What are the differences between the P600Bi Panel vs F600Bi Flexi Panel

In recent years, Godox has been expanding its product range to cover diverse applications of the photography world. In terms of professional filmmaking and video production, they’ve just released the Godox KNOWLED series on top of their staple product line with the two latest Godox LED panel lights being the P600Bi Hard Light Panel and F600Bi Flexi Panel

While these lights share some similarities in specifications, each individuality still comes with unique features to serve different needs. This blog aims to clarify the differences between Godox P600Bi and F600Bi by providing an insightful comparison, from there you can conclude which one is right for you. Keep reading. 

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What are the differences between P600Bi hard light vs F600Bi flexible light


Both these lights are released with the same colour temperature range from 2800K to 6500K, giving users to seamlessly adjust the lighting to match the specifically desired ambience. Like most Godox lights, the two LED panels are designed with a range of wireless control options. It not only streamlines the creative process but also adds more adaptability for users who prioritise their efficient workflow. Both lights are also designed with high CRI and TLCI ratings at 96, ensuring that a light source will render colours well in a film or photography context. 

Godox KNOWLED P600Bi LED Panel Light
Godox KNOWLED F600Bi Flexible LED Panel Light


Design and Build 

Godox KNOWLED P600Bi LED Panel Light By PixaPro

Godox P600Bi Hard Panel

The P600Bi features a compact and lightweight design that weighs only about 10kg. When compared to other traditional space lights with similar output, the P600Bi Hard light is much lighter, ensuring stability and ease of use in various shooting environments. It is constructed to withstand the challenges of professional use, providing a consistent source of light. 

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Godox F600Bi Flexible Panel

The F600Bi flexible panel light, in contrast, takes a different approach with its flexible and foldable design. It empowers users to effortlessly fold along pre-set lines. With its ability folded in the middle, you can save a lot of space and pack it into the case and ready to go. This feature not only protects the LED beads, ensuring exceptional durability and reliable lighting but also enables easy storage and portability. Futhermore, it opens up a world of possibilities for those seeking unique and dynamic shots. For example, the F600Bi can be utilised as lightweight overhead lighting when shooting inside or outdoors, or as a ceiling in cars, trains, or other small environments with limited space. 

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Flexible LED Panel Light By PixaPro

Additionally, the Godox F600Bi flexible panel light is designed with an IP65 water-resistant rating, which makes the flexible panel capable of withstanding water splashes and dust. The P600Bi, on the other hand, is built with an Aerospace-grade cooling system to manage heat efficiently. It ensures optimal performance during extended shooting sessions. Therefore, whether the F600Bi is ideal for outdoor shoots, the Godox P600Bi hard panel light is well-suited for extended where consistent performance and heat management are crucial. 

Godox KNOWLED P600Bi LED Hard Light Panel By PixaPro
Godox KNOWLED F600Bi Flexible LED Panel Light By Godox


While both models share outstanding features, the P600Bi LED panel consistently demonstrates higher lux values across all colours temperatures and distances compared to the Godox F600Bi flexible panel light. Take a 3200K CCT rating, for example, the Godox P600Bi demonstrates its powerful brightness levels with significantly higher lux and fc values, making it a perfect choice for scenarios where higher illumination is essential for throwing light over longer distances.

Model Unit 1m 3m 5m
Godox F600Bi
3200K lux 17400 2860 1130
fc 1620 265 105
4300K lux 19200 3130 1240
fc 1790 291 115
5600K lux 19900 3240 1280
fc 1850 301 119
6500K lux 19700 3200 1270
fc 1830 297 118
Godox P600Bi
3200K lux 84900 10300 3900
fc 7890 960 362
4300K lux 88900 10700 4060
fc 8260 997 377
5600K lux 93800 11400 4300
fc 8720 1060 400
6500K lux 94200 11600 4370
fc 8750 1080 406

Quality of Light 

Two LED panels share the same colour temperature range from 2700K to 8500K and the CRI and TLCL of 96. Both these lights promise accurate colour reproduction and ensure adaptability to various lighting scenarios. In detail, the P600Bi, with its hard panel design, offers a light that is more aggressive compared to the F600Bi. These features make the P600Bi an excellent choice for applications where you need to highlight specific subjects or create a sense of depth and dimension in your shots as it can add a more defined and contrasting look.

On the other hand, the Godox F600Bi flexible panel presents a softer light and more versatile illumination. Because of its flexible design and supplied grid and softbox, it allows for a more diffused spread of light, making it well-suited for scenarios where gentler lighting is desired for example, portrait and interview photographs. 

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In the context of video production, the P600Bi create a spotlight effect with high contrast, adding more details and drama. It is ideal for projects that demand a dynamic visual style. Contrastingly, the F600Bi’s flexible LED panel takes advantage is the reduction of visible dots, providing a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing look. It is an ideal lighting solution for video producers who aim to produce a softer, more subtle visual style. To add softer light, you can combine the F600Bi with its softbox and grid (included in the box). 

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In Conclusion 

Let's recap, both these panels are particularly designed for professional filmmaking and broadcasting. Its stand-out features, versatility and flexibility make it a top choice for both professionals and enthusiasts. For those who are often on on-the-go shooting, the water-proof and foldable ability makes the F600Bi easier to carry and store in the bag without limiting shooting environments. While, with the powerful brightness and cooling system, the P600Bi is no doubt to become the first choice for those working on long projects or requiring dynamic styles. 

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