Godox UK Dealer Checklists: Best Pricing for KNOWLED M Series Light

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Godox UK Dealer Checklists: Best Pricing for KNOWLED M Series
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With its innovative features and versatility, the Godox KNOWLED M series offers a range of lighting options that cater to various photography and videography needs. This checklist post on the pricing and service aspects of the KNOWLED M lighting series between different Godox UK Dealers, helping you make informed decisions for your creative endeavours.

Understanding the Godox KNOWLED M Series

Godox KNOWLED M Series By EssentialPhoto

Before delving into pricing and services, it's crucial to understand what the Godox KNOWLED M Series LED Lighting brings to the table. This series consists of six models: KNOWLED M200D, KNOWLED M200Bi, KNOWLED M300D, KNOWLED M300Bi, KNOWLED M600D, and KNOWLED M600Bi. Each model is a powerful lighting tool for video and film creators. If you want to know in-depth about each model, please make sure to read this post: Announcement New Godox LED Lights: KNOWLED M Series and An In-Depth Look at Each LED Light in Godox KNOWLED M Series

Price Points of KNOWLED M Series Between Each Dealer 

Product Godox KNOWLED M Series
Customer Reviews
Hire Optional
Loyalty & Rewards
Model M200D M200Bi M300D M300Bi M600D M600Bi
Cinegearpro £663.60 £750.00 £853.00 £948.00 £1,405.28 £1,573.20 3.2* Free 14 day returns No N/A
Essential Photo £664.00 £750.00 £853.00 £948.00 £1,405.99 £1,574.00 4.8* Free 28 day returns Yes Points
ProAV £664.00 £750.00 £853.00 £948.00 £1,574.00 £1,574.00 4.8* Free 14 day returns No Points
Wilkinson Cameras £769.00 £899.00 £989.00 £1,119.00 £1,459.00 £1,829.00 4.7* Free 14 day returns No N/A
Photospecialist £744.00 £903.00 N/A £1,217.00 £1,498.00 £1,805.00 3.0* Free 14 day returns No N/A
Campkins Cameras £769.99 £899.99 £989.99 £1,119.99 £1,459.99 £1,829.99 3.4* Free 14 day returns No N/A


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Authorised Dealers and Warranty 

It's essential to check what dealers authorise to ensure authenticity and warranty coverage. At EssentialPhoto, we're an Official Godox Partner and trusted UK Distributor, stocking the widest range of Godox kits in the UK. Plus, we also offer the choice of a 2-Year Year Warranty and an in-house repair team on PixaPro and Godox products. It contributes to giving you more confidence in the lighting equipment you depend on. 

User Reviews 

Before finalising your purchase, take some time to read user reviews and recommendations. In the table above, we also list the overall customer reviews of each Godox UK Dealer. As you can see, EssentialPhoto takes immense pride in sharing that the company boasts a track record of consistently high customer reviews. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional products and services.

What our customers say:

I have made multiple purchases over the year and I have never been let down, by either the price or the quality of goods provided. The team are very efficient when contacting them and extremely helpful. I would and do recommend them as a go to supplier of photography and videography equipment.

Phil Birch

By considering several factors such as price points, promotional opportunities, authorized dealers, and user reviews, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your creative vision and budget.

*Prices and offers accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change. 

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