Godox TP series RGB Tube vs Nanlite PavoTube X - What’s the difference?

The new Godox KNOWLED TP series LED pixel light and the Nanlite PavoTube X series tube light can be difficult to distinguish from one another at first glance. Both LED tube lights are made with high-quality design, features, and capabilities for professional and enthusiast video producers and photographers alike. But there are many significant differences between them. Which we clearly explain below.

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1: Brightness 

One of the biggest differences is that the Godox TP pixel lights tend to be brighter than Nanlite lights, which can be an advantage when shooting in challenging conditions or large studio setups. You can control the dimming from 0% to 100% in both Godox TP and Nanlite PavoTube X, but the TP series provides more light when you need it: 

CCT 1m 2m 3m
3200K 349 lux / 32.6 fc 96.5 lux / 9 fc 46.9 lux / 4.4 fc
5600K 393 lux / 36.5 fc 109 lux / 10.1 fc 52.7 lux / 4.9 fc
6500K 403 lux / 37.4 fc 111 lux / 10.3 fc 53.8 lux / 5 fc
10000K 389 lux / 36.1 fc 107 lux / 10 fc 52 lux / 4.8 fc
3200K 350 lux / 32.5 fc 87 lux / 8.1 fc 39 lux / 3.6 fc
5600K 377 lux / 35 fc 94 lux / 8.7 fc 42 lux / 3.9 fc
6500K 386 lux / 35.8 fc 97 lux / 9 fc 43 lux / 4 fc
10000K 359 lux / 33.3 fc 90 lux / 8.3 fc 40 lux / 3.7 fc

At the same length, the TP2R lux and foot-candle values are generally higher compared to 15X at the same colour temperature. For example, at 10000K, the TP2R measures 389 lux, whereas 15X measures 359 lux. 

2: CRI and TLCI 

Both lights have a very good CRI and TLCI score, which means they will accurately render colours in various applications and are also perfect for broadcast and film work where accurate colour reproduction is essential. However, the Godox TP series pixel light has a slightly lower CRI and TLCI of 96, while the PavoTube X series has CRI and TLCI of 97 and 98. In reality, the TP series is suitable for most applications, whereas the PavoTube X series LED pixel light  is perfect for productions where accuracy is critical. However, in reality, two stick lights provide colourful lighting effects and high-quality white light because of their RGBWW feature.

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3: Colour Temperature 

The Nanlite offers colour temperatures from 2700K to 12000K, while the Godox provides a much broader spectrum from warm, tungsten light to cool, and daylight-balanced light from 2000K to 10000K. The Godox TP pixel light is a valuable choice for filmmakers and professional video producers. For example, at 2000K, the Godox TP series emits a gentle white illumination that appears yellow, ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor areas to add a traditional warm and relaxing feel. Colour Temperature Kevin between Godox TP and Nanlite PavoTube XTips: Common light sources along with the colour temperatures:

  • Golden hour: 3000K 
  • Indoor tungsten: 3200K 
  • Daylight: 5600K 
  • Overcast: 6500K
  • Heavily overcast: 9000K 
  • Skylight: 10000K 

5: WaterProof Rating

Another difference between the two lights is their waterproof IP rating. The Godox TP has an IP rating of 65, while the Nanlite PavoTube X series has a higher TP rating of 68. This rating shows that the Nanlite PavoTube X has a higher level of water protection, making it suitable for underwater applications. However, the Godox TP pixel lights with an IP65 rating are generally more cost-effective than the Nanlite tube lights. This makes them a more practical choice for individuals and businesses on a budget. Without adding more cost, it allows you to utilise various indoor and outdoor photography and videography because it provides ample protection against dust and can withstand the occasional exposure to water. In fact, in the photography industry, where IP68 isn’t popular, a Godox IP65 tube light is still a versatile and cost-effective choice. 

