PIKA200 PRO - How does it differ from the PIKA200?

With the release of the new and improved PIKA200 PRO, in the Blog we take a look at what has been improved from the original PIKA200 flash unit.


Whilst the PIKA200 PRO has some noticeable improvements and additions, there are still a few similarities between it and the original PIKA200 Flash. Both lights offer a 200Ws maximum power output, and with the same power output, they both offer the same Guide Number at ISO100, as the Fresnel Head is 52m and the Bare-Bulb Head is 60m. Each Flash comes with the ability to use an LED Modelling Lamp when the Fresnel Head is attached to the main body of the Flash.

The PIKA200 PRO and PIKA200 are part of the PiXAPRO ONE System, as they come with a Built-in 2.4GHz Receiver, making it compatible and controllable with the PiXAPRO range of Triggers. The Built-in Receiver has a Transmission range of 100m meters for both lights, meaning that you don’t need to be in direct contact with your flashes in order to trigger them. Both the PIKA200 PRO and PIKA200 offer the up to 32 channels and 5 controllable groups, meaning that you can use these lights in conjunction with many other lights, whilst still being able to individually adjust the settings with ease.

Both lights come with the same Lithium Battery Pack (14.4V/2900mAh), so your old PIKA200 batteries would be compatible with the new PIKA200 PRO units. As they both have the same battery and the same power output, they also both offer approximately 500 full powered flashes per charge, perfect if you find yourself on a location shoot for an extended period of time.

As with the Battery, the accessories that are compatible with the PIKA200 are now also compatible with the PIKA200 PRO, meaning you wouldn't need to have to purchase brand new modifiers and accessories. Now we have looked at the similarities, let’s take a look at the new improvements and differences with the PIKA200 PRO.




Improved Recycle Times

Recycle times are the time periods it takes for the camera to reset the flash before another shot can be taken, so making sure that the recycle time is super-fast is important to help keep a steady pace during you shoot. The PIKA200 PRO has an improved recycle time of 0.01 – 1.8s, compared to 0.01 – 2.1s offered from the PIKA200. So, whilst both are perfect for shooting sporting events or action photography, the PIKA200 PRO offers that a slightly quicker recycle time overall.

Improved Flash Duration

Having a quick Flash Duration is very important, as it allows you to better capture motion. As the PIKA200 PRO has two different interchangeable heads, Fresnel Head and Bare-bulb Head, these have their own individual capabilities. The Flash Duration has been improved for both heads, with the Fresnel Head now offering 1/220 – 1/15,380 second compared to the PIKA200 offering 1/220 – 1/13,000 second. The Bare-bulb head also now offers 1/220 to 1/13,150 second whereas the PIKA200 offers 1/220 – 1/11,300 second. The improved Flash Duration helps to produce sharper images and to stop any motion during your shoot.

Larger Power Range/Control

Sometimes you may find that you need to adjust your lighting to better suit an individual shoot, for example, if you are shooting an animal, you would need to lower the power of the flash in order not to startle or upset the animal. Therefore, having the ability and control to lower the power is very necessary for any photographer. The PIKA200 offers a Power range of 8 Stops between 1/1 – 1/128 Power, with 1/3rd Stop power increments between. The Power range for the PIKA200 PRO has been increased to a 9-Stop Power Range between 1/1 – 1/256 power, whilst also allowing for more control with 1/10th Stop Increments between each Stop. This gives you much more control with the power output of your flash, opening up many different possibilities and options for your photography.

Stable-Colour Mode

Every photographer wants their shots to be vibrant and accurately represent the colours of the subjects properly. In order to do this, your flash needs to have a high and accurate Colour Consistency/Temperature. The PIKA200 PRO has a new Stable-Colour Mode, meaning that the Colour temperature has been improved to 5600° ± 100°K across the entire Power Range. This is an improvement compared to the original PIKA200 Colour Temperature of 5600° ± 200°K, making the PIKA200 PRO more accurate. This helps to keep the colour representation accurate and make your shots vibrant and pleasing to the eye.


Improved Stand Bracket

Making sure that the light itself is protect and secure when attached to a stand is vitally important, as you do not want any accidental damage being caused to your unit. The PIKA200 PRO has improved the Bracket that comes included with the flash unit to help protect the light, and also has improved the umbrella slot that comes as standard, helping to keep it held more securely and prevent any unwanted movement.


LEFT: PIKA200 Stand Bracket

RIGHT: PIKA200 PRO Stand Bracket

Recessed Screen

Keeping your equipment safe and protected is important to every photographer, but sometimes we can’t help it when accidents happen. The new recessed screen for the PIKA200 PRO has this in mind, as it helps to prevent any potential damage or cracks when being dropped.

PIKA200 PRO Recessed Screen


If you are looking for a powerful and high-quality battery powered flash, the PIKA200 is more than capable of achieving this. But if you find yourself wanting something a little extra, then the PIKA200 PRO would be the choice for you. But if you choose either the PIKA200 or PIKA200 PRO, you surely wouldn’t be left disappointed.


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