An In-Depth Look: Godox KNOWLED M LED Light for Filmmakers

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Godox is known for its reputation as a professional LED Lighting brand. To satisfy a wide range of needs, the four new KNOWLED lights will provide photographers and filmmakers the opportunity to upgrade their photos and videos. In the Godox KNOWLED M family, the M200 and M300 come with daylight-balanced and bi-colour options which are also added to more well-liked. As part of Godox’s continuously ongoing expansion of its LED studio lighting series, the M600D/Bi are added to more potent high-output. 

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An In-Depth Look: Godox KNOWLED M LED Light for Filmmakers
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Blog Content: 

1: Differences Between Each LED Light Model

2: Similarities Of Each LED Video Light

3: Light Modifiers and Accessories

Here are the key differences and similarities features of these new lights:

Godox KNOWLED M200D 230W
Godox KNOWLED M200Bi 230W
Godox KNOWLED M300D 330W
Godox KNOWLED M300Bi
Godox KNOWLED M300Bi 360W
Godox KNOWLED M600D 740W
Godox KNOWLED M600Bi
Godox KNOWLED M600Bi

1. Differences Between Each LED Light Model:

Fantastical Power 

Both M200D/Bi and M300D COB LED lights deliver power consumption at 230W and 330W respectively. The M300Bi is published with higher power consumption at 360W when compared with the M300D. This power range is good for home studios or limited spaces, adding depth and mood without overpowering the area. 

Otherwise, the newest KNOWLED Series addition outperforms other models in their class in terms of brightness at 740W. With more recent innovations, you can experience the highest level of performance and quality. The extra power is useful for large outdoor filming, TV, broadcasting that require substantial lighting coverage. 

Godox KNOWLED M Series

Adjustable Colour Temperature

As the name implies, the M200D, M300D and M600D daylight-balanced lights offer a colour temperature of 5600K. While, both M200Bi, M300Bi and M600Bi are bi-colour temperatures from 2800K to 6500K. 

In reality, choosing between these two options of LED photo lights depends on your shooting environment, the level of control required and artistic vision. If you’re often shooting outdoors or in well-lit environments, all these daylight-balanced options are ideal choices for maintaining consistent lighting conditions by the ability to blend with natural light. These lights are perfect for filmmakers to create a sunny atmosphere enhancing the vibrancy of thier visuals. Even more, it is able to save the colour modification in post-production.

Godox KNOWLED M Series

On the other hand, both bi-colour lights allow you to achieve cohesive lighting setups without struggling to modify the environment itself. With bi-colour LED lights, you can evoke different emotions by altering the warmth or coolness of your lighting. Instead of changing physical lighting setups or using filters, these bi-colour lights can instantly adjust, speeding up your workflow.

Unleash Your Creativity 

All daylight versions are released with 12 kinds and 4 FX effects including broken bulb, flash, lighting and television, while these bi-colour LED lights have 21 kinds and 3 more FX effects including fire, fireworks and candles. These effects give your visual a touch of magic while making it simple to simulate cinematic situations. 

Godox KNOWLED M Series

2. Similarities Of Each LED Video Light:

High Colour Accuracy

All KNOWLED M LED Lights have a TLCI rating of 97+ and a CRI rating of 96+ respectively. Both lights ensure to consistent delivery of accurate and visually stunning content. For example, in professional photography, videography and broadcasting, accurate colour ensures the rendering of pleasant skin tones creating the cinematic scene for any shoot. 

Optional Dimming Curve 

Each LED photo light is designed with four optional dimming curves which can significantly enhance visual experiences and achieve their desired creative outcomes with finesse. Utilising S-curve dimming, for example, provides a smooth transition between different brightness levels ideally for situations with natural and subtle lighting changes such as film sets, photography studios and theatrical stage show productions. In other views, the exponential dimming curve provides precise control over subtle lighting adjustments. It emphasises certain elements or creates dynamic lighting effects. Whether you require consistent lighting changes, for example, product photography setups, Linear dimming is ideal for accuracy and predictable adjustments are needed. While Logarithmic dimming provides gradual control over a wide range of brightness levels. It’s particularly effective for managing high-intensity lighting and avoiding abrupt changes such as large-scale productions and outdoor photography. 

