The FL vs The F Series Flexi LED Panels - What's the Difference?

For those looking for flexible LED Panel Lighting options, there are now a few options on the market for you to choose from to perfect your photography or video lighting, for everything from vlogging and social media content, to professional film and television sets. These panels enable you to produce soft, diffused lighting without the bulkiness of a standard light softbox, or a heavy solid panel.

In this blog, we'll be comparing the two Godox flexi panel ranges specifications, options and price points so you can figure out which model is best to add to your lighting kit. 

The FL Series

The original flexible Godox light panel, the FL Series was released around six years ago in a range of different sizes and power output ranges. The four panels in the range are:

 FL60 30x45cm Flexible LED Light Mat - (SPECIAL ORDER) FL100 40x60cm Flexible LED Light Mat - (SPECIAL ORDER) FL150S 60x60cm Flexible LED Light Mat FL150R 30x120cm Flexible LED Light Mat

Size: 30x45cm

Power Output: 60w

Size: 40x60cm

Power Output: 100w

Size: 60x60cm

Power Output: 150w

Size: 30x120cm

Power Output: 150w


The KNOWLED F Series

Part of the new Godox KNOWLED Range of professional video lighting, the F Series panels are a very different panel from the FL Series. Designed for working film and television sets, these panels are much more powerful, larger, and consist of three options:

Godox Knowled F200Bi  Panel Light with FS200 Softbox  Godox Knowled F400Bi with  FS400 softbox and Controller Box Godox KNOLWED F600Bi 600W 4x4' Foldable LED Panel

Size: 60x60cm

Power Output: 200w

Size: 60x120cm

Power Output: 400w

Size: 120x120cm

Power Output: 600w

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Both ranges are functionally similar due to their flexi and foldable designs aimed for providing a lightweight, portable lighting option for shooting on the go or in small spaces. 

Both options also use the same mounting frame for easy attachment to light stands, use mains power with a control brick, and have wireless control options. Both models also have V-Lock battery compatibility. 

Power Comparison

One of the biggest differences is the power output of each option. The FL Series ranges between 60w (FL60 30x45cm) up to a maximum of 150w (FL150S/FL150R). This makes them great for smaller spaces and close up shooting.

In comparison, the F Series starts at 200w (F200Bi), then increasing to 400w (F400Bi), with the most powerful at 600w (F600Bi). These significantly more powerful panels are much better suited to more intense shooting scenarios, but their power ranges make them much more versatile and useful for many different shoots. 

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Correlating to their power outputs, the size of the panels varies significantly. The FL Series ranges from 30x45cm (60w) to the larger 60x60cm and 35x120cm options (150w). The F Series starts at 60x60cm in size (F200Bi), with the F400Bi reaching 60x120cm, and the F600Bi at 120x120cm. 

Thanks to their larger size and higher output, the F Series panels are great for larger studios or sets as they light up bigger spaces with ease, while the FL Series is perfect for smaller projects. 

Colour Temperature Range

Both panel options are Bi-Colour, meaning they have an adjustable colour temperature between warmer orange tones and cooler blue tones, with daylight balanced options in the middle of the spectrum. 

The FL Series panels have a respectable colour temperature range of 5600K (Daylight) and 3300K (Tungsten) to suit a range of different uses. They also have a CRI Rating of 96+ and a TLCI Rating of 98+. This means that colours will be reproduced accurately in your photos and footage.

Comparatively, the colour range of the F Series sits at a much wider 2700-8500K to suit professional purposes and projects where much more control over the lighting is needed. With a CRI and TLCI of 96+, making them similarly suitable for broadcasting use and accurate colour representation. 


It's worth noting that both different panel models have different degrees of flexibility and rigidity. While both flexi panels, the FL Series is much thinner and more flexible, and can be bent and stored rolled up. 

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The KNOWLED F Series on the other hand is designed to be much sturdier and durable as it is built to be used on busy film sets, and so must be able to withstand a lot more wear and tear. Due to this, these panels are much more rigid, and while they are flexible, can't be rolled, and instead have specific breaks in the panel which you can fold the panel along to pack away to ensure longevity. 

The Godox FL Series Panels can be folded into virtually any shape you require

Weather Rating

 Another feature of the professional-grade KNOWLED Panels, the F Series has been designed with an IP64 weather rating for the panel (though this doesn't currently extend to the control box). This means that it is protected against dust entering the unit, and against rain and "low-pressure water jets". 



The FL Panels unfortunately don't have any weather resistant rating so is best used indoors or in dry conditions. If you're looking for a panel that you can use in tougher conditions, the KNOWLED F Series is your best bet. 


Both LED Panel options have especially designed softboxes and grids that can be used with them. While the FL Series panels have softboxes available separately to the main light unit, the F Series panels come as a whole kit, with the softbox and grid included.  


Due to the range of different features of the different panels, the prices vary significantly. 

Thanks to their lower power output and straightforward design, the FL Series currently retails at EssentialPhoto & Video between £259.90-£359.90 depending on which size option you're going for, not including softboxes.

The KNOWLED F Series panels on the other hand start at £600.00 for the F200Bi, with the F600Bi retailing for £1,450.00 at the time of publishing. This is due to the professional-grade features, and powerful output.

While the F200Bi would be a more than suitable option for many at it's current price point, unless you're looking for a professional-grade panel, if you're on a tighter budget, the FL panels may be a better choice. 

Still not sure which option to go for? Why not contact our technical team at for some further assistance and advice on your shooting plans! 

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