Purchase Orders Available with EssentialPhoto & Video!

Are you an Academical, Public Sector or Government Department company that wishes to purchase some equipment? You may be suitable to create a Purchase Order with EssentialPhoto & Video to make things easier for you. Whether you are interested in a single product, or kitting out a complete studio environment, we are happy to offer professional advice and support during each step.

If you believe you meet this criteria, you can apply for 30 day credit terms so we can dispatch the items first and then invoice you for payment once 30 days have passed. To apply for credit terms, please contact us at info@essentialphoto.co.uk or via Telephone at 0121 552 3113, and a member of our team will be happy to assist and get the application form sent across.
If you prefer, we can invoice for payment immediate payment to be made via BACS. This does not require an application process so as soon as payment has been made by BACS, we can get this allocated straight to your order for dispatch.
Whatever your financial process is, we can help support you. We can also offer quotations, product advice and will work with you to provide a smooth, simple, ordering process.

Terms & Conditions

• All applications are subject to approval, no application is guaranteed to be accepted.
• Background checks may be carried out before credit terms are approved
• Failure to meet payment can result in a negative impact on credit history and blacklisting from placing future orders on credit terms
• Details will be passed to our Lloyds factoring system and they may contact the lead purchaser on our behalf
• By completing the application form, it is agreed that payment to be made in full by the specified date
• It will be considered the responsibility of the requestor to check all invoice details are correct and if anything needs amending, this must be reported to us as quickly as possible.
• A valid purchase order document must be given including the billing address, shipping address, list of items, agreed prices (including total) and a valid purchase order before any order can be submitted.
• If anything does not match on the purchase order, this may need to be amended before any goods can be dispatched.