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In this episode, our team used Godox KNOWLED M Series Best Filming LED Lighting for four different scenes: morning room, by the window, sidewalk cafe, and sunlight streaming hall. We planned for the Godox KNOWLED M200D and M300D to introduce nice, controllable, and natural-looking sunlight. Keep reading this post to see how effectively these lights can alter inside and outside shoots and how various solutions can be used.

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Scene 1: Morning Room with M300D Best LED Lighting

In the first scene, we used five LED lights - Godox KNOWLED M300D filming LED light. Each light is equipped with unique accessories like a fresnel lens, studio softbox, diffusion panel, reflectors, and a lantern softbox.

First things first, we attached one Godox M300D LED Light with the FLS8 Fresnel Lens and LB-01 Barn Doors to focus the light on our actress. Well, it is also perfect for creating dramatic shadows. The second M300D light is complemented by a QR-P90 softbox. As you know, the softbox is renowned for its ability to diffuse light, producing a gentle effect. In this case, it might give us a more natural look and minimise harsh shadows. To provide a subtle and uniform spread of light, we’re going to equip the third M300D light with a diffusion panel. This offers a different approach to softening the light source, allowing us to have precise control over the intensity and direction of illumination.


On the other hand, both the third and fourth LED lights are attached with RFT-19 reflectors to fill in shadows, highlight specific areas, or add a touch of sparkle to our actress. Finally, the last light is equipped with a CS-65D lantern softbox, offering a soft and omnidirectional light that wraps around the actress. Even, this lantern softbox is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere or adding a warm to the indoor scene. 

Godox KNOWLED Behind The Scene

Scene 2: By The Window with M200D & M300D Battery-Powered LED Lighting 

Our “By The Window” shooting scenario comprises a room as the primary shooting space. Two KNOWLED M300D & M200D lights were placed inside the room, and another Godox KNOWLED M300D studio LED lighting was placed outside the room. Each of these lights serves a unique purpose in creating the perfect environment. 

The ideal corner gives us the most depth in the shot. And, we could add more lighting outside the windows which has a cool checker pattern and tons of texture to work with. 

We think a good starting point would be setting the Godox KNOWLED M300D light and putting the QR-P90 softbox so we could create soft and diffused lighting. Of course, we got the result in a gentle, even illumination that minimises shadows and highlights the character’s features. 


The second LED Light inside the room is Godox KNOWLED M200D plus RFT-19 reflector and a diffusion panel. Well, utilising the diffusion panel really helps soften the light source, similar to the QR-P90 softbox. However, it is done in so much more subtle way, allowing for greater control over the intensity of the light. 

The third LED light is M300D which is placed outside the room. It is equipped with an FLS8 fresnel lens and an LB-01 barndoor. It acts as a supplementary light source, providing backlight or rim lighting. In order to make it appear as though motivated sunlight is streaming in through the windows, we mounted the M300D high and angled it downward. In this case, it looks like it’s natural sunlight being emitted outside the windows. 

Godox KNOWLED M LED Lighting Inside Shooting Setup

Scene 3: Sidewalk Cafe 

Godox KNOWLED M LED Lighting Setting Up

Different from two scenes before, this scene aimed to set up outdoors. Now, we have three KNOWLED M300D set up is basically bringing sunlight into our environment. We’re gonna enhance natural light with RFT-19 reflectors and diffusion panels and also add drama and intrigue with gobos and VSA-19K spotlights

Godox KNOWLED M LED Lighting Setting Up

Scene 4: Sunlight Streaming Hall 

For the final scene, we aimed to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Therefore, we’re gonna use the golden sunlight streaming through large windows, creating an ethereal atmosphere. It infuses the space with warmth and beauty, setting the stage for a visually captivating ending. The four LED lights play a vital role in enhancing the atmosphere and ensuring a cinematic visual experience. 

A good opening and a good ending make for a good film provided they come close together.

Godox KNOWLED Setting Up


One of the technical aspects of successful shooting is balancing the colour temperature of these battery-powered LED lights. It’s crucial to ensure that all LED lights have the same colour temperature. This consistency guarantees that our character’s skin tones appear natural in the scene. So, achieving the right balance between each LED lights creates a visually pleasing and well-lit scene.  

For this particular shoot, it was really convenient that most of these Godox lights are all battery-powered so it allowed us to be more creative and quickly set up and move things around. 

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