Godox TP RGB Tubes in Action for Commercial & Film Lighting

Today, Lucas Corroto, a talented content creator, brings to you a close examination of the Godox KNOWLED TP4R portable tube light through three riveting scenes in his film. Let's see how the TP series becomes a game-changer and raises the bar for content creation 

Lucas Corroto is a photography and video editor in Sydney. Over the years, he's experimented with various lighting setups and equipment, but he was seeking innovative solutions that could truly help him master the art of commercial and film projects. After two months of testing, the Godox KNOWLED TP series turned out to be his answer, with a wide range of opportunities. 


What equipment did Lucas choose for this shoot? 

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How did the Godox TP4R tube light support his creativity? 

The Godox KNOWLED TP4R is an RGBWW pixel tube that has revolutionised my approach to photography and filmmaking. One of the best things about the TP4R that truly supports my creativity is its remarkable portability. Its lightweight and compact design allows me to transport them effortlessly wherever studio or on-location shoots are. I found the user interface to be very user-friendly and comfortable for my workflow. It is a significant advantage, particularly when time is of the essence. The TP4R pixel light allowed me to confidently perform in difficult conditions because of its waterproof ability.

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However, what stands out for me is the shockproof ability of up to 1m. When shooting in dynamic and unpredictable conditions, I believe that my tube light can endure the occasional bump or jostle without affecting performance. Before the TP4R tube light, it might not have been as easy when working with other tube lights because I had to be really careful about it during video and film shooting. Integrating into the Godox app allows me to quickly fine-tune the temperature, which can match my desired scene. What I appreciate is its ability to not only perform excellently but also offer multiple controls at the same time. 

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How did he set up Godox TP4R tube light for film and commercial shoot? 

Scene 1: Night to Day 

It is incredibly difficult to create the illusion of daylight when shooting at night. To achieve this, I used an M600 bi-colour LED light, bouncing it off a 4x4 ultra-bounce through carefully placed sheers. The sheers provide a touch of magical cinematography to the scene, hiding any light fittings. In the kitchen, I placed the TP4R pixel light to provide the necessary additional illumination to simulate natural sunlight streaming through a window. The Godox TP4R tube light’s colour rendering ensured that skin tones looked natural and realistic in film production. It allowed me to perfectly match the atmosphere of my scenes. To enhance more gentle effects on the subject’s face, I added two additional TP4R portable lights set at 5500 Kelvin on the table chairs. 

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Godox KNOWLED TP4R film tube light By PixaPro - Behind the scene

Scene 2: Stormy Night 

For a scene set on a stormy night, I aimed to create candlelight. Therefore, I turned the Godox M600Bi light down to 0.1 and added leaves to simulate moonlight passing through trees I placed the TP4R on a chair with sheers, which helped me achieve soft and gentle light. At the same time, I was able to match the intended ambience by turning the TP4R LED light to 4300K. One of my tricks for creating a captivating contrast between candlelight and moonlight for the film is to set the TP4R tube light to 6500K while maintaining the camera's white balance at 5600K. Moreover, to add a mystical touch, I used a haze machine to fill the whole room.  

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Scene 3: Outdoor Product Shot 

For an outdoor product shot, I used the 4x4 bounce to block the sun’s backlight and create softer lighting on the product. I left two TP4R lights on a rock, while both lights were set at 5500K and 100% brightness.  

Godox KNOWLED Tube light TP By PixaPro

For those looking to take their craft to the next level, the Godox TP4R portable light is a perfect lighting investment. Whether you’re shooting commercials, film scenes, or outdoor product shots, it consistently supports your journey and empowers your storytelling. 

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