All You Need To Know About the KNOWLED F Series

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Get ready to be blown away as industry leader Godox is back with a brand new seriesSay hello to the Godox KNOWLED LED F Series Light Mats. Beyond a mere product release, this marks the threshold to a realm of boundless ingenuity. Whether you’re a photography or videography enthusiast or a seasoned professional, a revolutionary new lighting experience has arrived.

Join us as we dive into the world of the KNOWLED F series - from its inception to its impressive and versatile features. Discover how these advanced LED lighting panels can enhance your craft with exceptional results.

What Is The New Godox KNOWLED F Series ?

If you’ve ever got trouble with limitations and embraced seamless adaptability when creating your broadcasting and filmmaking. Then, Godox released the KNOWLED F series has been designed to mimic large overhead light sources that meet your needs. It is a brand-new of flexible, folding and bicolour LED Mats with three panels: F200Bi, F400Bi and F600Bi. Each model can be bent around surfaces or used with regular lighting stands. 

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Why Should You Consider Using LED Light Mat Panels?

Portability and Setup

One key feature of the Godox KNOWLED F Series is their foldable design. Simply unfold, and you get a large panel light that gives exceptionally soft and even lighting, no softbox required. Once done, simply fold down to a much smaller and compact size for ultimate portability. Additionally, you can place them in positions that would ordinarily be impractical, or impossible for other light fixtures to reach, giving you much more setup flexibility. They serve as a portable means of overhead lighting, catering to both indoor and outdoor shooting environments.

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Perfect and Practical Lighting

Owing to their exceptionally slim profile, the Godox KNOWLED F Series light panels offer an ideal solution for illuminating your subjects in a gentle, diffused light. The F Series is also IP65 Certified, meaning they are water resistant, enabling comfortable use in adverse weather conditions such as rain and fog. These panels find their practicality in various settings, especially adverse weather poses a challenge.

Industry Standard Control Panels

The Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Panels boast extensive compatibility with a variety of internationally recognised industry-standard control methods, facilitating seamless integration into your existing workflow. They lend support to the DMX512 control protocol, enabling you the capability to control either an individual unit or multiple units from a DMX control console. While the LumenRadio CRMX Control system can be integrated with the separately available TimoLink Receiver. This attribute makes the F Series perfect for large film and television productions. 

Godox KNOWLED F Series - The Power of Practical and Flexible Lighting

The groundbreaking Godox KNOWLED F series gives the ability to fine-tune both light brightness and colour temperature. Its unmatched colour accuracy captures reality in its truest form, while its meticulous control breathes life into your subject. Boasting CRI ≥96 and TLCI ≥96, it not only has superior functionality, but a seamless blend of technology. 

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Godox KNOWLED F series By PixaPro


For added convenience, you can enhance your experience by utilising a remote control or compatibility with the Godox Light App. Each individual unit is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Godox RC-R9 remote control. 

Godox KNOWLED F200Bi By PixaPro

Available Godox Knowled F Series LED Light Mat Models

Brand Godox
Model F200Bi F400Bi F600Bi
Price £600.00 £1,029.00 £1,450.00
Colour Temperature Range 2,700-8,500K 2,700-8,500K 2,700-8,500K
Brighness 1,130lux @3m (5600K) 2,280lux @3m (5600K) TBC
Max. Power 200W 400W 600W
CRI ≥96 ≥96 ≥96
TLCI ≥96 ≥96 ≥96
DMX512 Yes Yes Yes
CRMX Yes (With TimoLink RX Receiver) Yes (With TimoLink RX Receiver) Yes (With TimoLink RX Receiver)
Light Body Dimensions 650mm x 631mm x 29mm 1209mm x 627mm x 23mm 1200mm x 1200mm
Controller Box Dimensions 124mm x 132mm x 270mm 124mm x 132mm x 270mm TBC

Why should you buy Godox from EssentialPhoto?

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