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PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash (AD600B)

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Product Information

Location flash Premium kits

Mega Location Lighting Test

How to shoot Motocross using the CITI600 Flashes with Colin Brister

Behind the Scenes Footage of Photographer Chris Ord using the Pixapro CITI600 TTL Flash;

To see a Product Overview of the CITI600 by Chris Ord please see the video below;

PLEASE NOTE: This video is not full a representation of what is included in this listing as some items are used for demonstration purposes only. Please see the “Specifications” tab for information on what this listing includes.

The PIXAPRO CITI 600 (Godox Wistro AD600B) is a revolutionary battery powered portable monolight that features true TTL and High-Speed sync functionality for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Fujifilm cameras. The PIXAPRO CITI 600 features a self-contained rechargeable Battery, meaning that the battery is attached directly to the body of the strobe, instead of having a separate battery pack. It also features a built-in 2.4GHz receiver compatible with the PIXAPRO Pro ST-III TTL flash trigger, which gives you access to TTL metering which will quickly provide you with perfect exposure without the need for manual metering, which could sometimes cause you to miss key moments.

The PIXAPRO CITI 600 is a powerful 600Ws flash with a guide number of 87m at ISO100 with the standard reflector attached. Its 11.1V / 8700mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack will give you approximately 500 full-powered shots per charge. Since the CITI 600 utilises Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology, it is capable producing short flash durations of between 1/220 second to 1/10,000 second (dependant on flash power output), whilst maintaining colour accuracy throughout its power range which opens up a whole world of possibilities. It also has super short recycling times of between 0.01 and 2.5 seconds. It also has a built in 10W LED modelling lamp, which has three brightness settings.

The CITI 600’s user-friendly interface, with large Dot-Matrix LCD screen enables you to quickly and easily change your flash settings with the use of large, easy to access buttons and a control dial.

The PIXAPRO CITI600 features a variety of different flash modes including a High-Speed Sync mode (up to 1/8000 sec), Second-Curtain Sync, Flash-Exposure Compensation, and Flash Exposure Bracketing (up to ±3 stops). It also includes a multi-flash mode, which can be set to between 2 and 100 flashes at a frequency between 1 and 100Hz (flashes per second), which allows you to create many different effects such as stroboscopic photography.

As well as having an integrated receiver compatible with the PIXAPRO PRO ST-III trigger system for TTL functionality, CITI 600 is also compatible with the PIXAPRO® PRO AC 16 Channel Radio flash Trigger set, allowing you to trigger your flash, and control the flash power remotely from the transmitter, (PRO AC Trigger does not transmit TTL information) enabling you to use the CITI 600 manually in conjunction with the flashes in the Pixapro Eco-System including the PowerCore Portable Flashes, the Li-Ion580 series speedlites, and the Lumi, Storm and Kino studio strobes. The CITI 600 has a S-Type accessory mount enabling it to be used with a wide range of modifiers, and also has a Micro USB port, which will enable you to update the firmware when updates become available.

The PIXAPRO CITI600 is the perfect solution for the photographer who requires the speed and simplicity of a TTL speedlite, but also requires the power of a studio monolight for use on location.

PLEASE NOTE: The High-Speed Sync feature on the CITI600 TTL requires either an ST-III TTL Trigger or an ECO2.4 Trigger to work. You can also use a Canon ETTL, Nikon iTTL, or Sony TTL Masterflash to trigger it optically.




  • Integrated PIXAPRO 2.4GHz ST-III Radio Transceiver System for full TTL metering.
  • Utilises IGBT technology for Super-Short Flash Durations, great for freezing motion.
  • High Speed Sync mode up to 1/8000th
  • High Guide Number of GN87 (at ISO 100 with Standard Reflector)
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • 500 Full Power Flashes (With CITI600 Battery)
  • Super-quick Recycle Times of between 0.01– 2.5 Seconds.

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This product is provided with a UK 3-Pin Power cable, if you require an EU power cable please notify us when purchasing your item.



CITI600 TTL (Trigger Not Included)

Max Power


Guide Number

87m @ ISO100  with Standard Reflector

Colour Temperature


Flash Duration

1/220s - 1/10,000s  (T0.1)

Recycle Times

0.01 – 2.5 Seconds Recycle Time

Manual Flash Power Range

1/1 - 1/256 (1/3 Stop Increments)

Power Source

Built in (removable) 11.1V / 8700mAh Lithium-ion Battery

Number of Flashes

Approx. 500 Full Powered Flashes

Per Charge

Battery Recharge Time

Approx. 4 hours to fully charge from empty.

