PiXAPRO's 10 Year Anniversary!

11th April 2011 – On this exact date, PiXAPRO was founded in the UK with the mission to develop an extensive revolutionising range of high-quality photographic Lighting and smart accessories that produce an easier, quicker working solution that would cater for the needs of the photo lighting industry.

2012 – In only our first year, we expanded our spectrum by launching our Easy-Open Umbrella Softbox range!

2013 – Whilst our team was still very small, we were dedicated to expanding our business and giving 100% to source the best quality products to cater to the Photography Industry.

2014 – We attended our very first Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC arena! Here we introduced our own range of Speedlites including the Li-ION580, with the range now expanding into the Li-ION580II and the new Round Head GIO1 Speedlite.

2015 – In 2015, we decided to branch out and began introducing a range of products designed for Videography!  In this year we introduced our original LED100D, and over the past few years this has been upgraded and enhanced into the LED100D MKIII along with a Bi-Colour version. We also released our ORBIT600 Turntable, to revolutionise the Product Photography industry .

2016 – This year saw the introduction of our 600Ws Battery Powered Flash units with the CITI600 Manual and CITI600 TTL being released! This year also saw our very own demo stage at the Photography Show to allow professionals to showcase and really demonstrate what you can achieve from our products.

2017 – 2017 saw us release the world’s first Pocket Flash, the PIKA200! This year also saw the release of our GLOWPAD LED Panel range, still one of our most popular ranges of lighting.

2018 – Our Battery Flash units were given an upgrade with the release of our PRO series, our range has since expanded to include the CITI100 PROPIKA200 PRO and CITI300 PRO

2019 – Expanding from lighting, this is the year that we released our Optical Snoot, the most creative light shaping tool available!

2020 – As we continue to revolutionise our range so too our mission evolved, we recognise the need to further provide solutions and improvements for your Photography/Videography needs whatever the level of skill or ability. In more recent years the onset of digital technology has profoundly changed the photography and video sector which is creating a huge following in photo enthusiasts in anticipation of this Pixapro continues to expand its ranges to include a variety of industry specific kits to a huge range of industries, hobbyists and professional's including to the ever growing population of "social Recorders" or enthusiasts who approach video and imaging through the use of a smartphone or small camera for Social media use and in light of the ever changing industry we continue to launch a wide variety of tailored kits to our ever expanding range. The year 2020 also saw the release of our range of our beautiful Hand Painted Backgrounds!

2021 – Ten years on, our mission has evolved to serve as an educated and dedicated company that's prepared to offer a solution to meet your Photography and Videography needs no matter the technical competence, and this mission has guided us into creating a user-friendly industry specific tailored kit solution, along with an on hand real person live chat team to offer assistance and advice allowing us to be able to cater for all types of industries.