EssentialPhoto & Video introduce our Project & Installation Department

We are now able to offer support and installation of large-scale products & shooting environments to a wide range of Photography & Videography areas such as Film & Televisions Studios, Commercial Studios and many more!

We understand that it can be quite hard to understand exactly what is required in order to create a complex shooting environment. EssentialPhoto & Video now offer long-term support and installation of the following equipment to help provide an easier experience for you:

Pantograph Installation (Not Including PiXAPRO System)

Curtain Installation

Permanent Infinity Cove System Installation

Manual &/or Motorised Rigging Installation

Required Information

  • Detailed Floor Plan Layout of the space where the installation will occur.
  • Exact Dimensions of the required build (Height, Length, Width etc)
  • Recent Structure Survey carried out on the building space (if available)
  • Any relevant information regarding the build space including Ceiling/Wall/Floor material, size, shape.
  • A short video showing the area is also required to provide a visual guide for the department.
  • List of additional lighting / equipment that would be required alongside the installation.

Once this information has been obtained, this can then be sent across to our email address at This will be passed across to Project Department to create an initial quote for the complete costs for the project which will then be sent to yourself to cross-check and approve.

Please Note: If the Project Department deem that there may be an issue with the installation process, a site-survey will take place before the installation to make sure everything will be suitable. This on-site survey would cost £250.