Advanced Video Lighting Equipment with NEW G-Mount Light Modifiers

Godox's new MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi COB LEDs took a revolutionary step forward with the new G-mount system, which provides tailored light modification designed specifically for the MG Lights, with electrical contacts which allow the light to communicate with the modifier. Read to find out more. 

Let's take a closer look at the comprehensive list of new Godox light modifiers designed specifically for the MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi G-mount LED lights.

The Brand New G-Mount

The MG1200Bi, due to its's size, has a unique G-Mount fitting designed specifically by Godox, which is designed for durability and a better connection than Bowens fitting for example. This means that the MG1200Bi is only compatible with the specially designed G-Mount modifiers. 

With a new mount comes new technology. This new design has allowed for Godox to create an intuitive electrical connection system on the MG1200Bi and it's modifiers, allowing the light to not only recognise when a modifier is connected (meaning the light will turn off when a modifier is disconnected), but also to recognise WHICH modifier is attached. This means that the light will then adjust itself to correct any lighting inconsistencies found with the modifier. 

This kind of modifier system is a game-changer for the film and television industries, where efficient working and smart lighting equipment can make a huge difference on set. 

The G-Mount will also be present on the upcoming 2400w MG2400Bi.

1. Godox GR Reflector Series Light Modifiers

The reflector for the KNOWLED MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi installs with only a simple twist and lowers spill light while adjusting the angle of the beam spread. All reflectors have the same silver interior to bounce and amplify light. This feature is excellent for enhancing contrast and creating dramatic lighting.

Godox KNOWLED GR15 Reflector By PixaPro
Godox KNOWLED GR30 Reflector- PixaPro
Godox KNOWLED GR45 By PixaPro
Godox GR60 Reflector By PixaPro
GR15 Reflector
GR30 Reflector
GR45 Reflector
GR60 Reflector


Choose Your Desired Reflector

Key differences: Each reflector comes with a different degree, which serves different purposes.

    • GR15 Reflector: it produces a focused and narrow beam of light. It’s commonly used when you need highly directional and precise lighting. If you want to create a spotlight effect or highlight specific subjects, this is the perfect choice.
    • GR30 Reflector: while offering a bit more spread compared to a GR15, the GR30 reflector can provide good subject isolation. So, it is often used in portrait, architectural lighting, and stage lighting.
    • GR45 Reflector: if you want a mix of focused lighting and a bit of spill, the GR45 is a balanced choice. It’s suitable for general photography, illuminating larger areas, and providing some directionality without being too narrow or too wide.
    • GR60 Reflector: this lighting modifer produces a wide and evenly spread beam of light, which is excellent for events, architectural lighting, and situations where you want a uniform wash of light over a larger surface.

What makes the Godox GR reflector modifiers stand out?

When compatible with the MG1200Bi, the Godox GR reflector delivers significantly higher lux than the BM series from Aputure. At a 3-meter distance, for instance, the MG1200Bi outshines the LS1200D Pro by delivering almost twice the illumination. Meanwhile, it is a significant advantage when you need to light up a larger area or require higher intensity. In fact, while both the Godox MG1200Bi and Aputure LS1200D share the same CCT and power output, the MG1200Bi still stands out in terms of light distribution when combined with reflectors. The GR reflector series is definitely a formidable choice for professionals seeking superior lighting performance.

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LS1200D Pro CCT Dis. BM1215 15º Hyper Reflector BM1230 30º Hyper Reflector BM1245 45º Hyper Reflector
5600K 3m 83,100 lux / 7,788 fc 22,400 lux /2099 fc 13,010 lux / 1364 fc
5m 28,340 lux / 2,656 fc 8,200 lux / 769 fc 4,800 lux / 635 fc
7m 15,200 lux / 1,425 fc 4,660 lux / 437 fc 2,706 lux / 264 fc
9m 8,580 lux / 804 fc 2,880 lux / 270 fc 1,775 lux / 152 fc
MG1200Bi CCT Dis. GR15 15º Reflector GR30 30º Reflector GR45 45º Reflector
5600K 3m 149,000 lux / 13900 fc 64,700 lux / 6010 fc 29,100 lux / 2700 fc
5m 49,900 lux / 4630 fc 22,600 lux / 2100 fc 10,500 lux / 975 fc
7m 24,400 lux / 2260 fc 11,200 lux / 1040 fc 5,530 lux / 514 fc
9m 14,600 lux / 1350 fc 5,610 lux / 521 fc 2,910 lux / 270 fc

2. Light Modifiers - Softboxes

These softboxes utilise the new G-mount, offering a more robust and durable mount than the Bowens S-Type mount. Its electronic contacts allow the light to identify the connected modifier and adjust for any minor colour variations introduced by the modifier. It ensures consistent and reliable lighting quality.

KNOWLED GP3 90cm G-Mount Parabolic Softbox For MG1200Bi
KNOWLED GP4 120cm G-Mount Parabolic Softbox For MG1200Bi
KNOWLED GP5 150cm G-Mount Parabolic Softbox For MG1200Bi
KNOWLED GS33 90x90cm (3x3ft) G-Mount Softbox For MG1200Bi
KNOWLED GS44 120x120cm (4x4ft) G-Mount Softbox For MG1200Bi
GP3 90cm Softbox
GP4 120cm Softbox
GP5 150cm Softbox
GS33 90x90cm
GS44 120x120cm

Step 1: Choose your shape and your light spread

  • Parabolic Softbox: It has a deep and round shape, creating a more focused and directional light source. Therefore, the light spreads out in a concentrated manner ideally for creating dramatic, sculpted lighting with well-defined shadows.
  • Square Softbox: Square softboxes produce more even and diffused light compared to parabolic softboxes. The light emitted from square softboxes is spread more evenly across the subject, resulting in softer and less pronounced shadows. It is ideal for portrait and product photography where a more natural look is desired. If you need to work on on-location shoots, square softboxes are typically more compact and easier to set up.
  • Octa Softbox: It has an eight-sided shape, which combines elements of both round and square softboxes. It produces a softer, more diffuse light than parabolic softboxes but offers more control and direction compared to square softboxes. Because of its ability to balance directionality and softness, it is often used as a round catchlight in the eyes of subjects. 

