Mastering Lighting Techniques with Godox KNOWLED F Series

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As you know, the Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mat Panels are a bi-colour, foldable, and waterproof LED Light Mat that produces an outstanding quality of light. It is a game-changing tool that has taken industries like video production, advertising, e-commerce, commercial photography, film, and TV shooting by storm.

Before diving into any production, take the time to thoroughly understand your LED mat panel's features and capabilities. Familiarise yourself with colour temperature adjustment, brightness controls, and any unique lighting effects it offers. This blog aims to offer advanced tips for maximising their performance.

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Playing with Lighting Angles 

It’s always worth thinking carefully about what types of light sources suit your video projects and shoots. For example, a horror movie will require a very different lighting arrangement than a corporate promotional video. By placing the F Flexible LED Light Panels at different angles, you can create dramatic effects, adding depth and dimension to your shots.

With this in mind, extending each angle light type, such as key light, fill light, and backlight, perfectly achieves the desired effects. Setting the LED Mat as a key light, for example, establishes the foundation for the scene’s aesthetics. Moreover, you may use an LED Light Mat as the main key light source if you want to enclose video shoots. While the fill light smooths the contrasting areas, enhancing the overall visual appeal and ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. The backlight adds depth and separation from the background, which creates a visually captivating scene. To set up these angles, you can simply attach the light stand to a small ‘X’ frame on the LED Light Mat.

Three Positions Lighting

Additionally, the F LED Ceiling Lights are designed with built-in hook-and-loop edging to improve the dynamic environment of lights when mounted on the ceiling. Thanks to the IP65 rating on the mat, you can even tape it to various surfaces outdoors without worrying about rain.

Experiment with Colour Temperatures - Godox KNOWLED F LED Mat Panels

Based on the mood and emotions that resonate with your audience, you can choose different colour temperatures. In this case, utilising the Godox KNOWLED F Series LED Mat Panels allows you to adjust the colour temperature in both daylight (5600K) and tungsten (3200K).


For a professional and modern atmosphere, reduce your light’s colour temperature to be lower than your light source. Lower Kelvin temperatures are used in many comedies, including ‘Mean Girls’, ‘School of Rock’ to give them cosy and comfortable results.

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For a cosy scene, you do the opposite by increasing the colour temperature above the colour of the light sources. For instance, horror, sci-fi, and thriller films frequently use higher Kelvin temperatures to frighten and unsettle viewers.

Godox KNOWLED F Series Bi-Colour LED Mat

Harness the Power of Dimming 

Next, you should consider adjusting the dimming curve when using the F Series Flexible LED Mat Panels to make a film or video. The F series is built-in with four dimming curves: Linear, S-Curve, Exponential Curve, and Logarithmic Curve. It allows for natural lighting changes, subtle transitions, precise control over lighting balance, emotional enhancement, and creative flexibility. By incorporating this feature into your lighting techniques, you can elevate the quality of your productions. And it also brings your creative vision to life with greater authenticity and impact.

You can switch the F LED Mat Panels to a “linear dimming curve” for scenes that don’t require complex lighting changes or emotional shifts. Because of its ability to maintain stable and even illumination. In terms of achieving subtle and natural-looking lighting, adjusting the F LED Light Mat at the “S-Curve dimming curve” is particularly important when simulating changes in natural light over time. It useful uses the "exponential dimming curve" for movie scenes that require quick and noticeable shifts in lighting mood. For instance, when a character flips during moments of dramatic impact, this dimming can add a sense of immediacy and emphasis. While the “logarithmic dimming curve” is ideal for maintaining a natural look while allowing for controlled variations in light output. It’s often used in scenes where soft lighting changes are necessary without drawing attention to the light source.

Godox KNOWLED F - Dimming Curve

Creative with Light Diffusion - Godox KNOWLED F LED Mat Panels

Using light diffusion with the F Flexible LED Mat can significantly enhance your filmmaking and video production. It allows you to control and manipulate the quality, colour, and intensity of the light emitted. Understanding that Godox released the KNOWLED F LED Mat that comes with a softbox and a grid inside the box. This is essential for achieving flattering and natural-looking lighting on subjects’ faces, making narrative scenes visually appealing. By diffusing the light, you can minimise unflattering shadows, making it ideal for the senses, where you want to emphasise the softness and subtlety of the lighting.

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In all scenarios, remember to test and experiment with different lighting setups to achieve the desired results. Godox KNOWLED F LED Light Mat Panels offer immense creative potential, so don’t hesitate to explore their capabilities fully. With these tips in hand, you’re well-equipped to master the art of lighting across various scenes. 

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