Has your PiXAPRO product suffered a mishap?

We offer fast, affordable repairs to PiXAPRO products in our UK repair center.

Here at PIXAPRO we understand that things can go wrong with your gear which in the long run can affect work and cause unnecessary stress.

With our repair service we aim to get it fixed and you up and running as soon as possible. Our affordable repair service covers the majority of what we sell so if should on the unlikely event something fails, we are here to help.

All repairs are carried out by our trained technicians who will go through the best option to get these repaired, and don’t worry if your item is outside the warranty, we can cover these too (subject to parts available).

Our dedicated customer support team will keep you updated throughout the whole process and will give an estimate on the repair cost and time before the work is undertaken. Our UK based repair centre stocks the majority of spare parts so it means there will not be a long delay in sourcing these to repair your unit.

And should your item not be repairable, whilst unfortunate, we may be able to offer a special discount to try and make it a little easier and get you shooting again.

How To Book A Repair

Get In Touch With One Of Our Support Technicians Whoc Will Walk You Through The Process:

Please Include A Return Form When Sending Back A Repair Unit And Include As Much Information As Possible On The Fault And How To Replicate This Issue If Not Immediately Obvious, This Will Help To Identify The Problem And Find A Resolution As Fast As Possible.