LightStar LUXED-4 VS Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Film Light Panel

When it comes to top-tier lighting equipment, Godox has established itself as a popular choice among photographers and is now creating a reputation amongst the film and television industry with the new KNOWLED Range. Today, we’ll compare two premium film light panel models: the Godox P600Bi and the Lightstar LUXED-4, to help you understand the differences between each and decide which LED light is right for your lighting setup. Let’s get to it!

Specifications and features 

Brand LightStar Godox
Model LUXED-4
Price £3,075 £1,122
Power Supply 100-240V
100V - 240V ~ 50/60Hz, 7A
Max. Power 720W 700W
LED Type Bi-Colour Bi-Colour
CCT 2800K–6500K 2800K–6500K
Brightness Range 0% to 100% 0% to 100%
FX Modes - 11
CRI ≥95 ≥96
TLCI ≥97 ≥96
Protection Rating IP20 N/A
Controlling Method Input & Output, 5-Pin XLR, LumenRadio (CRMX & W-DMX)
DMX 512 Control (supports RDM protocol)/LumenRadio CRMX Control /2.4G Wireless Control/Bluetooth APP Control/Light Body Control
Dimension 945x910x216mm
571mm*499mm*121mm (including U-type bracket)
Net Weight 24kg ≈10kg

Who are Godox and Lightstar’s LED panels designed for? 

Godox is a long-standing company founded in 1993 and has a high-tech manufacturing facility specialising in lighting and audio equipment, while Lightstar is a newer entrant, having been established in 2001. Both companies have recently released their latest LED panels, the Godox P600Bi and the LUXED-4. Both powerful lighting solutions, the two light panels are specifically crafted to meet the demands of the film and TV industries.

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Film Light Panel By PixaPro


The Godox P600Bi and Lightstar LUXED-4 share the same specifications in terms of brightness range, colour temperature range, and control methods. Both LED panel lights offer a colour temperature range from 2800K to 6500K. Its range not only enables users to achieve a diverse array of warm and cool tones, catering to a variety of creative requirements, but also provides the flexibility to adjust the lighting to different ambient environments. Additionally, these two LED panels share common control methods, including input and output, 5-pin XLR, and LumenRadio (CRMX and W-DMX). This feature ensures smooth integration into professional lighting setups, enhancing compatibility across diverse systems. While both panels are designed with similar specifications, there are still differences from one to the other. 

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Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Bi-Colour LED Light Panel for Filmmaking and Video Production By PixaPro


Illuminance Data: 

The Godox P600Bi is introduced with a power consumption of 700W, while the Lightstar LUXED-4 has a slightly higher power consumption of 720W. This is why the Lightstar LUXED-4 stands out with an impressive 13000 lux thanks to it's fresnel lens design, boosting the light and providing a luminous and well-illuminated scene at 3m and 5m distances. It also maintains an equally impressive 13000 lux at 5600K.

On the other hand, the Godox P600Bi, comprised of small LEDs provides a slightly lower lux at 3200K compared to the Lightstar LUXED-4 film light panel, which offers a substantial 10300 lux at 3m. However, this level still ensures professional-grade illumination for a broad range of applications, even in warmer colour temperatures.

Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Hard Light Panel By PixaPro

In fact, the LUXED-4 light panels with higher lux and foot-candle (FC) values provide significantly brighter illumination, which is advantageous in scenarios where a well-lit environment is essential, such as for video productions or filmmaking. However, because of its higher brightness levels, this can lead to increased energy consumption and heat generation. In other words, the P600Bi with lower lux and fc values generally consumes less power, making it more energy-efficient and portable. This can lead to cost savings over time, especially when prolonged usage is required. 

Model CCT Unit 3m 5m
Lightstar LUXED-4
lux 13000 5000
fc 1208 465
lux 13000 5000
fc 1208 465
lux 10300 3900
fc 960 362
lux 11400 4300
fc 1060 400

Weight and Dimensions: 

The Lightstar LUXED-4 is large and heavy, tips the scales at 24 kg, and has physical dimensions of 94.5cm x 91cm x 21.6cm (37.2 cm x 35.8 cm x 8.5 cm). While it may not be the most compact option available, its heft suggests a focus on durability and stability, making it suitable for fixed installations where mobility is less critical.

In contrast, the Godox P600Bi is designed as a lightweight and compact LED panel with a weight of 10kg and dimensions of 571mm*499mm*121mm. Its design makes the Godox P600Bi ideal for photographers and videographers who frequently work on the move. Furthermore, this feature enhances the ease of transportation and setup, catering to those who prioritise flexibility in their creative endeavours. The LUXED-4 film light panel is suitable for permanent installation, the P600Bi, on the other hand, is ideal in diverse environments, especially in applications where mobility, quick setup, and flexibility are key considerations, such as location shoots and events. 

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Godox KNOWLED LED Light Panel By PixaPro

CRI and TLCI Ratings: 

These panels also offer excellent colour accuracy and consistency, ensuring that the colours rendered closely match your natural lighting environment. With a TLCI rating of 97, the LUXED-4 LED panel is specifically designed for television and video applications. The Godox P600Bi offers a CRI of 96 and TLCI of 96, which makes it not only capable of rendering colours with great precision but also suitable for video applications where consistent colour reproduction is required. Generally, the LUXED-4 film light panel emphasises vibrant colours in television and video settings, while the Godox P600Bi provides precise and reliable reproduction suitable for a wide range of professional applications. 

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At £3,075, the LUXED-4 costs more than three times as much as the Godox KNOWLED P600Bi, which retails for £1,122. While the LUXED-4 positions itself as a premium choice with an expensive price tag, the P600Bi, with its lower price, still offers impressive features. Generally, the P600Bi film light panel might cater to a broader audience because of its versatility, providing a balance between affordability and professional-grade features. Furthermore, the P600Bi could emerge as an attractive option for its blend of functionality and economic appeal, suitable for utilising in diverse photographs or videographs. 

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