Comparing the PIKA200 PRO, the GIO1, and the CITI100 PRO

If you’re a photographer who regularly shoots on location or outside, you will know the importance of keeping a portable, compact flash on hand to light up your scene on-the-go. There’s nothing worse than having to drag bags of heavy equipment out for an event or a remote outdoors photoshoot when a smaller unit would easily do the trick.

Here at Pixapro/EssentialPhoto, we offer three models of similar portable flashes; The PIKA200 PRO, The GIO1, and the CITI100 PRO. With rechargeable batteries, and HSS and TTL each, all three offer a quality transportable option for any photographer. But what is the difference between the three? How do you know which is most suitable for your photography? Read on to find out which one is best for you or check out handy table at the bottom of this blog to see each light’s specifications compared.

PIKA200 PRO (Godox AD200 PRO)

The PIKA200 PRO is a popular option for photographers on the go, with many using it on both location shoots and in workshops due to its compact size and its power. It outputs an impressive 200W for its small size and is more than capable of lighting studio shoots as well as on location. The PIKA200 PRO is a handy all-rounder, and offers a stable-colour mode, meaning you don’t lose any colour quality when you use it.

PIKA200PRO Portable Battery Flash With Reflector (AD200PRO)

Another benefit of the PIKA200 Pro is that it can be used with a Dual Bracket. What this allows you to do is use two PIKA200 PRO units together at the same time, to create a 400Ws flash when you feel you require more power for your photography. The Dual Bracket also comes with a S-Type Mount, to allow you to use standard modifiers such as Softboxes, Beauty Dishes etc.

The PIKA200 PRO has the option to choose between two different head attachments, that can be easily switched depending on what type of light you are interested in. The Bare-Bulb Head offers a wider spread of light to better help fill a space whilst the Fresnel Head offers a more directly source of light onto the subject. At 1.8 seconds, the PIKA also has a fast recycling rate, and the flash tube features a 9-stop power range, giving you access to just 1/256 of the power if needed. You also have access to the multi-flash function, which enables you to take a burst of flashes to create motion sequences, further aided by the IGBT feature, which offers you flash durations of up to 1/13,000 of a second to freeze subjects in motion.

Dual PIKA200 & PIKA200 PRO Smart Bracket AD-B2 With S-Type Fitting

GIO1 (Godox V1)

If you’re a fan of speedlights, the GIO1 is for you. The flashgun speedlight is perfect for on the move, often being used for events photography due to its portability, and boasts a round flash head as opposed to the standard rectangular design, giving you a fuller, more diffused light that is perfect for creating a natural effect, especially when paired with a wide zoom range of between 28-105mm. It features a 1.5 second recycling time, along with a 76W power output, and a built-in receiver.

The GIO1 is also the only model of the three that can be used on a stand or mounted on top of a camera, offering a ¼” screw thread attachment and a hot-shoe attachment that works with most camera models. This function allows the unit to be easily transportable, but does not limit its movement, due to it having a flash head rotation of 0 to 330° horizontally (180° in any direction) and -7° to 120° vertically, meaning you can adjust the angle to find the best lighting! Additionally, the GIO1 features a magnetic modular mount, meaning you can change modifiers and accessories quickly and easily.

V1 Round-Head TTL Speedlite With Built-In 2.4GHz Receiver And High-Speed Sync

CITI100 PRO (Godox AD100 PRO)

The smallest of the three, the CITI100 PRO is incredibly compact, and is around the same size as a drinks can, making it lightweight and easily transported. It outputs at around 100W, and like the GIO1, offers the ability to zoom between 28-85mm, in order to focus the light for a spotlight effect or diffuse it.

The CITI100 also has the flexibility to be used with magnetic modifiers for quick-change effects, and also is compatible with Bowens S-Mount fittings when paired with the Round-Head Smart Bracket, giving you full flexibility with your accessories. It also offers a speedy 1.5 second recycling time to ensure you don’t miss any important moments!


CITI100PRO Ultra-Compact 100Ws Battery Powered Pocket Flash (GODOX AD100PRO) and S-Type SMART Speedlite Adapter Bracket(Godox S2)

Final Words

While these three flashes feature many similarities, they all have their own quirks that set them apart from each other and make them suitable for different situations. Each of these flash units can be used for a variety of different styles and uses, such as Portrait, Product & Wedding Photography, and whether you’re looking to expand into events photography or are simply exploring the possibilities of the outdoors, rest assured, if you need something small and portable, one of the above will work for you.

If you need any advice on these lights or you still aren’t sure which one would be best for you, feel free to get in touch with us at and a member of our team will be able to assist you!

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