How To Set Up The Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mats / Panels

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Godox has emerged as a trailblazer, offering cutting-edge KNOWLED F Series LED Mats / LED Panels that serve as the brushstrokes of the brilliance of visual storytellers. Whether you’re an aspiring enthusiast or a seasoned professional, understanding the intricacies of setting up Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mats is a gateway to unlocking a world of creative possibilities. 

In this post, we assist with the setup process so you can seamlessly integrate these lighting marvels into your workflow. 

What are the Godox KNOWLED F LED Mats? 

Before we continue, let’s look at the Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mats. Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Panels are lightweight, foldable, flexible, and pliable as a piece of cloth to shape what you want. Both lights are designed for interview lighting, filmmaking, outdoor video recording, still-life photography, portraits, and other applications. With precision control over colour temperature, and brightness, these Godox LED Mats produce high-quality light for crafting captivating visuals.

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How Do You Set Up Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Panels?

Understanding the setup of the Godox KNOWLED F Series empowers you to wield light as a powerful tool. It elevates your work, enhances your storytelling, and ensures that your artistic expression shines brightly in every photograph and video.

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Step 1: Mounting

Specifically intended to mimic large, soft overhead light sources, these lights are simple to hang or stick thanks to hanging rings and hook-and-loop fasteners. Because these lights are designed to be foldable and flexible, it also can bend around surfaces. To meet your needs, you’re able to connect several lights to create a custom lighting configuration, which offers excellent convenience.

Otherwise, the F series is released with the best mounting bracket, which is called an X-bracket. It allows you to mount the LED Mat to C-stands, light stands, or other fixtures. When the light source is in use, the bracket also enables you to rotate the light between horizontal and vertical when it is supported by a stand. In this case, you can choose any option that works best for you.

The c-stand is rock solid and impressively capable. I've used it on location a few times now and whilst heavy it supports a good load. I recommend purchasing the optional wheels which make it very easy to position and refine positioning with heavy lights and ballast.


Step 2: Power Connection and Control 

These lights’ power is supplied by a V-Mount on the side of the power supply (sold separately). It is specially designed for using V-mount batteries with a voltage of 14.8V or 26V. In practice, while these lights have two V-lock battery plates, you’re able to use multiple batteries or a single battery. In this case, a single battery will only provide 40% of the light's output, and two batteries will provide 80% of the light's output. Therefore, you're able to use it for around 4 hours without the main power. This controller/power supply’s corresponding input has been colour-coded which is straightforward to use and intuitive. 

Godox KNOWLED F Power Controller

Besides, the Godox KNOWLED F series LED Panels can be controlled through a DMX or TimoLink system. You can fully control the light from a distance by using the Godox App. It not only allows you to switch between tungsten and daylight colour temperatures, adjusting brightness, but also sets up 6 channels and 16 groups. It is especially useful if you have one or more of these lights hanging from the ceiling.  


Step 3: Adjusting Settings

CCT 2700K 3200K 4300K 5600K 6500K 8500K
Unit lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc
1m 6680 620 7340 682 8070 750 8300 770 8160 758 7700 714
2m 1910 177 2100 195 2300 214 2370 220 2340 217 2210 206
3m 915 85 1000 93 1100 103 1130 105 1110 103 1050 98


CCT 2700K 3200K 4300K 5600K 6500K 8500K
Unit lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc
1m 11500 1070 12600 1170 14200 1320 14700 1370 14300 1330 13800 1280
2m 3550 330 3920 364 4440 412 4610 428 4520 419 4330 402
3m 1760 164 1940 180 2190 204 2280 212 2230 207 2130 198


CCT 2700K 3200K 4300K 5600K 6500K 8500K
Unit lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc lux fc
1m ≈16300 ≈1510 ≈17400 ≈1620 ≈19200 ≈1790 ≈19900 ≈1850 ≈19700 ≈1830 ≈18800 ≈1750
2m ≈5640 ≈524 ≈6020 ≈559 ≈6620 ≈615 ≈6830 ≈635 ≈6740 ≈626 ≈6440 ≈598
3m ≈2670 ≈248 ≈2860 ≈265 ≈3130 ≈291 ≈3240 ≈301 ≈3200 ≈297 ≈3050 ≈283
5m ≈1060 ≈98.9 ≈1130 ≈105 ≈1240 ≈115 ≈1280 ≈119 ≈1270 ≈118 ≈1210 ≈113


Step 4: Light Modifications 

Because of its design, these LED Mats appear as several small light sources when placed close to the subject. Thus, the subject is covered in numerous hard-edged shadows. To reduce this, you can combine each panel with the softbox. It helps to create a slightly soften source. While utilising these LED Mats with a softbox and grid (available in the box). You can exert some control over the spill and the direction of the light that is emitting.

Godox KNOWLED F Seires

More Optional Accessories 

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Setting up your Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mats doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these steps, you’ll unlock the true potential of these lights. It enables you to craft visually captivating photographs and videos to achieve a lasting impression. Embrace your learning process with EsssentialPhoto posts, as each step unveils new opportunities for innovation and artistic expression.

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