Flash Modes

TTL (Canon, Nikon and Sony)  / M / Multi

High speed Sync

Up to 1/8,000s

Flash Exposure Bracketing / Flash Exposure


±3 Stops (1/3 Stop Increments)

Flash Exposure Lock


Radio Frequency

2.4GHz (Compatible with PIXAPRO PRO ST-III TTL Triggers)

Radio Slave Modes

Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic & Fujifilm TTL  Radio Slave Modes

Work Range

100m with ST-III Transmitter in Open Area

Channels (Radio)


Channels (Optical



3 (A/B/C)

Slave Modes

Canon Nikon & Sony Optical Slave Modes

Manual Slave Modes S1 & S2

Other Trigger Methods


PC Sync Port, 3.5mm Sync port, USB port for Pro AC Trigger Set

(Manual Flash Support Only)


220mm x 245mm x 125mm

Net. Weight


Accessory Mount






CITI600 TTL Flash Head


Flash Tube


Lithium Battery Pack


Battery Charger


Power Cord


Lamp Cover


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Reviews for PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash (AD600B)

(5)   By: Brian | 9 November, 2018

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash (AD600B)

Very good product at a very good price. It does exactly as it says and seems reliable so far

(5)   By: Paul Blackwell | 17 July, 2018

Fantastic straight out of the box

I have wanted one of these strobes for awhile now. A couple of days ago I finally decided to purchase one of the Citi600 TTL strobes. It arrived in good time earlier today. Now whilst this will not be the most comprehensive of reviews. I can tell you that I was not disappointed in the slightest. The TTL worked flawlessly straight away. I was really happy.....Then I decided to use my Pika200 TTL ( also highly recommended ) as a rim light and WOW. COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY.
If you are considering the Citi600 TTL then I would say go for it.
Just make sure you have either a very strong light stand. Or better still a Cemtury stand as this strobe is really heavy.....heavier than I had previously imagined. Look at buying a case too as it doesn’t come with one. Just cardboard box and polystyrene packaging. On the whole this is a fantastic light and one I look forward to using more of in the future.

(5)   By: Andrew J | 14 June, 2018

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash (AD600B)

First impressions have been very good, heavier than i thought it would be. Easy to use with the new controller.

(5)   By: T Soltani | 30 April, 2018

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash

pour le coté pratique et esthétique

(5)   By: S Michaels | 30 April, 2018

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash

The studio flash we've all been waiting for at a great price.

(5)   By: Nitsan Simantov | 10 April, 2018

Gorgeous strobe.

(I was sent a free one to review on my Youtube channel. As always, my reviews are 100% honest and I discuss every issue I can find.)

I love this strobe!
A full review will be on Youtube after some more use.

- High end specs and features. I won't list them all here, but you know, fast recycling, TTL, HSS, short flash durations (not the shortest though) built-in wireless receiver, etc.
- Build quality is SUPERB down to the smallest details. Best I've seen on any light (and I've seen a LOT).
- Super easy controls. Very intuitive. Took me the best part of 30 seconds to get started, same goes for the triggers.
- Great screen. The screen's light is always on when the unit is turned on.
- Decent modeling LED light - Approx 1500 lux at 1m with a bowl reflector and without the main bulb attached. (measured that way to see if it could be used for video - and yes it certainly can, but only 3 levels of dimming on the modeling LED which isn't ideal for video. Great 5500K colour quality though.)
- Strobe bulb is inside a clear protective cap. I think it's glass but feels fairly tough, as least far more than the bare bulb.
- Has an optional "remote head" extension for the bulb. You can see that on the left of the strobe in the photo, and in the photo with the cat, that's how I used this strobe to light itself through the softbox. (Pixapro 150cm easy-open octadome)
- The wireless controllers are incredibly good. By far my favourite triggers ever. They are a joy to use. The Sony-fit one is flawless (on my A7S). I've never seen a trigger work so well. TTL is great with getting correct exposures and the exposure compensation is super easy to control (goes up to -/+ 3 on both the light itself and the controller). I've only used the Canon-fit trigger for a few minutes but so far TTL is working great on that too.

- Not as lightweight as I'd want. About 2.6kg. Not too bad, but very noticeable compared to speedlights.
- It would be great if the bulb had even more protection around it, maybe a metal grid of some sort.
- Obviously, costs more than smaller speelights. Pixapro also have a manual version that's cheaper, without TTL. And they have smaller flashes too.

If you need the high brightness then this is an incredibly good light. If you don't need so much power then I'd recommend also having a look at the small and medium sized flash options from Pixapro.

Note: The wireless trigger, softbox, stand and camera seen in my images are obviously not included with this item listing.

