Choosing the Right Model: A Guide to Godox KNOWLED F Panel

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For those seeking new heights for their photographic endeavours, the Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mat Panels is a beacon of innovation in the world of lighting equipment. Each model is carefully crafted to the unique demands of different scenarios and creative visions. 

At EssentialPhoto, we understand that capturing light is an intricate dance, where mastery requires a profound understanding of its nuances. Especially, choosing the right lighting can transform an ordinary scene into an extraordinary masterpiece, imbuing it with depth, drama, and emotion. If 'Godox KNOWLED F series' definition is so new to you, then reading our KNOWLED F Series - Things You Might Not Know About GODOX (Introduction) would be a great starting point for you!

In this guide, we’re sharing the journey to demystify the world of the Godox KNOWLED F series:

  • The key specifications and price of each model: KNOWLED F200Bi, F400Bi, and F600Bi
  • The perfect lighting options of each model for your needs
Godox KNOWLED F series

The key specifications and price of each Godox Panel model: KNOWLED F200Bi, F400Bi, and F600Bi

As the name implies, the LED Panel KNOWLED F series is offered by Godox - a well-known brand in the photography and lighting industry. Each model has the same colour consistency mode. Both models offer 2,700-8,500K colour temperatures. With its adjustable colour temperature, you are able to seamlessly transition between warm and cool tones. Its accurate colour temperature allows photographers and videographers to fine-tune the lighting for specific needs. These LED Mats are also a flexible, lightweight, and versatile lighting panel that consists of an array of LED bulbs. Each panel have gained popularity due to its portability, and low heat emission.

Both units come with a CRI and TLCI rating of 96. It empowers photographers and videographers to achieve their artistic visions with precision and authenticity. All three models are also designed with an IP65 water-resistant rating which can be used in outdoor shooting environments. These lights are designed with an X-frame made of premium alloy. It guarantees superior sturdiness and durability. If you’re working alone or with a small screw, this feature allows you able to set up quickly. In addition, its feature is straightforward to fold along established lines for transport and storage.

In fact, both three light models under the KNOWLED F series offer high-quality lighting at an affordable price. *Prices accurate as of date of publishing. 

Godox KNOWLED F200Bi
Godox KNOWLED F200Bi
Godox KNOWLED F600Bi
Godox KNOWLED F400Bi
Godox KNOWLED F600Bi
Godox KNOWLED F600Bi

 * All pricing accurate at the time of publishing.

Key features - Godox KNOWLED F Series:
  • IP65 Water Resistance
  • Full 400W Power across the colour temperature Range
  • Flicker-Free
  • CRI 96+, TLCI96+
  • DMX Support, 2.4GHz Remote Control, and On-Board Control
  • CRMX Support with Optional TimoLink Receiver (Sold Separately)
  • Linear/S-Curve/Logarithmic/Exponential Dimming Curve.
  • Record up to 20 presets
  • Foldable Design


The perfect Godox KNOWLED F models for your needs. 

However, to determine the best Godox KNOWLED F models for your needs. You must evaluate your specific requirements and preferences. As well as, you also need to consider the shooting locations you frequently use, the subjects you capture, and the visual style you aspire to achieve. In our post Comparing Flexible LED Panels: Godox vs Aputure vs Westcott vs Aladdin, we talked about different LED panels coming from different brands. 

Let's examine some shooting scenarios with each model: 

1. Godox KNOWLED F200Bi 
Godox KNOWLED F200Bi

At 200W, the Godox KNOWLED F200Bi LED panel is designed to infuse a soft glow into the surroundings, while, still  highlighting the intricate details. Its fixtures is relatively lower-powered for smaller setups. For example, in cinematic storytelling, the 200W LED Mat creates a cozy, authentic ambience for scenes requiring a delicate and emotive touch. It makes the subject’ feature stand out by beautifully accentuates textures and details. Compared to other models, it takes up less room, builds a stronger connection, and goes together much faster.

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2. Godox KNOWLED F400Bi 400W 

For settings that require a more commanding presence of light, the Godox KNOWLED F400BI 400W LED Panel is an excellent choice. It creates dynamic contrasts and emphasises textures and contours. The F400 is much more flexible for medium-sized scenes which enhances the highlights of patterns and the texture of materials. 

With its intense output, this lighting creates bold contrasts and shadows that heighten the drama of videography. It makes every movement come alive. If you’ve ever faced challenges from unpredictable weather to changing lighting conditions. The F400Bi steps up to these challenges with unwavering reliability. It enables videographers to maintain consistent and controlled lighting. 

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Godox KNOWLED F400Bi
3. Godox KNOWLED F600Bi 600W 
Godox KNOWLED F600Bi 600W

With the highest power consumption, the F600Bi 600W offers a distinct palette of possibilities to illuminate your scenes. Moreover, the actual light weighs 8.4 lb / 3.8 kg while the controller weighs 8.6 lb / 3.9 kg. So. it is ideal for larger scenes or sets that require extensive lighting coverage such as talk shows or live broadcasts. It means it is also more expensive than F200Bi and F400Bi.

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Beyond lighting, the Godox KNOWLED F LED Panel series aims to unleash limitless creativity. With their lightweight and foldable, each models particularly suitable for all kind of broadcasting and filmmaking. However, due to its different between size and weights, you can choose which one is perfect for your shooting area. 

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Brand Godox
Model F200Bi F400Bi F600Bi
Colour Temperature Range 2,700-8,500K 2,700-8,500K 2,700-8,500K
Brighness 1,130lux @3m (5600K) 2,280lux @3m (5600K) TBC
Max. Power 200W 400W 600W
CRI ≥96 ≥96 ≥96
TLCI ≥96 ≥96 ≥96
DMX512 Yes Yes Yes
CRMX Yes (With TimoLink RX Receiver) Yes (With TimoLink RX Receiver)
Yes (With TimoLink RX Receiver)
Light Body Dimensions 650mm x 631mm x 29mm 1209mm x 627mm x 23mm
1200mm x 1200mm
Controller Box Dimensions 124mm x 132mm x 270mm 124mm x 132mm x 270mm TBC