The ONE System - Control all your PIXAPRO flashes from just one trigger!

Pixapro ONE System Poster

The ONE System was created to provide an all in one system with your flashes, this means that you can concentrate on what is important, creating amazing images. So whether you are using a small Speedlight or powerful 1200Ws flash, you can control them and use these all alongside one another, giving many different possibilities with a reliable and precise system.

All of our triggers have been designed to make changing the settings easy, whether it be adjusting the power or activating TTL. You can also control these in groups to adjust the power of the lights individually or altogether.

The channels can be quite important if you wish to use two different lighting setups, say for example you have two different lights set up but want to create a composite or simply want to turn off a certain light. Groups add another option, with groups you can adjust the power of that light should you wish to use a different power on the background or subject light for example. Both of these together make using and controlling your flashes wirelessly easy.

The ONE System triggers all share one thing in common, they operated on a radio 2.4GHz frequency system, which means that you can control all of our flashes under one trigger. Some of our triggers also allow for Bluetooth connectivity to control them from your smartphone device. To connect these together could not be easier, simply select the trigger and flashes on the same channel and away you go.

TTL or Through the Lens is a feature the majority of our ONE System flashes have that means that the flash exposure will be automatically set based on your environment by communicating with your camera and the light. This can be almost paramount in conditions that constantly change, so you will no longer have to keep adjusting your settings should a cloud come overhead. Setting up TTL is as easy as pressing a button, this clever system will take out the hassle of adjusting and calculating correct exposure with your flashes.

HSS or High-Speed Sync allows you to use your flash above the capability of your cameras sync speed of up to 1/8000th of a second. This can be especially useful when using your lights outdoors to overpower ambient lighting. You can shape the light even when using larger apertures and at fast shutter speeds. This works great for giving a shallow depth of field or capturing fast movement in daylight. Setting up HSS is just as easy, adding more usability with your flash and camera. 


The ONE System means that you will not have to keep buying new triggers and flashes should you wish to upgrade your system. This not only means that you get an intuitive system, but it can also mean that you have reduced costs when upgrading or adding to your system. With many possibilities and full control of your flashes, it means you no longer have to control your setup individually saving time. The ONE System provides confidence that when you start shooting, you can do so easily all controlled by your trigger on top of the camera.



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