Review taken from PIXAPRO Amazon Store.

(5)   By: Chris | 23 November, 2017

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash

Excellent product. Love these flash heads. Have bought three in total

(5)   By: alan | 24 October, 2017

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash

Top Flash, so versatile Highly recommend

(5)   By: Mick H | 21 September, 2017

CITI600 TTL Battery Powered

great product now have 4 of these great products

(5)   By: Jason Goodlad | 25 April, 2017

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash (Trigger Not Included)

A superb product probably the best on the market right now

(5)   By: S. Coates | 16 November, 2016

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash

Great bits of kit for event photographers.

(5)   By: Ian Pack | 5 May, 2016

Welcome addition to my portable lighting gear

The first time I took my Pixapro CITI600 TTL portable battery flash on location, in typical English fashion the sun disappeared behind cloud and rain so I didn't bother testing the high-speed sync facility as planned.

This Ed Nugent; Ed is one of life's nice guys, a nurseryman, grower & plantsman who's worked with plants since leaving school, including exhibiting at the internationally renowned Chelsea Flower Show in London. He and his wife Josie have just established a new plant nursery Garden Sage not too far from the studio I work from in Burgess Hill. I popped in to a) see what was in offer & b) buy some herbs plants - as you do, we got talking as Ed was on hand to welcome the customers, a great touch and testament to his desire for the nursery to succeed. He even agreed to be photographed for my Sussex Photographer blog!

As I said at the beginning, they day became very grey thick cloud & rain making for a a very cool look to the images which didn't really give the look I wanted. To compensate for this I added ½ CTB (Colour Temperature Blue) gel - LEE Filters 202 ½ CT Blue, took a grey balance reference close to Ed's face to correct in post-processing. This gave me the warmer background area not lit by the flash.

The Pixapro CITI600 TTL battery mono bloc flash head was mounted to a 20" sliding leg Kupo Grip C-stand with a 40" boom - I find this a very stable & versatile configuration for most lights from Speedlites through to bulky mains powered studio heads. It's essential to remember that when rigging any light stand that one of the legs MUST bender the load of the light & boom for optimum stability.

The soft box is the Pixapro 60cm portable beauty dish (silver inside) with the front diffuser in place, but not the inner deflector. This modifier has a recessed diffuser panel allowing a egg crate grid (supplied) to add more direction & less spill to the light.

As this is a TTL unit I used the TTL facility in conjunction with the Pixapro ST-III T (Canon) trigger. My camera was set to Av with -⅔ stop exposure compensation dialled in. The flash was set to TTL via the trigger & an initial exposure compensation of -1 dialled in (this was established with a number of controlled Fred Tests prior to use). When using the CITI600 you'll notice that any exposure compensation does not appear on the head display; this doesn't mean the flash doesn't recognise the trigger commands, it's just the head is designed to work with both Canon & Nikon camera systems. This may or may not change with future firmware upgrades.

The first frame was a bit hot (over-exposed) so I dialled in -2 stops exposure compensation on the ST-IIIT trigger and was ready to go. The light was not that challenging so for the short duration of the shoot I didn't need to change this.

Given the ambient light conditions, camera Av TTL exposure was ISO 160, ƒ/4, 1/160th sec.

The Pixapro CITI600 TTL is a welcome addition to my portable lighting gear as it fits nicely when I need a wide aperture ƒ/stop for shallow depth of field (DoF) effects which with conventional portable battery flash are not possible without the use of a camera lens 0.9 solid ND filter which darkens the view finder & reduces the exposure overall requiring more flash power. I will have Speedlites in my kit, which on average are 80w/s compared to the mighty 600w/s of the CITI600 at full power:)

During a controlled location Fred Test I've achieved with a 45º deep long focus reflector in place (honeycomb grid not fitted), ƒ/22 at 4m (13ft) in bright sunlight, Manual 1/1, camera ISO 100, 1/50th sec.

The Pixapro CITI600 TTL is also available in a non-TTL version.

Pixapro CITI600 TTL Key Features:

TTL auto exposure Canon & Nikon with appropriate trigger, variable over a ±3 stop range in ⅓ stop increments.
Manual from 1/1 to 1/256th power - a firmware upgrade is required for the ST-III T rigger at the time of writing as the trigger only goes to 1/128th power. Be aware that the firmware upgrade is only PC, not Mac for now and the download page is in Chinese.
Multi stroboscopic flash with variable frequency.
32 channels and 5 groups.
10w CoB LED modelling light with three power levels.