Dimming Curve LED Lighting

Diversity Control Method 

Like many previous Godox lights, the KNOWLED M series still offers multiple control methods. With DMX, Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless control options, you have the freedom to precisely adjust your lighting. It empowers you to control even the most intricate lighting system with the greatest freedom and efficiency possible. Plus, each LED photo lighting maintain their coolness throughout prolonged shoots because of their sophisticated cooling system, ensuring peak performance without distracting background noise. 

Additionally, the KNOWLED range is powered by both AC and DC sources which is perfect for filmmakers. The combination offers dependable and consistent performance, ensuring brilliant results wherever you’re in the studio or on location. In more detail, an AC source suits indoor shoots with a stable power source, while DC lights excel in outdoor or off-grid locations, enhancing adaptability. Now, you can take the strength of expert lighting wherever your imagination takes you. 

Godox Remote Control

Unlock Full Potential 

Being equipped with the Bowens mount, the KNOWLED series offers a versatile system to create at ease and never miss any creative possibilities. You won’t ever miss a creative opportunity thanks to the wide range of compatibility of these LED lights. It equips you to control and shape light according to your vision with light modifiers and accessories. This feature enables you to realise the full potential of your artistic endeavours. 

User Experiences

Many users share their positive experiences according to Godox Light’s performance and features compared to their price. The ability to achieve professional-looking results without breaking the bank has endeared Godox to both amateurs and professionals.

 Real experiences, real opinions. Discover what our customers have to say!
Super quick delivery and the items are of great quality. I needed a continuous light for YouTube explainer videos and the Godox lighting is perfect with adaptable brightness.

3. Light Modifiers and Accessories

Accessories/ Modifiers  Images  Highlight Features  Best Use Cases  Price 
QR-P90 Softbox & CS-65D Lantern Softbox  
QR-P90 Quick Release Deep Parabolic Softbox (Bowens S-Type Fitting)
65cm Quick-Install Foldable Diffuser Sphere & Softbox

-  Quick release design allows for fast and easy setup.  

- Dep Parabolic Shape produces soft and even lighting. 

- Bowens S-Type fitting is compatible with a wide range of Godox and other brands. 

- 16-Faceted design for circular catchlights.

Portrait shoots, fashion shoots and product photography. 

£108.99 - £126.99 
RFT-19 Reflectors 

- Faceted silver interior enables to focus light more efficiently. 

- A 30-degree beam angle enables to throw of light over greater distances. 

Filmmaking projects, dramatic low-key portraits, dramatic cinematography.  £24.99
Diffusion Panel  Diffusion Panel By EssentialPhoto

- Durable and portable construction. 

- Quick and easy setup.  

Both indoor and outdoor shootings.  £237.99
FLS8 & LB01 Kit and  FLS10 & LB02 Barn Doors

- Focus and amplify the effective light output by up to 19 times. 

- Adjust to spot from 10° to 40°. 

- Ergonomic design reduces light leaks and rugged durability. 

Outdoor shoots enhance natural light and portrait photography. 
Controlling light spill and adding more drama to portraits. 
£239.99 - £274.99
Gobo sets and VSA-19K Projection  VSA Series Spotlight Attachment Spotlight Mount Set ( GODOX VSA-19K, VSA-26K, VSA-36K)

- Top-notch optics and lenses to ensure clear images. 

- Built-in interchangeable lens.  

Adding creative effects and enhancing visual atmospheres.
Filmmaking, theatrical productions. 
50" C-Stand   50" C-Stand - Provides stable and adjustable support for various lighting equipment used in photography.  Wide range of shooting scenarios £159.99
RC-A6 Remote Control  Remote Control LED Light

- Compact size and lightweight design is easy to put in bags. 

- Easy and convenient to adjust the device without worrying about working distance. 

Wide range of applications  £24.99

Final Thought: 

The Godox KNOWLED M Series deserves serious consideration if you’re looking for new LED Light. With the difference between specifications and price, each model is an ideal lighting solution that adapts to your specific needs. 

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