We are EssentialPhoto, providing a single source solution to your Photography or Videography needs

Based in the UK, we served everyone from the hobbyist to professional, with multiple different payment options available. Get friendly support from our dedicated UK based specialist team who listen, providing tailored advice.

Our award winning product range is built around providing excellent performance and exceptional value for money.

Our range includes Flash, Continuous & LED lighting, Video solutions from stabilisers to microphones, light modifiers and stands, backgrounds and backdrop systems, studio workspace fixtures and much, much more

When selecting products, we look at the quality, specifications, safety, and patents of each individual product; and carry out individual assessments for each.

We will also gain feedback from both the amateur and the professional photographer to ensure the quality, reliability, & ease of use meet the ever demading requirements of our customers.

Our purchasing policy promotes consistently high standards for our products. We won’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves and are confident enough to offer a full 24-month warranty on our entire range of lighting units.

All products we sell conform with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) and carry the CE marking.

Customer satisfaction is central to our success and at the heart of everything we do

Whilst we value providing top quality products, we believe that supporting our customers in the use of those products is equally important. Our team are on-hand to answer any technical queries and provide advice where needed, whenever it’s needed.

we’re proud to have been awarded the ‘Trusted Shops Trustmark’ which shows our commitment to service quality and legal requirements.