Maximize Your Lighting Setup: Godox KNOWLED F Series Accessories

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Like most lights, the Godox KNOWLED F series can be used for a variety of applications. It is primarily being marketed as a high-output, portable light source. For those looking for a portable and reasonably priced lighting solution, the Godox KNOWLED F series: F200Bi, F400Bi and F600Bi are likely to appeal to the perfect choice. However, to maximise the potential of your Godox LED Mat, Godox also released the top essential lighting accessories in your toolkit. It consistently enhances your lighting setup and takes your creative endeavours to the next level. 

Are you ready to take your photography game from ordinary to extraordinary? We’re here to unveil a lineup of seven accessories that are bound to take your photography to new heights. 

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Option 1: Pancake Lantern - KNOWLED F Series Lighting Accessories

One of the primary purposes of using a lantern with the Godox KNOWLED F series is to achieve diffusion and softening. Its fabric helps scatter and spread the light emitted by the LED Mat. It is especially useful for various photography and videography applications: such as portrait photography, interviews, and other scenarios. 

For example, by placing an FP200 lantern over a Godox F200Bi, you effectively enlarge the light source. It is desired to reduce harsh shadows and create a more natural look. When used with a Godox LED mat, it helps minimise hotspots and ensures that reducing additional adjustments or post-processing work. Hence, it is particularly advantageous when shooting subjects or scenes that require a subtle and delicate lighting approach. Even more, it allows you to customise the lighting to match the specific mood or style you want to convey in your photos or videos. For those who mainly have outdoor shooting, it is often a straightforward and quick setup which can be collapsed for portability. 

Option 2: Flag Frame - Accessories for Lighting Setup

A flag frame, also known as a cutter or flag, is used to control and shape light. This accessory can be easily attached to the LED Mat to achieve your desired effects. By placing flags in desired positions, unwanted light can be minimised and more controlled illumination on the subject. You can also add depth and dimension to your subject. This technique is particularly valuable in portrait photography, where sculping the subject’s face can create a more flattering and three-dimensional look. It allows you to create interesting patterns such as stripes or dappled light by partially blocking the light. Therefore, you can switch between different lighting styles effortlessly by combining a flag frame with the F series. 

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Option 3: Remote Control - KNOWLED F Series Lighting Accessories Setup

Using an RC-R9II or RC-A6II with an LED Mat can offer several advantages and conveniences. The integration of a remote control empowers you to effect seamless adjustments to your LED Mat’s settings without a direct physical approach. This is particularly beneficial when your LED Mat is mounted in a difficult-to-reach or elevated position. Especially, when you’re working on a multi-light setup, it ensures that you can consistently reproduce lighting setups across multiple shots or scenes. For example, in videography or event photography, you can easily switch between various colour temperatures and create dynamic lighting patterns, while still maintaining a smooth workflow. 

Godox RC-R9II Wireless Remote Control

In addition, the RC-R9II Wireless Remote Control is compatible with a variety of Godox RGB LED lights, ensuring seamless integration and control across various models. For example, the RC-R9II is able to compatible with the Godox LC-500R, TL60, SZ150R, LD75R, LD150R and LD150RS. Therefore, you can expand the lighting setup and add more lights without using the additional remote controls. 

Option 4: 240cm Light Stand - Godox Lighting Accessories

Using a 240cm Light Stand with the F series is a smart choice. Placing your F LED Mat on a light stand provides the flexibility to experiment with different lighting setups and angles. So, you can achieve various moods, effects and shadows by adjusting the position. Even more, it provides a stable for mounting your LED Mat which helps to avoid accidental shifts in positioning. With its height, you can cast light over a larger area or subject, especially, when working with wide scenes. In the case of space optimisation, it ensures that your lighting setup complements the scene without cluttering the shooting area. It is the perfect tool for any portrait, beauty, product, fashion, event, or wedding photographers or videographers in a fixed location to travel with. 


Option 5. Nano Clamp - KNOWLED F Series Lighting Accessories

The ‘LAS-03’ and ‘LAS-19’ are particularly designed for the F series which ensures a secure and stable attachment. For added convenience, these clamps offer adjustable features, allowing you to position them at various angles or orientations to achieve the perfect lighting angle. This level of control is crucial when you’re working to capture a specific mood, highlight key features or eliminate unwanted shadows. Whether you’re shooting portraits, interviews, the Nano Clamp ensures that you have complete control over your lighting setup. Owing to their exceptionally compact size, it attaches LED Mats to different surfaces such as light stands, tripods or other supports. With its durable design, it translates to a long-lasting investment that continuously enhances your lighting setup for years. 

Nano Clamp

Option 6: DMX Transmitters and Receivers - Accessories Lighting Setup

One of the standout advantages of using wireless TimoLink TX / TimoLink RX DMX transmitters and receivers with LED Panels is the enhanced flexibility and mobility. No longer constrained by cable lengths and placement limitations, you can freely position LED Mats in unconventional locations. Similar to the Nano Clamp, it enables photographers and videographers to achieve unique angles, setups and creative lighting effects. By connecting the wireless DMX transmitter, you establish a communication link to remotely control various lighting parameters. The creative possibilities expand even further when paired with wireless DMX technology to adjust colour temperature and brightness. In addition to its creative benefits, wireless DMX enhances workflow efficiency and saves valuable time. This is particularly valuable in fast-paced environments where every moment counts. 

Option 7: DC Cable - KNOWLED F Series Lighting Accessories

The 5M DC cable ensures your LED Panel remains powered throughout your shoot, especially during extended shoots or events where consistent lighting is paramount. It also provides significant flexibility and versatility. The 5m DC is especially advantageous in outdoor shoots, large event venues, or challenging shooting environments without compromising on your creative vision. Using the longer cable translates into time and energy efficiency while you won’t need to worry about constantly adjusting the replacement of your Mat. The convenience of a 5m DC cable ensures a smoother and more productive workflow.

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The Godox LED Mat is a powerful tool that can transform your photography and videography projects. By embracing these accessories, your Godox LED Mat becomes not just a source of light, but a tool that translates your imagination into breathtaking reality. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, let these accessories be your companions on your creative journey. 

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