Of special interest to some will be the flash tube which is user replaceable and has a protective glass cover - reducing the risk of damage or electric shock from an exposed flash tube.

The design of the flash tube projects as well as radiating light improving efficiency with most Pixapro reflectors and modifiers - Speedlites and the Profoto B1 & B2 have concealed flash tubes very much like a Speedlite so only project light! The LED modelling light is positioned to project light through the flash tube and gives a surprisingly accurate preview.

Very soon a remote lead will be available for the head which means the power supply & flash head will be separate, very much like the Elinchrom Quadra system - one of the reasons which attracted me to the system originally was low mass on the top of a light stand when on location outside.

Also, not the construction of the 60cm portable beauty dish, very durable and not dissimilar to the Elinchrom Rotalite range of flash modifiers.

The instruction manual is clear & concise. These days a paper manual is a bonus as much of the time manuals and user guides are PDF download for DIY printing.

I highly recommend the Pixapro brand products available from https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk - Yang Wu and the team offer a superb level of customer service (yes, I have experienced it) both on the telephone and by the website Live Chat!

(5)   By: Gerry | 5 May, 2016

a big thumbs up for the CITI600

“A couple of weeks ago a bought a CITI600 TTL from Pixapro to supplement the studio flash equipment I already have. I had a particular project in mind when I bought it due to the technical challenges presented by the project. I am currently shooting a calendar for a charity called Fireside K9. It’s fairly well known that when a Police dog retires from service, it usually stays with the handler for the rest of its life. What isn’t so widely known is that once a dog retires, the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner ceases to have any financial responsibility for the dog and the financial burden falls to the handler. Often, due to the nature of the work the dog has done, the handler inherits large vet bills to maintain the dogs health. This is where Fireside K9 comes in and helps to support the retired West Yorkshire Police dog with funds raised by various activities.

The theme of the calendar is to have pictures of various dogs either in, on, or in front of, various landmarks throughout Yorkshire. Standing at 330m tall is the Arqiva Emley Moor Tower, the largest freestanding structure in the UK. Known locally simply as “Emley Moor”, it can be seen from almost all points in West Yorkshire, and beyond. At approximately 900 ft from the ground is the Turret Room, which is an equipment area and observation platform. Arqiva, the operator of the tower kindly allowed us access to the turret room, with two dogs, to get some images for the calendar. The turret room is essentially wrapped around the tower, the core is not interrupted by the room. The external walls of the room are predominantly glazed and so it is very bright, however because of the central tower, there is a significant loss of light as you move into the room. I knew this was going to present a challenge as I wanted a shot of the dog looking out across the surrounding countryside. Speedlight’s were simply not going to have enough power to overcome the ambient, the small lift and 7 minute journey for the lift each way meant I was limited to the amount of equipment I could take to the viewing platform and the sensitive equipment up there meant I couldn’t be plugging mains powered kit in willy nilly. Just to complicate things was the added bonus of being wrapped around by glazing, meaning reflections could be a big issue.

Enter the CITI600. Battery powered and powerful enough to balance the internal with the external. The added bonus being the Bowens fit which meant I had a choice of light modifiers and so I could properly control the light. I opted for a standard reflector with a 20 degree grid, which meant I could throw light onto the dog but control spill onto the glass, this avoiding reflections. Although I bought the TTL version, on this occasion I opted to use it in manual as I find it gives me greater control and I could put just the right amount of fill on the dog.

It was a challenging shoot, changing light, reflections and dogs that won’t look out of the window on command. But the equipment performed faultlessly and gave me the results I was looking for so a big thumbs up for the CITI600 from me based on this shoot. I’ve a few more shoots planned for the calendar where the CITI600 will be making an appearance due to the remote locations involved and I look forward to testing it’s obvious capabilities further!”

(5)   By: Colin Brister | 28 April, 2016

New Puppies… Pixapro Citi 600’s

So once at home it was time to unpack the new puppies and inspect, at first look the quality is great, good build. Even more impressive is what these units are capable of, I have used speedlite systems out on race tracks shooting up to 1/8000th & monoblocks in studios & events shooting portraits for many years. But have always wanted the speed of the flashes & the power of the studio lighting, well here it is, with the added bonus of no cords.

To see full review please see the link below:

(5)   By: Gavin | 15 April, 2016

Review PiXAPRO CITI600 flash

With 600ws of flash on tap and a massive 8700mAh built in battery to power it, the PiXAPRO CITI600 sounds like a very capable flash head on paper. Throw in the potential for HSS and TTL if you’re a Canon or Nikon user and that unit is starting to sound very promising.

