goes wrong with your PIKA200 and it's out of warranty, what spare parts are available for it? 


A handful of modifiers are available to purchase alongside the PIKA itself. The PIKA200 is built with the speedlite/PIKA fitting due to it's small size and compatibility with speedlite softboxes. However, it can be used with the Smart Bracket, which has a Bowens S-Type fitting and allows you to pair it with a range of modifiers.

Umbrellas and Softboxes

The PiXAPRO 40inch Black/Silver Umbrella is compatible with the PIKA200 and is easily paired with it as it attaches to a stand rather than to the light. The umbrella is very affordable and is a great option as it is versatile and light-efficient, and is easily set up when on-the-go. 

The 70cm PiXAPRO Speedlite Softbox is also a great option for the PIKA200  as it is compact and comes with it's own honeycomb grid and has quick-release locking mechanisms.


We also stock 60x60cm and 80x80cm Pop-Up Softboxes that can be used on the go, which come with their own Smart Speedlite brackets in order to be used with the PIKA200.

Other softboxes commonly used with the PIKA200 when paired with the Smart Bracket are the PiXAPRO Easy-Open softbox range. 

The Octagonal Softboxes are often popular, coming in different sizes such as 150cm and 170cm.


60x60cm Square Easy-Open Round-Head Speedlite Softbox VS 35x120cm Arc Strip Umbrella Softbox VS 65cm 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice-Bowl Parabolic Softbox

Our Strip Softboxes also give a similar effect with the silver lining, and are perfect for lighting portrait and fashion. They come in a rectangular 30x90cm in size or the 35x120cm Arc-shaped version. Or alternatively, our Rice-Bowl softboxes are perfect for maximising and softening the light from the unit, and the 16-sided shape helps to imitate a circular umbrella.

Beauty Dishes

The PIKA200 can also be used with the 42cm Beauty Dish in Silver or White, both of which also come with their own Speedlite Smart Brackets.  



Reflectors and Gels

There are also a selection of reflectors that are perfect for the PIKA200, such as diffuser domes, the barndoor set and the range of 5-in-1 reflectors in 80x120cm and 60cm that are perfect for on-the-go as they are collapsible and easy to store. 

The PIKA200 can be used in conjunction with the Round Head Adapter to use the Round Head Accessory Kit which will allow you to control and adapt your lighting with a number of different modifiers. The Gel Flip kit is also perfect to tailor your light and suit your creative needs, and comes with a selection of 30 gels to use with the PIKA. 



Or, if you're wanting to pick up one kit with all the modifier essentials included, why not try the Complete PIKA200 Kit?


We also stock a range of accessories for the PIKA200, such as:


The PIKA200 is compatible with the PIXAPRO One System, meaning it will work with all PiXAPRO and GODOX branded 2.4GHz triggers. Examples of these are the popular PRO ST-IV that features a backlit LCD display, or the PRO ST-III, which should be paired with the Reciever.


PRO ST-IV 2.4GHz Flash Transmitter and PRO ST-III R 2.4GHz Flash Receiver Only


The PIKA200 fits a range of PiXAPRO stands on different budgets. The 190cm stand is an affordable option and is suitable with how lightweight the PIKA200 is, or the 300cm retractable stand is a sturdier alternative.


Portable Lightweight 190cm Photography Studio Light Stand, 300cm Heavy Duty Retractable Light Stand and Ultra-Lightweight 190cm Carbon Fibre Foldable Nano Stand

If you need a location-suitable option for when you're constantly on the move, our new Carbon Fibre Nano Stand is also perfect for the lightweight PIKA200. 

Spare Parts and Accessories

We stock a range of accessories for the PIKA200 as well, such as the Dual Bracket which allows you to use two PIKA flashes in one bracket, resulting in a Bowens S-Type fitting which can be used with a huge range of modifiers.

We also stock a Grip Handle for the PIKA, an Extension Head, and Round-Head and LED Head adapters.

So, what if something happens to your PIKA200 unit outside of its warranty period? We offer a handful of spare parts that will help you to get longer use out of your flash. 

Spare Battery

If you need a backup battery or need to replace your battery that doesn't quite hold as much power as you need it to anymore, we sell the PIKA200 Pro battery as a spare part available, so that you can still use your PIKA when you need it most.


Spare Battery Charger

Similarly, if you damage or lose your PIKA battery charger, we stock spare chargers too!

If you need a different spare part that hasn't been listed here, please get in touch with our Customer Support team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk with a photo of the issue and your order number for the product and our team will look into whether we are able to source a replacement part for you!