On-Camera LED Light Comparison: Godox C5R vs Aputure MC

LED panel lights / On-camera mini LED lights have become a common option for creators in all different industries. LED panels are known for their practical and versatile design, and there has been a surge in market demand. However, not all these lights are designed equal. Over the years, Aputure and Godox have consistently provided quality lighting solutions for filmmakers and video productions. Looking at the most versatile and smallest LED panel lights, we're covering the Godox C5R and Aputure MC lights. 

In this post, we’ll dive in depth to see what the similarities and differences are between these lighting tools.

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C5R Light By PixaPro
Aputure MC Light


Compact and Portable 

First, Godox C5R and Aputure MC are commonly introduced at the same power of 5W. They both also have a similar CRI of 96 and TLCI of 97, guaranteeing an accurate representation of colour. They are both lightweight and compact, making them easily portable for on-the-go shooting, and their smartphone size means they take up very little space in your gear bag. This is especially useful when you’re already lugging around cameras, lenses, and other essential equipment.

The Godox C5R weighs 160g, compared to the 130g of the Aputure MC, with both allowing you to move freely and set up your lighting quickly, particularly in fast-paced shooting environments. For videographers or run-and-gun filmmakers, having a portable lighting solution like the Godox C5R or Aputure MC on-camera LED light can be a lifesaver. 

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Godox C5R Light By PixaPro

RGBWW LED light 

As the name implies, both lights are RGBWW LED panels, giving you the widest range of colour temperatures and the capacity to design unique lighting effects. The advent of RGBWW (red, green, blue, warm white, and cool white) LED fixtures has revolutionised the way we can control and manipulate lighting in various creative applications. Even more, these on-camera LED lights include a vast range of hues, saturations, and brightness levels; adding dramatic and dynamic lighting effects is a great way to enhance your photos.

Godox RGBWW By PixaPro

HSI/CCT/FX Lighting Modes 

One of the standout features of both lights is that they provide HSI, CCT, and FX lighting modes for photographers, filmmakers, and lighting experts. These modes on the Godox C5R and Aputure MC LED panel lights offer the flexibility and accuracy required for great visual projects, whether it’s creating a particular mood, matching ambient light, or adding dynamic effects. For example, you can create a warm, cosy atmosphere for indoor shoots or replicate the natural lighting for outdoor shoots.

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Control Method

As mentioned above, both on-camera LED lights include their own app controls. Like almost all Aputure lights, the MC has a built-in Sidus Link Control app, while the C5R can be controlled by the Godox light app. These apps maximise the effectiveness of the operation in modes like RGBWW, HSI, and CCI by enabling simultaneous communication between each light and the mobile app. Moreover, the Godox C5R LED panel comes with wireless control options and a range of accessories for light shaping, enhancing its flexibility and usability. This makes it convenient even for huge productions. 

Godox C5R On-Camera LED Light Panel By PixaPro


Battery & Battery Life 

The Godox C5R is equipped with a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh. This is a significant advantage, as it eliminates the need for external power sources. You can recharge the battery via a USB-C cable, which is a convenient and widely compatible charging method. The Aputure MC LED panel, in contrast, comes with a built-in lithium battery with a slightly smaller battery capacity of 2,600 mAh. The MC’s battery can also be charged using a USB-C port, making it easy to recharge on the go and can run for approximately 3.5 hours at full power. If you need a longer runtime, you can reduce the light’s intensity, allowing you to use these lights for a longer period. 

Godox C5R On-camera LED Light By PixaPro

Colour Temperature Range 

The Godox C5R is designed to provide a broad spectrum of colour temperature options. It can produce a warm white light with a colour temperature as low as 2500K and can go as high as 8500K, covering a wide range from warm to cool lighting. This versatility allows you to adapt the C5R to various shooting conditions and match ambient lighting seamlessly. While the Aputure MC has a slightly narrower range, it may not go as extreme on the warm and cool ends as the Godox C5R and offers a colour temperature range from 3200K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white). In comparison, the Godox C5R on-camera LED light stands out for its extensive range, making it an excellent choice when you require the utmost versatility in colour temperature control. 


In terms of brightness, the Godox C5R is capable of providing up to 2000 lux at a distance of 0.3 metres when set to its maximum brightness. While the Aputure MC may not reach the same peak brightness as the Godox C5R, it offers 1100 lux at a distance of 0.3 metres. Therefore, the C5R is a perfect choice because it offers a higher peak brightness level for those who require powerful and versatile lighting.

Godox C5R LED light By PixaPro

Working temperature 

The Godox C5R is designed to perform reliably in a wide range of working temperatures. It can operate from a low of -10°C (14°F) to a high of 45°C (113°F), allowing users to work comfortably in diverse settings, from cold outdoor shoots to hot studio environments. For example, if you’re on a documentary shoot capturing the breathtaking beauty of frozen landscapes, the Godox C5R’s ability to function in sub-zero temperatures becomes invaluable. The C5R will keep smaller subjects illuminated even in the harshest cold, ensuring your shots are well-lit and vibrant.

On the other hand, the Aputure MC LED panel, while not as temperature-tolerant as the C5R, has a slightly more limited working temperature range. It can handle temperatures ranging from 0°C to 45°C. For example, in situations like shooting interviews in controlled indoor environments or taking product photographs in the studio, the MC’s range will work flawlessly. To conclude, if you frequently work in extreme temperatures, whether very cold or very hot, the Godox C5’s broader temperature range provides an advantage. In contrast, the Aputure MC is an excellent choice for those who primarily work in milder climates or controlled indoor settings. 

Key Takeaway

Both on-camera LED lights offer exceptional quality and versatility, enhancing your creative capabilities and ensuring your lighting needs are met in various shooting environments. The choice between the Godox C5R and the Aputure MC depends on your specific needs and the conditions in which you typically work. If you require a longer battery life, a wider colour temperature range, or greater brightness, the Godox C5R may be the better choice. While the Aputure MC could be the ideal lighting for milder projects.

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Brand Godox Aputure
Model C5R MC
Price £96.00 £87.60
Lithium Battery 3.8V/3000mAh
3.7V 2600mAh
Power 5W 5W
USB Charging Input 5V 2A 5V/2A
Wireless Charging Input 5V 1A N/A
Colour Temperature Range 2500K~8500K 3200-6500K
CRI ≈96 96+
TLCI ≈97 97+
2000lux/180fc (0.98 feet/0.3m)
1100 lux/0.3m
760lux/70fc (1.64 feet/0.5m) 400 lux/0.5m
200lux/18fc (3.28 feet/1m) 100 lux/1m
Brightness Range 0%-100%
Wireless Charging Time Approx. 3.5 Hours
Approx. 3.5 Hours
USB Charging times Approx. 2.5 Hours
Approx. 2 Hours
Battery Life (Full Power) 2 hours 2 hours
Control Method Bluetooth Godox Light App N/A
Working Temperature -10℃~40℃ 0℃ to 45℃
Dimensions 106 x 68 x 18mm
Net. Weight 169g N/A
Box Weight 0.35kg N/A


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