What is the Godox TP Series RGBWW LED Tube Light?

Godox has announced the KNOWLED line of RGBWW Tube LED lights - the TP pixel series. Its purpose is to support all cinematographers, photographers, and content producers because of its ability to produce excellent visual content. 

The Godox TP KNOWLED series of RGBWW tube lights, according to the manufacturer, will provide a "superior pixel density". It enables them to separate pixels and distribute various colours of light throughout the tube much more precisely than rivals. So, let’s dive into this blog to learn what the Knowled TP tube light is. Keep reading!

What is TP RGBWW LED light tube photography used for?

The Godox TP series Tube light is released in three different RGBWW light models: TP2R, TP4R, and TP8R. Because of its pixel density, these lights can produce a variety of colours and moods, bringing a scene to life. This feature will be much more obvious on the larger eight and four-foot models, but it is still a handy tool even at the shorter two-foot length. 


These tube lights are simple to use, transportable, and reasonably priced. It is a fantastic alternative for creativity options because it can be used anywhere and offers a variety of customisable. The film and photography industries employ light tubes because of their high adaptability and to be customised to specific project needs. It is especially good at creating diffused light and gentle illumination that reduce harsh shadows and create a more realistic-looking image. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, knowing the benefits of Godox TP light tubes and how to use them can improve your work. 

Godox LED Stick Light TP Series

Feature of The TP RGBWW LED Tube Light 

The TL pixel lights from Godox have a high pixel density, excellent colour quality, and various length options. It offers a range of exciting lighting possibilities for enhancing your work.  

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Physical design:

These pixel lights are made from high-quality aluminium, which not only makes them robust but also lightweight. It ensures that these lights are easy to handle, carry, and mount. It is especially useful for those who often work in dynamic environments, both indoors and outdoors. 


With these light tubes, accidents are less of a worry because of their shock-resistant designs of up to one metre. This feature gives photographers peace of mind, knowing that these lights can handle unexpected bumps and falls without compromising their functionality. 

The TP RGBWW LED Tube Light series is announced to have an IP65 weather rating, making it suitable for outdoor and adventure photographers in various conditions. 

Godox Light By PixaPro

Its menu system is easy to navigate, wherever the lamp is positioned, it is possible to view anything on the onboard screen by rotating it. It removes the need to turn your head when changing the parameters, even in awkward situations. This user-friendly design is perfect for those who want to focus on their creativity rather than struggle with complicated controls. 

Godox paid attention to every single detail of the TP LED tube light. For example, its mounting clamp not only secures the light body but also features rubber protection to prevent scratches. This thoughtful design ensures that these pixel lights remain in top condition and don’t damage the surface it’s attached to. Additionally, these LED stick lights, like other Godox tube lights, have a rechargeable lithium battery at 14.4 VDC, extending their usable time to 120 minutes, compared to 140 minutes for the TP8R. 


Godox TP By EssentialPhoto

Comparatively, the TP2R claims an input power of 26W, the TP4R at 47W, and the TP8R with an output power of 83W. You can manipulate more individual pixels, resulting in smoother pixel movement that more accurately resembles the movement of real light. Additionally, you may programme pixel characteristics in the chase, flow, and fade built-in pixel effects. 

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CCT Range:

Godox LED Stick

Godox has said that the new “stylish tool” may generate a plethora of vibrant colours and different moods, to capture anything you can imagine. Obviously, these LED pixel lights are designed with a CCT range from 2,000K to 10,000K in 100K increments and hue adjustment from 0 to 360 degrees. It allows you to seamlessly transition from warm, tungsten-like tones to cool, daylight-balanced lighting. This allows you to freely adjust to match the ambient lighting conditions on any set. If you’re shooting in a cosy environment, you are completely able to set the LED pixel light to a warm temperature.

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Stick Light TP By PixaPro

With a high TLCI and CRI ratings of 96, the Godox tube lights ensure that your subjects’ skin looks natural. For filmmakers, this feature can make scenes come alive. It ensures that every film captures the intended mood and atmosphere, whether you’re shooting a dramatic narrative or a documentary. 

Control Method:

For maximum versatility, the TP series offers numerous connectivity options, including wireless CRMX, Wired DMX and the upgraded Godox Light 3.0. It enables control and may be used in conjunction with other professional lights in the same control system thanks to the included wireless DMX module from LumenRadio. This can be especially beneficial in circumstances where it’s challenging to directly access the light. Additionally, the control options let you change the power, colour temperature, and brightness without an external controller. 

LED Light Stick By PixaPro

The TP RGBWW Pixel tubes are revolutionising the filmmaking world. You can also switch between 8-bit and 16-bit modes to control how many channels are in use. For example, when you need to manage more lights but only have a limited number of channels, 8-bit is the best option. It simplifies the control process, making it accessible for users who may not have extensive lighting expertise. In contrast, if you want more precise control over colour and brightness, 16-bit will come in handy. It's particularly valuable when working on projects that demand the utmost attention to detail and when the lighting plays a central role in conveying the desired mood and atmosphere. 

The ability to switch between these two modes empowers filmmakers to adapt to a wide range of shooting scenarios. Its versatility ensures that the Godox KNOWLED TP RGBWW Tube Light series is not only a tool but also a valuable asset for enthusiasts filmmakers.  

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Size & Weight:

LED Light - PixaPro

These series are made up of long, narrow housings in three different lengths: 60cm, 120 cm, and 240cm. Therefore, it’s essential to select the light size that meets your needs. If you usually shoot in confined locations, a smaller TP2R 60cm tube light may be preferable. The TP4R 120cm may create a variety of looks. While the TP8R 240cm is suitable for setting up imposing and dramatic rooms. By utilising three light sizes, you can design more imaginative settings, resulting in more appealing patterns. 

These lightweight LED sticks weigh 0.84 kg, 1.5 kg, and 2.94 kg, respectively. So, whether you’re shooting in a studio or on location, these LED pixel lights are easy to carry and set up. Additionally, it can be mounted on light stands, held by hand, or attached to various surfaces, offering photographers flexibility in positioning and angles.  


In summary, the Godox KNOWLED TP LED Stick Light series represents a significant advancement in lighting technology. It is a versatile powerful tool to enhance their creative work. 

Brand Godox
Model TP2R TP4R TP8R
Price £397.99 £568.99 £944.99
DC Inputs 20V = 1.6A 20V = 1.6A 20V = 1.6A
Max. Power 33W 64W (TBC)
Lithium Battery 14.4V 3000mAh 14.4V 6000mAh 14.4V 6000mAh
Power Supplies DC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery
Note: V-mount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above Sold separately).
DC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery
Note: V-mount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above Sold separately).
DC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery
Note: V-mount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above Sold separately).
Number of Pixels 16 32 32
Battery Life Approx 120m on fill-power Approx 120m on fill-power (TBC)
Charging Times Approx. 150m Approx. 180m (TBC)
Waterproof Grade IP65 IP65 IP65
Average TLCI >96 >96 >96
Average CRI >96 >96 >96
Colour Temperature Range 2,000-10,000K 2,000-10,000K 2,000-10,000K
Modes 5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode 5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode 5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode
FX Types 17 17 17
Controlling Methods DMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls DMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls DMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls
Bluetooth Control Distance Approx. 30m Approx. 30m Approx. 30m
Wireless Control Distance Approx. 150m Approx. 150m Approx. 150m
Working Environment Temperature -10°C - 40°C -10°C - 40°C -10°C - 40°C
Dimensions 47x47x600mm 47x47x1200mm (TBC)
Net. Weight 0.84kg 1.5kg (TBC)


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