Comparing Flexible LED Panels: Godox vs Aputure vs Westcott vs Aladdin

Flexible LED Light Mat Panels can have lots of applications in videography and filmmaking, especially when it comes to needing easy to transport, lightweight lighting options. There are a range of flexible mats on the market that fit a range of different needs, including from Westcott, Amaran, and Aladdin. But now, Godox are releasing their very own range of flexible light mats as the F Series range. 

See below for a full specification comparison of the new Godox panels vs competitors' options. 

Godox have announced two new variations of Flexible LED Panel, with one being the FL Series, rivalling Westcott and Amaran's flexible panels with their similar sizes and wattages. They offer a similar colour temperature range (if a little smaller than the other brands at 3300K - 5600K), and are significantly more affordable than the other ranges of flexible panels on the market, in some cases, by around £800. 

The Godox FL (and the Amaran) Panels also support V-Mount Battery powering alongside Mains adapter power, opening up your options for location shooting without worrying about extra cables or power sources. Also available are softboxes with grids designed specifically for these panels to purchase separately. 

The second Godox range comprises of the new F200Bi, F400Bi, and the F600Bi, which not only offer a much wider colour temperature range (2700K - 8500K), but also much higher wattage options. In a range of 200w, 400w, and 600w panels, two of three of these mats are higher in power than the most powerful of the other options (the 350w Aladdin Panel), however this is also a likely reason why these panels are mains powered only and don't support batteries. 

Another major selling point for the FBi series is the IP rating. At an impressive IP64, these panels are highly weather resistant, which could be a dealbreaker when sourcing equipment for certain projects. 

The prices for the new Godox F Series has yet to have been announced, however if priced similarly to the FL Series, these will likely be a great option for broadcast and video industries looking for a more affordable flexi-panel option, combining the key selling points of it's competitors products. 

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Brand Godox Aladdin Westcott Aputure
Model F200Bi/F400Bi/F600Bi Flexible Panels FL60/FL100/FL150S/FL150R Foldable Panels Fabric-Lite Flex Cine AMARAN F21C/F22C AMARAN F21X/F22X
Price GBP (Incl VAT) Bicolour (2 x 2') TBA
Bicolour (2 x 4') TBA
Bicolour (4 x 4') TBA
FL60 (1 x 1') £259.90 (EP)
FL100 (1 x 2') £321.90 (EP)
FL150S (2 x 2') £359.90 (EP)
FL150R (1 x 4') £367.90 (EP)
Bicolour 200W (3 x 3')
£3,284.40 with Battery Mount
350W Bi-Colour (3 x 3') £3,284.46
Bicolour (1 x 1') £768.00
Bicolour (1 x 2') £1,135.00
Bicolour (1 x 3') £1,225.00
RGB F21C (1 x 2') £618.00
RGB F22C (2 x 2') £618.00
Bicolour F21X (1 x 2') £414.00
Bicolour F22X (2 x 2') £714.00
Power 200W
400W 600W
Colour model Bicolour Bicolour Bicolour Bicolour RGB Bicolour
Colour temperature 2700K - 8500K 3300K - 5600K 2850K - 6098K 2800K - 6000K 2500K - 7500K 2500K - 7500K
Folds Flexible and folds at center Flexible and rollable Flexible and rollable Flexible and rollable Flexible and rollable Flexible and rollable
Water Resistance  IP65 Rated, with exception of remote N/A IP32, Controller IP21 IP64 N/A N/A
Colour rendering CRI/TLCI >96 CRI > 96
TLCI ≥ 98
CRI 97
CRI - 97
TLCI - 98
CRI > 95
TLCI > 97
CRI > 95
TLCI > 98
Control system Controller
DMX,support RDM agreement
wired DMX
controller controller
2.4G remote
2.4G remote
Power supply AC/DC AC/DC or V-Mount Battery AC/DC AC/DC AC/DC or V-Mount Battery AC/DC or V-Mount Battery
Built-In Effects 13 N/A N/A N/A 15 9


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