Godox Knowled P600Bi vs FilmGear H700B Bi-Colour LED Panel

Filmgear has unveiled the Helios H700B panel, claims to be the perfect LED evolution for traditional space lights. Godox has released its latest LED light panel, the Godox KNOWLED P600Bi. It is a high-powered, bi-colour square LED light panel, specially designed to fit the needs of the film and television industry.

Whether you’re switching over to LED panels or need replacements, these are today’s very best panel lights on the market. In the guide below, we’ll summarise the specifications comparison of Godox and Filmgear Bi-Colour LED panels, so you can see exactly what you'll buy and compare value for money without breaking your bank. 

Godox KNOWLED P600Bi LED Light Panel vs FilmGear Helios H700Bi Bi-Colour LED Panel

LED Panels - Why use them? 

Well, LED panel lights have become a popular option for videographers and photographers due to their practical and versatile design, which has become the preferred choice for lighting solutions in various industries. 

LED panels are known for their energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability. However, not all lights are created equal. Let’s compare the Godox P600Bi and the Filmgear Helios H700B. 

What are the similarities and differences between the Godox P600Bi and the Helios H700B? 

FilmGear Helios H700Bi Bi-Colour LED Light Panel
Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Bi-Colour LED Light Panel By PixaPro

See full details about Godox P600Bi here. 

Bi-colour LED Panel 

Bi-colour LED light panels, like the Godox P600Bi and Helios H700B, are a combination of tungsten-balanced and daylight-balanced, allowing for the adjustment of the temperature from a yellow to a blue light. This feature gives the Godox P600Bi and FilmGear Helios H700B flexibility for adapting to different conditions or achieving specific creative looks. It is a significantly versatile tool for photographers and filmmakers. 

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FilmGear Helios H700Bi 720W LED Light Panel By PixaPro

Max. Power: 700W vs 720W

The Helios H700B LED panel light with 720W offers even greater brightness than the Godox P600Bi bi-colour light with 700W. The Godox P600Bi panel offers substantial luminosity, catering to a broad spectrum of lighting needs in various settings; the FilmGear Helios H700B, on the other hand, is suitable for more intense and expansive illumination, especially advantageous in scenarios demanding higher brightness levels. However, with a power output of 700W, the P600Bi is designed to prioritise a balance between power output and sustainable operation, contributing to cost savings and minimising environmental impact over an extended period. 

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi 700W Hard LED Light Panel By PixaPro

CCT: 2800K–6500K - 6500K vs 2700K - 6000K 

With the CCT from 2800K to 6500K, the P600Bi panel provides a broad spectrum that adapts well to a variety of settings, from indoor to outdoor scenes. It caters to photographers and filmmakers’ needs for versatility across different environments. Additionally, the extended range of the P600Bi allows for a more accurate simulation of daylight, making it an excellent choice for projects that demand precise daylight conditions. While not reaching the highest daylight temperatures like the Godox P600Bi bi-colour panel, the H700B LED panel still offers a realistic portrayal of natural light. It strikes a balance between warmth and neutrality, catering to scenarios where a daylight simulation is desired without the need for extremely high Kelvin values. 

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Bi-Colour 2700K - 6500K LED Light Panel By PixaPro

CRI and TLCI: ≥96 vs >95

The Godox P600Bi stands out in terms of CRI and TLCI rating at ≥ 96 when compared with the H700B, which has a CRI and TLCI rating of >95. The FilmGear H700B is an ideal option for scenarios where high-quality colour reproduction is essential but doesn’t necessitate excellent colour precision. While the P600Bi has a slightly higher CRI and TLCI rating, it guarantees exceptional colour accuracy, ensuring that the captured images or footage faithfully represent the intended hues. Therefore, if you’re working on a broadcast or film that demands the utmost colour precision, the P600Bi is an ideal choice. 

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi LED Light Panel vs FilmGear Helios H700Bi LED Panel

Dimensions and Shape

One of the key differences between the P600Bi and H700B is their shape. The P600Bi bi-colour LED panel is constructed as a square LED panel with dimensions of 571mm*499mm*121mm (including a U-type bracket). In contrast, the H700B panel is designed in a circle shape with dimensions of 212*705Ø. Generally, both shapes have their advantages that are suitable for different lighting requirements. With its square shape, the P600Bi can be used for several photography purposes because of its ability to reduce shadows and provide consistent lighting across the frame. Moreover, square LED panels are commonly used in studio setups where controlled and evenly distributed lighting is essential. 

On the other hand, the H700B circular panel light produces a more focused and directional light, which can be advantageous to highlight specific features or create a catchlight in the eyes. For example, if you’re working on portrait photography or want to achieve more direction in the light source, the H700B could be a better choice. 

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Hard LED Light Panel by PixaPro

Weight: 10kg vs 18kg 

In terms of weight, the P600Bi is released with a weight of 10 kg, which is lighter than the H700B bi-colour LED panel with 18kg. The P600Bi’s lightweight design makes it easier for users to handle, transport, and set up. For instance, if you’re frequently working on location or moving between different setups, the P600bi can be a practical choice. Otherwise, the H700B may be bulkier and less portable, which is commonly used in certain scenarios. However, it offers stability and reduces vibrations, ensuring a more secure setup. 

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Lightweight and Compact Hard LED Light Panel By PixaPro

Final thought

Both panels share the same bi-colour capabilities, providing users with the flexibility to adapt to various lighting conditions and creative preferences. However, there are still many different specifications, such as power, colour temperature range, colour accuracy, shape, and weight. The choice between the Godox P600Bi square panel and the Filmgear Helios H700B depends on your specific requirements. Currently, the P600Bi is offered for sale at £1,122 by EssentialPhoto & Video, while the H700B is sold at £2,691

EssentialPhoto & Video is an official Godox partner and trusted UK distributor, stocking the widest range of Godox kits in the UK. We offer a 2 Year Warrantly* across our stock, customer support, and after-sales repair at our Bristish store. 

Brand Godox FilmGear
Price £1,122 £2,691
Type LED bi-colour light
LED bi-colour light
Power Supply 100V - 240V ~ 50/60Hz 7A -
Max. Power 700W 720W
CCT 2800K - 6500K 2700K - 6000K
Brightness Range 0% - 100% 0% - 100%
FX Modes 11 -
CRI ≥96 >95
TLCI ≥96 >95
Protection Rating N/A N/A
Controlling Method DMX 512 Control(support RDM protocol)/LumenRadio CRMX Control /2.4G Wireless Control/Bluetooth APP Control/Light Body Control DMX 512
Dimension 571mm*499mm*121mm (including U-type bracket) 212*705Ø
Net Weight ≈10kg 18kg


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