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Pixapro PIKA200 Pro

Both the PIKA200Pro and the GODOX AD200Pro are both made by GODOX, and are both idential internally. This means that both the PIXAPRO PIKA200pro and the Godox AD200pro are cross-compatible with each other, and will work with each other's triggers. However, at PiXAPRO, we offer a Full 2-Year UK Warranty with UK-Based Customer Service, and UK-Based Aftercare.

We also offer a full-range of compatible accessories and carry a range of Manufacturer Spare-Parts. Don’t see what you are looking for listed on the website? Please contact us at info@essentialphoto.co.uk and let us know what you are looking for, and we will look into it for you.

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Interchangeable Heads

The PIKA200 Pro features interchangeable Flash heads, which opens up a range of different lighting possibilities. The PIKA200 Pro ships with a Speedlite-Styled Fresnel Head, and an Omnidirectional Bare-Bulb head. In addition to Fresnel head and Bare-Bulb head, you can also purchase the Roundhead (GODOX H200R), which produces natural looking lighting with a smooth, graduated fall-off. The LED Head (GODOX AD-L) enables you to use your PIKA200 Pro as a continuous LED light. There is also an Extension-Head (Godox EC200), which enables you to extend the head away from the main body of the flash.

Modifier Fittings

The PIKA200 pro is compatible with a wide range of modifiers, depending on which head is being used:

  • Most modifiers designed for speedlites are compatible with the PIKA200 Pro Fresnel Head, including the MagMod series of light shapers. There are also a Set of Barn Doors designed specifically for it.
  • The Bare-Bulb head has its own range of modifiers designed specifically for use with it, including a Beauty Dish, a Snoot, and a Wide-Angle diffuser etc.
  • The Round Head is compatible with its own range of Magnetic light Modifiers, which include Barn-Doors, a grid and gel holders

The PIKA200 pro can also be used with traditional Bowens S-Type fitting modifiers such as softboxes and Beauty Dishes, when paired with the PIXAPRO Smart Bracket

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