Photography Tips for Capturing Special Moments During the Holiday Season

Winter has finally arrived, and with it, it’s brought the Holiday season along. Whether it is Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Years or any other holiday you may celebrate, this is the time of the year where memories are made. And everyone would like to be able to capture these moments and be able to look back onto these in the future. In this Blog, we take a look at some of the best flash units available to help photograph these events.

What will be needed?

Throughout this period, there will be many different occasions and scenarios that with arise for you to capture high-quality and professional photography. Not all of these moments will be at home or near easily accessible power, so using battery powered flash lighting rather than mains power is a huge advantage as this makes sure you are always ready and able to capture the perfect shot. You also need to make sure that these battery powered flashes are capable of a high quantity of flashes per single charge, as you wouldn’t want to be halfway during a shoot and then have your lighting stop working.

All of our battery powered flashes feature a high approximate number of full-powered flashes per charge, so you should be able to shoot for a while without worry of losing power. As you will be between locations and transporting the equipment with you, you will need to make sure that the lighting you are using is lightweight and easily portable, so not to cause any difficulty during transport.

Lighting Recommendations

GIO1 Round Head Speedlite

First, lets take a look at our GIO1 Round Head Speedlite. The PIXAPRO® GIO1 TTL is a powerful compact portable 76Ws Speedlight flashgun which features a round flash head instead of the traditional rectangular-shape and is powered by a high capacity 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. The benefit of using a Speedlite compared to a standard flash unit is that this can be attached directly to the cameras Hot-Shoe, meaning you wouldn’t require any addition equipment such as trigger or stands to set this light source up. Unlike traditional speedlites that use AA batteries, the GIO1 uses a lithium-ion battery which will give you an impressive 480 full-powered shots per charge and with an ultra-fast recycling time of up to 1.5 seconds with virtually no slowdown as the battery power diminishes.

As the GIO1 Speedlite features a Round-Head, this helps to great a gentler and more natural looking light fall-off compared to standard Speedlites. The GIO1 also features a magnetic modifier mount, allowing you to attach a wide range of different modifiers without issue, helping to add a different style of lighting to your lighting. With dimensions of 76mm x 93mm x 197mm and a weight of 534G (with battery), this helps storing the speedlite much easier and helps to reduce any difficulty with travelling between different locations. Each GIO1 Speedlite also comes with an included padded carry pouch, making storage and transportation that much easier.

GIO1 Round-Head TTL Speedlite With Built-In 2.4GHz Receiver And High-Speed Sync (V1)

PIKA200 PRO Portable Flash

Now, lets have a look at the PIKA200 PRO Portable Flash. The PIXAPRO PIKA200 PRO is everything you loved about the PIKA200 Pocket flash, but with added Pro Features including 9-Stop power range (1/1 – 1/256 power) 1/10 stop power adjustments, as well as increased colour-consistency rated at 5600°K ± 100°K over its entire power range. The 200Ws compact and portable Off-camera TTL flash with a modular interchangeable-Flash-head design. Each PIKA200 PRO units comes with two different interchangeable flash heads, one being a Speedlite-Styled Fresnel head which helps to create a more directly-focused beam and the other being a Bare-Bulb flash styled head which helps to create an omnidirectional beam.

This helps to create a wide range of different lighting styles which could better suit different scenarios. PIKA200 PRO is powered by a rechargeable battery pack, which will give you approximately 500 full-powered shots per charge. The PIKA200 PRO also features Stroboscopic Flash Mode which fires multiple low-powered flashes in rapid succession. Combined with a slow shutter speed, you are able to capture a sequence of images of a moving subject in one exposure. This is an ideal function for capturing events such as bonfires or fireworks during this season.

Each PIKA200 PRO units features a built-in 2.4GHz receiver, which allows it to communicate with the range of PiXAPRO 2.4GHz Triggers, allowing you to control and adjust the light source easily from your camera rather than the unit itself. The PIKA200 PRO features dimensions of 172mm x 54mm x 75mm and has a weight of 590G (Excluding Battery), meaning that it is easily portable and simple to transport between different locations. It also comes with a handy carry bag to hold the PIKA200 PRO and extras, ideal for storage when not in use and allows you to bring this lighting unit with you on your travels.

PIKA200PRO Portable Battery Powered TTL Pocket Flash (GODOX AD200PRO)

CITI400 Pro Battery Powered Flash

Finally, let’s look at the CITI400 Pro Battery Powered Flash. The PIXAPRO CITI400 PRO is a Revolutionary Battery-Powered Portable TTL 400Ws Monolight that features a Self-Contained Rechargeable Battery. It also has Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology to achieve Short Flash Durations, as well as Fast Recycle Times, which allows you to capture fast motion such as fireworks or bonfires, perfect for this holiday season. The CITI400 PRO features a new Intelligent 21.6V / 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery pack giving approximately 390 Full-Powered Shots Per Charge, perfect for long shoots on location.

The CITI400 PRO features a Bowens S-Type Mount Adapter, which allows you to attach a wide range of different modifiers and accessories to the light, creating a wide amount of options for adjusting and manipulating the lighting. This flash also offers a Stable Colour Mode to give you an accurate colour temperature of 5600ÀöK ±75ÀöK, ideal for capturing an accurate colour representation in your subjects and offering an extra vibrancy to your shoot.

The CITI400 PRO features a built-in 2.4GHz Receiver, which can communicate with the range of 2.4GHz PiXAPRO triggers, letting you control and adjust the light from your camera rather than having to manually have to adjust it on the unit itself. The CITI400 PRO is larger than the previous two lights, with dimensions of 220mm x 102mm x 128mm and having a weight of 2.1KG, but this is still a lightweight and easily portable flash unit, and the included carry case helps to transport the light as well as the extras with ease.

CITI400Pro TTL Battery Powered Flash (GODOX AD400PRO)


With the holiday season now upon us, capturing the perfect shot is important in order to keep these memories living forever. And having looked through some wonderful and high-quality battery-powered lighting options, you should be able to create a professional results every time.

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