Godox KNOWLED P600Bi LED Video Panel: Pro Light for Film

Recently, Godox has been expanding its product range to serve professional filmmakers and videographers. Branded as the KNOWLED Range, these lights are becoming popular for high-quality professional lighting, reliability, and affordable pricing. 

The P600Bi LED panel, part of the newest Godox KNOWLED series, has been released and shows great potential for the film and television creative industries. So, is it worth buying?



The P600Bi belongs to the Godox KNOWLED series, which is specially designed to fit the needs of the large-scale film and television industry and is also suitable for broadcasting, commercial video production, and movie sets. 

Design & Features

Built with convenience in mind, the Godox KNOWLED P600Bi showcases a compact and portable design, positioning it as the perfect companion for photographers on the go. The unit’s robust construction ensures durability, making it capable of withstanding the challenges of professional use. Measuring 571mm*499mm*121mm and weighing 10kg, it is determined to be much lighter than traditional space lights of similar output. Meanwhile, it is suitable for both studio setups and on-location shoots as it has the ability to save more time and is energy efficient. 

Furthermore, the P600Bi is designed with an aluminium carrying case that features a back with a hard material that can be folded in half. Moreover, the assortment of aluminium materials with built-in handles allows photographers to effortlessly transport professional lighting to various creative destinations. For shoots requiring actors and crew to move around a set frequently for shots; for example, you can easily adjust the panel's position to adapt to the changing dynamics of the dialogue.

Its intuitive design includes a range of modifiers available separately, including multi-panel brackets, lantern diffuser and skirt diffusers. 

Power Consumption 

One of the standout features of the Godox P600Bi is its ability to deliver a bright, powerful beam of light. It provides even better light than its name suggests, approximately 650 W at full capacity. Furthermore, its high power contributes to creating well-balanced and even illumination across the scene. It is essential for achieving professional-looking results, reducing the need for excessive post-processing adjustments, and making your images appear in top-notch performance results.

For example, if you’re working on an independent film set with a limited budget, the Godox P600Bi becomes an invaluable asset with its impressive output, allowing you to effectively illuminate the actors while maintaining a cinematic ambience. It also helps create a natural and visually appealing atmosphere, enhancing the overall production value of the film. 

Colour Accuracy

The Godox P600Bi sets itself apart not only with its powerful illumination but also with its exceptional colour accuracy, making it a reliable tool for filmmakers and photographers who prioritise faithful colour reproduction. With CRI and TLCI ratings of over 96, it can accurately reproduce colours, ensuring that the lighting conditions in your photography or film reflect the true colours of the scene, playing a significant role in storytelling.

Its accurate colour reproduction becomes a valuable asset to achieving a consistent and professional look throughout the film. Moreover, its capacity to maintain natural colour tones enhances its versatility across different creative projects. Whether you’re shooting in outdoor scenes or indoor settings, it adapts effortlessly to consistent natural and true-to-life colours. 

Brightness Range 

With the brightness range from 0% to 100%, it allows you control over the intensity of lighting. In more detail, this Godox light enables you to achieve subtle transitions in brightness with dimming precision starting from 0.1%. Every detail in your scene can be precisely tailored to your needs. It also helps you to mimic natural conditions, such as the gradual onset of dusk or the delicate illumination of a room.

Furthermore, its flicker-free capability ensures stunning footage for filmmakers who often work with slow-motion sequences. Whether you’re working on a cinematic scene with dynamic lighting changes, the P600Bi empowers you to bring your creative vision to life with precision.

Colour Temperature 

The P600Bi is released with variable colour temperatures from 2800K to 6500K, allowing you to adjust the colour temperature of the light. This means that no matter whether you're working on studio shots or outdoor shots, it ensures that your lighting remains visually appealing. Additionally, by setting the P600Bi to a warmer colour temperature, you can enhance the warmth and glow of the scene; in contrast, adjusting the colour temperature to a cooler setting can contribute to a clean aesthetic. 

FX Effects and Dimming Curves 

The P600Bi comes with 11 built-in lighting effects and 4 customisable dimming curves. Its effects add a layer of authenticity, providing a quick and easy way to infuse drama, flair, and atmosphere into your visuals. In filming, utilising P600B's effects allows for enhancing the mood and storytelling of the scene. While utilising its dimming curves, you can swap smooth transitions from one scene to another. For example, a gradual fade-in using a logarithmic curve can add more cinematic elegance to your film, subtly guiding the viewer from darkness to light with finesse. 

Control Method 

Similar to other Godox lights, the P600Bi is equipped with a variety of lighting control options, including DMX512 (support for RDM protocol), CRMX control, 2.4 wireless control, Bluetooth APP control, and a light body. It is a flexible and versatile lighting solution that empowers you to master light with unparalleled control. In case you’re working in a large studio setup or a film production set, the DMX512 compatibility ensures that the P600Bi seamlessly communicates with other P600Bi lights via DMX devices. At the next level, the RDM control allows for bidirectional communication between the controller and the lighting devices. In other ways, you are able to control the P600Bi through the Godox App or its light body. This means you can manage and adjust the settings of the LED panel without needing accessories. Thanks to its features, the P600Bi is a time-saving and efficient tool, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted shooting. 


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In conclusion, the Godox KNOWLED P600Bi is designed to meet the variety of demands of the film and television industry, offering versatile applications in broadcasting, commercial video production, and movie sets. Notably, its exceptional colour accuracy, powerful output, variable colour temperatures, and customisable lighting effects make it a valuable lighting tool for creative professionals aiming to bring their vision to life with precision and efficiency. 

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