Step 2: Determine Your Size

  • 90cm Softbox: It offers the tightest control over light distribution, making it ideal for those who prefer strong, contrasting lighting. 
  • 120cm Softbox: A 120cm parabolic softbox is slightly larger, which offers a wider, yet still directional, beam of light compared to the 90cm version. This means you’ll get a softer edge to your shadows while maintaining controller illumination. It’s well-suited for creating flattering light with a moderate degree of contrast, making it ideal for headshots or individual portraits.
  • 150cm Softbox: A 150cm Parabolic Softbox is largest option. It’s excellent for photographing larger subjects or for achieving soft, wrap-around lighting in fashion and commercial photography. 

The choice between these softboxes depends on your specific needs. Whether smaller softboxes are generally more portable and easier to set up, the larger softboxes may be better for utilising in studio settings. However, both softboxes are valuable tools for photographers and videographers 

3. Lantern Diffusers  

GL3 90cm G-Mount Omnidirectional Lantern Diffuser

GL3 90cm Lantern Diffuser

GL4 120cm G-Mount Omnidirectional Lantern Diffuser

GL4 120cm Lantern Diffuser

Opposite softboxes, which grant you precise command over the light’s direction, the lantern diffusers emit a gentle, all-encompassing light that radiates in every direction. If you aim to illuminate your subject from all perspectives, this is the perfect lighting modifier. Lantern diffusers are especially easy to set up and collapse when you need to travel. 

Due to its smaller size, the 90cm Lantern Diffuser may be suitable for smaller spaces which can create more ambience in a room. On the other hand, the 120cm will illuminate larger environments with more ease. 

4. Godox Lighting Modifiers - Fresnel Lens

One common use of Fresnel Lenses is to create a spotlight effect and increase the intensity of the light beam. By adjusting the position of the lens, you can easily focus the light precisely where you need it. Generally, fresnel lenses can make your LED light more efficient by concentrating the light output in a specific direction and maximising the throw of the light while still limiting power. 

GF14 G-Mount Fresnel Focusing Lens

Why do Godox Fresnel Lenses Stand Out?

As you know, the MG1200Bi and Evoke1200B come with the same bi-colour temperature and 1200W power output. However, utilising Fresnel Lenses allows the MG1200Bi to outperform the Evoke, providing higher lux and foot-candle (fc). It ensures you have the brightness and control needed for your creative lighting setups. Meanwhile, if you prioritise greater brightness and extended reach, the combination of MG1200Bi and fresnel lenses emerges as the top choice for your professional lighting needs. 

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Model Evoke 1200B
CCT 3200K 5600K
Dis. 3M 5M 7M 3M 5M 7M
Fresnel Lens 11 43480 lux / 4039 fc 15610 lux / 1450 fc 8056 lux / 748 fc 49940 lux / 4639 fc 17810 lux / 1655 fc 9211 lux / 856 fc
Fresnel Lens 45 11320 lux / 1052 fc 4603 lux / 428 fc 2693 lux / 250 fc 13010 lux / 1209 fc 5286 lux / 491 fc 3076 lux / 285 fc
Model MG1200Bi
CCT 3200K 5600K
Dis. 3M 5M 7M 3M 5M 7M
Fresnel Lens (11 - 15) 71400 lux / 6630 fc 24900 lux / 2310 fc 12700 lux / 1180 fc 86100 lux / 7990 fc 30100 lux / 2790 fc 15300 lux / 1420 fc
Fresnel Lens (45) 17200 lux / 1600 fc 6650 lux / 618 fc 3850 lux / 357 fc 20600 lux / 1910 fc 7910 lux / 735 fc 4510 lux / 418 fc

5. Spotlight and Gobo Light Accessories 

The Godox Projection Attachment GP is built with precisely engineered optics and a cooling system that communicates through G-Mount touch areas. This video light modifier is essential for creating dramatic lighting effects and emphasising certain subjects by controlling the direction and intensity of light. In photography and videography, spotlights and gobos are often used to highlight specific features of objects or create reflections. While many filmmakers use spotlights and gobos to sculpt the subject’s face or dramatic effects by emphasising certain facial features.

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Godox Projection Attachment GP


Why choose Godox Spotlight and Gobo instead of other brands?

Godox is a well-known brand in the lighting industry. It offers high-quality lighting equipment at a more affordable price point compared to some other brands. Moreover, adding their spotlights and gobos can be a convenient choice to ensure compatibility and ease of use within your existing setup. Godox also offers a wide range of durable and reliable products to adapt to specific needs and creative preferences.


In this blog, we’ve explored some of the key reasons why the new Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi light modifiers are standing out. EssentialPhoto is an Official partner of Godox in the United Kingdom. With quality products, competitive prices and reliable customer service, we ensure that you have everything you need to excel in your creative endeavours. 

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