KNOWLED M Series Professional Broadcast-Quality LED Lighting Units

The GODOX KNOWLED M Series are a selection of Professional LED Lighting Units, which have Class-Leading performance, designed to launch your productions to new heights. Featuring highly robust, build-quality, with intuitive controls, the M Series are the answer to every Lighting Gaffer and Cinematographer’s dreams. The M Series have a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+, making it suitable for broadcast usage. With the option to control them remotely using the Wireless RC-A6 Remote control, or via the GODOX Light App, the creative possibilities with the M Series are virtually endless. The perfect lighting solution for large TV and BroadcastingFilmmaking and Cinematography, as well as for Theatrical Stage Show productions.

M600 Lighting Units

M300 Lighting Units

M200 Lighting Units