For full review please see the following link;

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Questions & Answers


Losing about a stop of power when using High-Speed Sync (HSS) mode compared to the flash output when not using HSS mode is normal. HSS works by rapidly pulsing the light from the flash (quicker than the eye can see) so that light gets to all parts of the sensor, which gives you even flash coverage across the entire sensor. However HSS it does have a few drawbacks:

  • Since the Light has to pulse, you do lose a fair bit of flash output, meaning that you will have to compensate by moving your flash closer to your subject.
  • It also requires a fair amount of power to perform High-Speed sync, which drains your batteries quicker than normal.

To see a more in-depth explaination of how High-Speed Sync works, please refer to our True High-Speed Sync vs Long Tail High-Speed Sync Blog Post


Yes, this will include a 2 year UK warranty. Any issues with your items will be sent back to and dealt with by our team based in the UK. This means a faster turnover time to resolve any issues and a dedicated UK based customer service team.


The TTL mode is only available in Wireless mode, or Optical TTL slave mode. If you don't see either a wireless symbol, or a flash symbol in the top-left hand corner of the screen (circled in red), then keep pressing the <Z> button (circles in yellow) until you see the wireless symbol.

Once in this mode, you should now be able to select TTL by using the <MODE> button to cycle through the different flash modes.


I can confirm that the PIXAPRO CITI600 will be compatible with the Godox products. You will need to ensure that they are currently running the latest firmware.


The Masking Mode is found under custom function 3, and you can set up to 3x groups (n1, n2 and n3).

Once everything is set, the CITI 600s mask groups will alternate depending on the groups of lights in sequence. For Example, n1 lights fire first, then on the next shot, the n2 lights etc.


You can use High-speed Sync (HSS) at any power setting with the CITI600, however you will lose around one stop of flash output when using HSS compared to when not using HSS at the same power setting.


If the CITI600 is set to a lower power setting (e.g. 1/32, 1/64 power etc.), it should be able to keep up with the multiburst mode of your camera with consistent results. However, we wouldn't recommend doing this repeatedly as it could cause the CITI600 units to overheat.


We have tested the CITI600 with the standard 7" reflector, and the reading we go was F/90.0 at a distance of 1m at ISO 100.


We have tested the CITI600 with our 95cm octacgonal softbox with 5cm at full power and the results were as follows:

  • F/36.0 at a distance of 1m at ISO 100 (Without Grid)
  • F/29.0 at a distance of 1m at ISO 100 (With Grid)

The reading between different softboxes may vary slighly, but this should give you a rough idea


To see what your current firmware version is of your CITI600 flash, simply press the <Menu> Button (Circled in Red) and it should be diaplayed in the top-right hand corner of the screen (Circled in Yellow).


To restore the CITI600 back to factory settings, press the MENU button to enter the custom settings, select “YES” on the RESET option.


Try removing the battery, then press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. Then try connecting the CITI600 to the computer again.


Please download the firmware, along with the G1 software from our Firmware Downloads Page, and then let us know which product you would like the firmware for, and then follow these steps.

  1. First download and install the G1 program which is required to upgrade the Firmware for All Pixapro Flashes and Triggers.
  2. Download the relevant Firmware Update file for the product you would like to upgrade the Firmware for.
  3. Open the G1 program, and click the "Select File" button and select the firmware file that corresponds to the product that you would like to upgrade.
  4. Connect the product to your computer using a micro USB cable (The same type used by most Android phones).
  5. Then click the “Connect” button in the G1 program to connect to the Pixapro Product. If connection is successful, a message will be displayed on the G1 program menu. If connection is unsuccessful, please check that the Micro USB cable is properly inserted, and/or is working.
  6. Once Connection is Successful, click the "Upgrade", and you will be prompted when the upgrade is complete. If Upgrade is unsuccessful please repeat the process from step 3.
  7. Once the Firmware has been updated successfully, then click the “disconnect” button in the G1 Software, and then disconnect your product from your computer.


We have run some tests, and the CITI600 doesn’t allow you to fire the flash until it has fully recharged.


The CITI600s have a built-in safety feature which switches the modelling light off after a certain period to prevent the unit from over-heating and causing permanent damage to the flash head. The amount of time the modelling lamp stays on for, depends on the power setting you have the modelling lamp set to:

  • At 30% power, the modelling lamp will stay on for approximately 30mins
  • At 60% power, the modelling lamp will stay on for approximately 20mins
  • At 100% power, the modelling lamp will stay on for approximately 10mins


We have put together a table that directly compares the price and specifications of the CITI600 TTL , compared to other flashes of its type on the market

  For Spec. & Price Comparison with other popular Brands, Please Click Here.

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