COMPARE LED Panel Video: Godox Knowled P600Bi vs Vortex 8

In this week’s blog post, we’ll dive into a comprehensive comparison of two leading panel lights: the Godox KNOWLED P600Bi and the Creasource Vortex 8. Our blog will dissect their features and performance, offering an in-depth analysis to illuminate your understanding of how these lights can significantly enhance your lighting experience. 

For those searching for top-tier panel lights for professional filmmaking and broadcasting videos, this blog is created for you. Keep reading to find out more!

Round 1: RGBW light vs Bi-Colour light 

The Vortex 8 is an RGBW LED panel, offering a wide spectrum of colours, including red, green, blue, and white. This feature is particularly valuable for creative lighting effects and mood lighting because of its ability to mix colours to create a wide range of hues. In filmmaking, for instance, the Vortex 8 can be used to match diverse film setups, such as accent lighting, background colour changes, and creating dynamic effects. 

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The Godox P600Bi, on the other hand, features a bi-colour LED panel, allowing users to adjust the colour temperatures seamlessly. While it may not provide the extensive colour range of Vortex 8, it is still perfect for creating a natural and adjustable lighting environment. For example, it can be used in situations where you need to adapt quickly to different ambient lighting conditions, such as daylight or tungsten light, without changing the colour of the light itself. Generally, the Vortex 8 RGBW panel may offer more customisation options, but it can be more complex to use, whereas the Godox P600Bi bi-colour panel is simpler in operation and suitable for hustle-and-bustle shooting where quick adjustments are required. 

Round 2: CCT 

As we mentioned above, the Vortex 8 is an RGBW panel light, which means it offers a wider colour temperature range than the Godox P600Bi bi-colour light. In detail, the Vortex 8 is designed with an expansive colour temperature range from 2200K (cool) to 15000K (daylight-like hues). This feature allows for versatile lighting setups. You can achieve warm ambient lighting at lower temperatures (2200K–3000K) and cool daylight light at higher temperatures (6000K–15000K). It might be more complex to manage, especially for those new to lighting setups, and it may also consume more power to maintain brightness, impacting overall efficiency.

In contrast, the P600Bi, with 2800K–6500K, provides a balanced range from warm white to cool white, closely mimicking natural daylight. This Godox maintains consistent colour quality across its range, making it more user-friendly. However, in certain cases, it may lack the extreme warmth or cool colour temperature range for applications that require highly dynamic and creative lighting effects.

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Round 3: Power Consumption 

The Godox P600Bi has built-in 700W power consumption, while the Vortex 8 boasts lower power consumption at 650W. This is why the P600Bi is an ideal choice for larger spaces or situations with a more intense and focused light output. With higher brightness, the P600Bi is commonly used in professional video productions that require a powerful and concentrated light source, ensuring that every detail is well-illuminated. While the Vortex 8 takes the lead in situations demanding a well-balanced and effective lighting source because of its lower power consumption. 

Round 4: CRI and TLCI 

In terms of colour accuracy, both panels have high colour accuracy, but the Godox panel has a slightly higher CRI and TLCI, indicating potentially better colour reproduction. With CRI and TLCI at 96, it is well-suited for television and video production, ensuring that the colours will be accurately represented on screen. The Vortex 8 with CRI and TLCI of 95 is suitable for various applications. If your priority is colour accuracy, the P600Bi may offer a slight advantage. 

Round 5: Control Method 

These LED panels are designed with the user in mind, featuring a range of control methods. With this user-friendly menu system, it ensures that users have quick and easy access to essential controls, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Moreover, both lights are equipped with the DMX protocol, which is suitable for those working in larger productions or studio environments. It enables users to create intricate and synchronised lighting scenes.

Otherwise, the wireless remote control capability of the Vortex 8 adds another layer of convenience for creators. It is particularly beneficial in dynamic shooting situations, allowing photographers and videographers to make adjustments without interrupting the flow of their creative process. With the app control, two lights allow for intuitive and convenient management of the panel’s settings. These apps provide a level of control that caters to both novice users and seasoned professionals, from adjusting brightness and colour temperature to creating customised lighting scenes. 

Round 6: Waterproof Ability 

One of the standout features of the Vortex 8 over the Godox P600Bi is its waterproof ability. This feature allows the Vortex 8 to be dust-tight and protected against jets, making it suitable for outdoor use where exposure to dust and water is inevitable. Furthermore, it not only ensures consistent performance over time but also increases longevity and minimises the risk of damage and corrosion. In contrast, the P600Bi, released without an IP65 rating, may struggle to maintain its integrity in rainy or dusty environments. While the Vortex 8 comes with a slightly higher price, the P600Bi, on the other hand, is an affordable option for those who prioritise outstanding features but do not require waterproof ability. 

Round 7: Dimensions and Weight 

Compared to their weight and dimensions, the Godox P600Bi, being smaller and lighter, is likely to be more manoeuvrable and easier to install in confined spaces. Additionally, its compact dimensions and lighter weight make it more convenient to transport and store, providing flexibility for users who are often on the go. The Vortex 8 is a larger and heavier panel light that can be challenging to transport and set up, especially for professionals who frequently work on location. It may also require more storage space when not in use and limit its adaptability to various shooting or lighting scenarios. 

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Final Thought

The Vortex 8 shines in creative applications, outdoor use, and situations requiring a well-balanced lighting source. Meanwhile, the P600Bi offers adaptability, power, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Overall, both panel lights bring unique strengths to the table, catering to different niches within the dynamic landscape of professional lighting. 


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Brand Creamsource Godox
Model Vortex8
Price ~ £6,042 £1,122
Power Supply 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 8A
100V - 240V ~ 50/60Hz 7A
Max. Power 650W 700W
CCT 2200K - 15000K 2800K - 6500K
Brightness Range 0% - 100% 0% - 100%
Dimming Curves linear/S-curve/exponential/logarithmic
FX Modes 11
CRI 95 ≥96
TLCI 95 ≥96
Waterproof Rating
IP65 / IP20 (power supply)
Controlling Method On-Board Interface, DMX via standard 5- pin XLR connectors, Wired
DMX 512 Control(support RDM protocol)/LumenRadio CRMX Control /2.4G Wireless Control/Bluetooth APP Control/Light Body Control
Dimension 831x551x164mm/32.7”x21.7”x6.4” (Including Yoke)
571mm*499mm*121mm (including U-type bracket)
Net Weight 15.6 kg (34.39 lb) ≈10kg


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