Jameson Brooks: How KNOWLED M series transformed my work

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Jameson Brooks: How KNOWLED M series transformed my shoot
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In this ‘High Fashion Shoot’, Jameson Brooks explained how to illuminate a fashion shoot show by visualising it in a new way by utilising the Godox KNOWLED M LED Video Film Lights. This shot aims to highlight the intricacies of the detail that Cat Damien puts into her designs to complement the textures and character. Sitting down with Godox LED light, it is played a crucial role because it allowed him to create a complex effect where the light had to rapidly fluctuate between specific colours and varying intensities.

He is a writer, director, and editor who was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. His best-known works are the movies Bomb City (2017) and Behold the Noose (2014). He has won numerous awards from the American Advertising Federation for several branded national commercial spots.

What Would He Say About His Way of Working?

The idea behind this project is really like Game of Thrones, House of Dragons, and stuff like that. I worked with light in every aspect. I think that combining technique, plasticity, and workflow is an important part of what we have done. So, I experimented with different lighting setups and techniques to highlight the Palace of Versailles aesthetic location. I believed that creative freedom during the shoot wasn’t limited to storyboarding or shot lists. For me, location is also the most important aspect of knowing how to prepare the project's look. It can determine your character's wardrobe, what props are needed, what style of lighting to use, etc. I normally use a website called Peerspace to find locations online.

Here is my checklist when choosing locations:

  • How much light is available in there? House lights? 
  • How many windows?
  • Time of day?
  • How large is this place?
  • Where does the ‘world’ or scene take place?
  • Do you need consistent light? It requires being consistent for more than an hour or two 
  • Are there any practical on-location light sources to build off, like lamps, fixtures, etc?
  • Any architectural features to highlight?

Why/ How Does Godox KNOWLED M Series LED Video Film Lights Fit Into Your Shoot?



In this project, I chose the Dallas-Fort Worth house that has been transformed into the Palace of Versailles. In fact, the location has minimal windows, so I was able to manipulate and shape the light the best that I could, making everything more cinematic.

If this area doesn’t have windows, you can fake a motivated light coming from one direction.

Jameson Brooks

In photography, I constantly adjust the characteristics of light, including its colour, intensity, shape, and texture, as they make up the aesthetic of light. Working with Godox light has an impact on the narrative, aesthetics, and how I interpret what I see on screen.

Scene 1: 

In the first lighting setup, I used the Godox KNOWLED M600Bi LED Video Light that is placed outside the door, allowing us to illuminate the frosted window and create a warm sunlight effect. I set the KNOWLED M600 at 2800 Kelvin with 24% power, but that light was too bright. When I mixed different colour temperatures that added layers and dimension to the overall aesthetic. I changed the M300D to 4000 Kelvin with the VSA spotlight attachment, creating the beam light. The spotlight, which is up high is actually kicking onto the chandelier creating really cool light fragments and prisms.

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Additionally, to create a cool shape of light across the background, I added a VSA spotlight to the Godox KNOWLED M300D LED Video Light. It offers razor-sharp lines and pinpoints the light exactly where I want it. By ceiling of the M300D and VSA spotlight attachments offer really cool illuminations and fragments all over the crystal light and chandeliers. At the same time, I used a wide-angle lens to make the space look a lot larger than it actually is. 

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Godox KNOWLED M Series

Scene 2: 

By layering these lights, I can achieve more creativity through the architecture, and add depth to the image itself. Additionally, I used a haze machine to create a fog-like effect, enhancing the sharpness and definition of the light beams. However, without the VSA spotlight, I wouldn’t have been able to cut the light to the exact shape and dimension. In terms of the Godox KNOWLED M300D, I set this light up to 100% to make the beam sharper and provide more ambient light on models. Moreover, I've used the LD150R and a grid for fill light, allowing me to control the spread of light and help illuminate our model's skin tones. Again, I set the M600 outside the doorway while I kept one area dark to add mystery on the front side

Godox KNOWLED Scene 2 By EssentialPhoto
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Scene 3: 

In this scene, I wanted it to look more like a nighttime scene. So, I used duvet fabric to cover all the windows. It also allows these beams of light to kick through and shine the way that we want. This not only adds uniqueness to the space but often leads to greater productivity. Playing the M300D LED Video Light in the corner with VSA spotlights to cast some beams. Many times, when shooting, I experimented with lights, throwing them around, and capturing quick pickups. 

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Godox KNOWLED M LED Lighting Scene 3 BY PixaPro

Scene 4

In scene four, I wanted this to be the artist's creative space. So, I thought that if I added some yellow curtains to these windows creating a different result than everything else. The TL60 tube light is a battery-powered RGB tube light, allowing pick whatever colour I wanted. White, the main role of the M600 kicked through the windows to highlight the yellow curtains.

Godox KNOWLED Series BTS

Which of Godox KNOWLED M's features Did You Like Most? How Did It Surprise You?

Some of the features that I liked most were its brightness and its ability to switch the colour temperature easily. With the Godox KNOWLED M series LED light, I can achieve very bright light and be able to control the colour temperature of both tungsten and daylight without bothering to use gels. However, what stands out for me is the ability to quickly move in and out of space. The mounting Bowens system transforms my workflow smoothly and effectively. Its features really speed up the workflow on set. It really opens up more creativity and takes more chances. The user interface was very comfortable and easy to use. 

These KNOWLED LED lights are completely silent when I’m filming. Even more, the KNOWLED Series comes with a really nice carrying case, which helps me a lot during my travel.

I believe the advantages of these lights are not only solely defined by the light they produce but also by how much easier my work is and how much time it saves.

With Godox KNOWLED M LED Film Lights, they perform perfectly, which helps illuminate everything and bring it to life.

Jameson Brooks

What Type of Product Would Be Recommended Using the Godox M LED Video Film Lights?

These lights can be flexible for filmmaking, and movie productions on indoor and outdoor sets. In outdoor scenes, you’re still going to have to keep this type of light relatively close to daylight. As a filmmaker, what I find most valuable about Godox LED light is that it is an extremely versatile and flexible light source.

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