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6: Pixel Effects 

As pixel lights, both lights offer a range of effects that flash and fade through multiple colours and intensities. However, the Godox TP LED tube light comes with 16 pixels, while the Nanlite has only 8. In this case, the Godox RGB light provides more opportunities for creative lighting effects such as pixel mapping, gradient colours, and dynamic patterns. It’s perfect for applications with more dynamic and complex lighting required, such as filmmaking, stage lighting, and special events. Additionally, with more pixels offered, the TP stick light creates smoother colour transitions for professional and polished lighting effects. In contrast, the Nanlite is suitable for scenarios where a simpler and less intricate lighting display is required.

Godox TP series and Nanlite PavoTube X - What’s difference?

7: Extra Features

When compared to the Nanlite PavoTube X series , one of Godox's more sophisticated features is its integrated shockproof capability for unwanted accidents, even in rugged and harsh environments. From there, the Godox TP pixel lights are less prone to damage from external forces, ensuring that they continue to operate effectively over time and have long-term reliability. Moreover, the Godox TP tube light also has mapping capabilities, primarily for creative lighting effects in photography and videography. It allows you to control individual LED pixels along the tube to create dynamic, customised lighting displays and intricate lighting effects. 

Godox KNOWLED TP mapping and Nanlite PavoTube X

These Godox pixel lights are both professional lighting options for those who want to upgrade their creative work. With different features, these complementary lighting tools are useful for different kinds of tasks. At EssentialPhoto, the TP series stick light comes at a much more affordable price, with the TP2R at £397.99, the TP4R at £568.99, and the TP8R at £944.99. 

You can learn more about the new TP series pixel lights by checking out our What is the Godox TP Series RGBWW LED Tube Light? post and How Can The Godox TP Light Tubes Be Used in Photos and Videos? article. 

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Brand Godox Nanlite
Model TP2R TP4R TP8R X15 X30 X60
Price £397.99 £568.99 £944.99 £353.00 £525.00 NA
DC Inputs 20V = 1.6A 20V = 1.6A 20V = 1.6A DC 15V/2A Max 15 VDC DC15V/6.5A
Max. Power 33W 64W NA 18W 36 W 48W
Lithium Battery 14.4V 3000mAh 14.4V 6000mAh 14.4V 6000mAh 2200mAh NA NA
Power Supplies DC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery
Note: Vmount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above Sold separately).
DC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery
Note: Vmount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above Sold separately).
DC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery
Note: Vmount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above Sold separately).
Li-Ion 14.8V

Radio/RF *Remote Not Included

Number of Pixels 16 32 32 10 10 10
Battery Life Approx 120m on fill-power Approx 120m on fill-power (TBC) 1h 26mins on full-power 96 mins on full-power
1h 57 mins on full-time
Charging Times Approx. 150m Approx. 180m (TBC) About 3 hours NA
About 5 hours 30 mins
Waterproof Grade IP65 IP65 IP65 IP68 IP68 IP68
Average TLCI >96 >96 >96 97 97 97
Average CRI >96 >96 >96 98 98 98
Colour Temperature Range 2,000-10,000K 2,000-10,000K 2,000-10,000K 2700K-12000K 2700K-12000K 2700K-12000K
Modes 5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode 5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode 5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode NA NA NA
FX Types 17 17 17 15 15 17
Controlling Methods DMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls DMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls DMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls On-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM On-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM
On-board, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM
Bluetooth Control Distance Approx. 30m Approx. 30m Approx. 30m NA NA NA
Wireless Control Distance Approx. 150m Approx. 150m Approx. 150m NA NA NA
Working Environment Temperature -10°C - 40°C -10°C - 40°C -10°C - 40°C NA NA NA
Dimensions 47x47x600mm 47x47x1200mm NA 60cm 1371.6 x 100.6 x 51.8 cm NA
Net. Weight 0.84kg 1.5kg NA 0.82kg 3.8 lb / 1.7 kg 2.9kg