Both the PIKA200Pro and the GODOX AD200Pro are both made by GODOX, and are both idential internally. This means that both the PIXAPRO PIKA200pro and the Godox AD200pro are cross-compatible with each other, and will work with each other's triggers. However, at PiXAPRO, we offer a Full 2-Year UK Warranty with UK-Based Customer Service, and UK-Based Aftercare.

We also offer a full-range of compatible accessories and carry a range of Manufacturer Spare-Parts. Don’t see what you are looking for listed on the website? Please contact us at info@essentialphoto.co.uk and let us know what you are looking for, and we will look into it for you.

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Interchangeable Heads

The PIKA200 Pro features interchangeable Flash heads, which opens up a range of different lighting possibilities. The PIKA200 Pro ships with a Speedlite-Styled Fresnel Head, and an Omnidirectional Bare-Bulb head. In addition to Fresnel head and Bare-Bulb head, you can also purchase the Roundhead (GODOX H200R), which produces natural looking lighting with a smooth, graduated fall-off. The LED Head (GODOX AD-L) enables you to use your PIKA200 Pro as a continuous LED light. There is also an Extension-Head (Godox EC200), which enables you to extend the head away from the main body of the flash.

Modifier Fittings

The PIKA200 pro is compatible with a wide range of modifiers, depending on which head is being used:

  • Most modifiers designed for speedlites are compatible with the PIKA200 Pro Fresnel Head, including the MagMod series of light shapers. There are also a Set of Barn Doors designed specifically for it.

  • The Bare-Bulb head has its own range of modifiers designed specifically for use with it, including a Beauty Dish, a Snoot, and a Wide-Angle diffuser etc.
  • The Round Head is compatible with its own range of Magnetic light Modifiers, which include Barn-Doors, a grid and gel holders

The PIKA200 pro can also be used with traditional Bowens S-Type fitting modifiers such as softboxes and Beauty Dishes, when paired with the PIXAPRO Smart Bracket

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