Explaining Interchangeable SpeedRings

When it comes to modifiers, you need to make sure that you select the correct fitting for your lighting units. However, if you decide to change your lighting in the future, you may be stuck with modifiers that you can no longer use. Interchangeable speedrings are a handy item that help to give you the most out of the flash systems that you already own.

What are Interchangeable Speedrings?

Rather than having to search specifically for individual modifiers such as Softboxes and Beauty Dishes that only fit the equipment you own, an interchangeable speedring gives you the freedom to use your accessories on a much wider range of flashes.


S-Type Mount Adapter For CITI400 Pro and Elinchrom Mount Adapter For CITI400 Pro

What fittings are available?

Many of our modifiers come with an interchangeable speedring, giving you the option in a drop-down menu when you view the product. Options such as the Bowens S-Type, Elinchrom and Profoto fittings are available, giving you the freedom to choose what your accessory will fit with. See a lists of our speedring options below, along with a compatibility table for each type.

Fitting Compatibility
Fitting Type Compatible Brands
Bowens S-Type Pixapro, Lencarta, Godox, Aurora, Lastolite Lumen8, RimeLite, iLux, Walimex VC / K +DS, Jinbei, Bowens, Interfit: Stellar and Venus Series
Elinchrom Elinchrom, Interfit EX and EXD series, Calumet Genesis Studio Flashes
Hensel Hensel Porty, Expert Pro, Integra Pro, eFlash, EH Heads, EH Mini and EHT flash heads
Broncolor (Big) Broncolor Primo, Pulso, Siros, Minicom, Unilite, Litos, MobiLED and Flashman flash heads
Multiblitz (V-Type) Multiblitz Magnolite, Magnolux, Ministudio, Variolite, and Xenolux, and Flashpoint II flash heads.
Multiblitz (P-Type) Multiblitz Profilite, Profilux, and Minilite flash heads
Profoto Profoto Flash Heads

What sizes are available?

Sometimes you may find that whilst modifiers will all use the same fitting, the speedring itself would require a different size option to be compatible with the design of the modifier. Most of our modifiers would use a 15cm diameter speedring, but some unique modifiers such as Optical Snoots and Diffuser Balls will need to adjust the size of these in order to be compatible.


Elinchrom 13.5cm Adapter Ring For EF-Mount Optical Snoot

15.2cm S-Type Ring For 150cm, 170cm And 120x180cm Easy-Open Umbrella Softboxes

Profoto 12.9cm Adapter Ring For DeepPara Softboxes

What about products with unique fittings?

However, there are products that have their own unique fitting available that may not use a Speedring, but there are still ways to use all types of modifiers with these products. For instance, our Smart Bracket gives you the option to use the same product across different product lines, such as our Speedlites and our PIKA200 Series, rather than limiting you to one range, and suits any product with the Bowens S-Type fitting.


Round Head Speedlite Flashgun Adapter Bracket Ring (S-R1)

PIXAPRO® CITI300 PRO To CITI400 PRO Compatible Adapter Ring (AD-AB)

Broncolor Mount Adapter For CITI400 Pro

Fitted Speedrings

Occasionally, you will come across modifiers that have a fixed fitting, meaning that it is only compatible with one kind of mount and a limited range of flashes. If this is the case, it will specify this in the product listing and will likely note the models that it works with. However, fixed fittings limit the variety of products you can use and make it more difficult to grow a compatible range of equipment.

In fact, the selection of brands we offer with our modifiers covers almost every flash system available on the market! So, you don’t have to worry about your modifier being incompatible with your flash. To check whether your flash is compatible with our selection of speedrings, check the product specifications for the fitting and check to see whether we offer a fitting with your chosen modifier. For more information or if you have any questions, please email info@essentialphoto.co.uk and a member of our team will be able to advise you!

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