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KNOWLED TP2R-K4 2' Pixel Tube Four-Light Kit



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The GODOX KNOWLED TP2R-K4 Four-Light Pixel Wireless RGB Tube Light Kit consists of four special types of cinematic light tube, that enables you to simulate realistic cinematic lighting effects using either a single tube or an array of lights used together like a large light panel. Unlike other RGBWW light tubes, the TP2R features controllable pixels that can be programmed and mapped using special software such as the Mad Mapper app, to project a video to illuminate your subject for the ultimate realism in your lighting. This makes it perfect for cinematographers and filmmakers, who want to simulate a certain type of lighting. The KNOWLED TP2R Pixel RGB Tube Light is also great for use as practical lighting to make the job of video compositors and VFX artists a little easier, enabling them to create realistic-looking effects that won’t ruin your audience’s viewing experience. With a variable colour temperature of between 2000K and 10,000K, as well as 360 selectable hues, the possibilities are virtually endless. With a plethora of professional control options including DMXWireless CRMX, and LumenRadio, the KNOWLED TP series pixel tubes can be easily integrated into any professional pipeline with the greatest of ease. 

GODOX KNOWLED TP2R -K4 RGBWW Pixel Tube Light being used to create a film set

High Pixel Density - TP2R 2' Pixel Wireless RGB Tube Light

KNOWLED TP Pixel RGB Wireless RGB Tube Light series features a high pixel density making it easy to replicate true-to-life lighting scenarios. The ability to control more separate pixels, grants smoother per-pixel motion that simulates actual lights for a more realistic and immersive feel to your moving projects.

GODOX KNOWLED TP2R -K4 RGBWW Pixel Tube Light being used to simulate streetlights on the road

IP65 Water-Resistance - Godox Knowled TP2R Tube Light

The KNOWLED TP2R Pixel Tube is IP65 certified. This means that it is weather resistant, enabling it to be comfortably used in weather conditions such as rain or fog, etc.

1m Shockproof - TP2R 2' Pixel Wireless RGB Tube Light

The KNOWLED TP-Series Pixel Tubes are shockproof from up to 1m. This means that they can withstand the impact of a drop of up to 1m in height. this makes it perfect for a busy professional video production studio.

Available in Different Lengths - Godox Knowled TP2R Tube Light

The KNOWLED TP Pixel RGB Wireless RGB Tube Light series is available in three different sizes: 2’, 4’ and 8’. The 2’ TP2R model can be discreetly hidden in parts of your set easily. The 4’ TP4R model, enables you to create a variety of looks, and the 8’ TP8R model makes setting up impressive and dramatic spaces with the greatest of ease. The possibilities are endless.

Multiple Connecting Methods - TP2R 2' Pixel Wireless RGB Tube Light

The KNOWLED Pixel RGB Tube Light Series can be connected to and controlled in a multitude of different ways. These include wireless CRMX, Wired DMX, and the updated Godox Light App version 3.0+. It also features a built-in wireless DMX model by LumenRadio, which makes controlling these lights more convenient, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into any pre-existing professional lighting pipeline that uses the same control system.

GODOX KNOWLED TP2R -K4 RGBWW Pixel Tube Light being controlled by a DMX control console

Mapping for Lifelike Practical Lighting

The Mapping capabilities of the KNOWLED PiXEL TP2R RGB Wireless RGB Tube Light make the process of simulating lighting from real-life scenarios a breeze. You can use special mapping software (such as the MadMapper App)  to project a video onto a Pixel light array enabling you to achieve realising lighting onto your talent. It will also make life easier for digital compositors and VFX artists during postproduction, as you will have realistic practical lighting making their job a whole lot easier.

GODOX KNOWLED TP2R -K4 RGBWW Pixel Tube Light Mapping Feature

17 Built-In Light FX - TP2R 2' Pixel Wireless RGB Tube Light

The TP-Series Pixel tubes feature 17 built-in lighting effects presents, which enable you to easily replicate several types of lighting scenarios, such as Police car lights, Fire, Candlelight, Lightning, TV, Fire, plus many more. Three of these effects are Pixel Effects, which enables more dynamic lighting scenarios, including RGB Chase, flow and fade. The combination of standard Lighting FX, and the Pixel effects will enable you to bring your vision to life.

8-bit and 16-bit modes - Godox Knowled TP2R Tube Light

The Knowled PIXEL RGB Wireless RGB Tube Light series enables you to switch between 8-bit and 16-bit modes. If you have a limited number of channels, an 8-bit mode is usually fine, however, its 16-bit mode is perfect for people who prefer to get more precise control of the colour and brightness.

Colour Range - TP2R 2' Pixel Wireless RGB Tube Light

Featuring a CCT Colour Temperature range of between 2,000K to 10,000K, adjustable in 100K increments, as well as hue adjustment between 0° to 360°, the Knowled Pixel series gives you access to millions of colours. You are only limited by your imagination.

Convenient Screen Flipping - Godox Knowled TP2R Tube Light

The settings on the onboard LCD display on the KNOWLED PIXEL TUBE TP2R Wireless RGB Tube Light can be flipped 180 degrees with the touch of a button. This eliminates the need to turn your head or read upside down if you have accidentally positioned your light tube in the wrong orientation. 

One Light, Different Effects - TP2R 2' Pixel Wireless RGB Tube Light

The One Knowles Pixel RGB Wireless RGB Tube Light can perform multiple tasks and effects when paired with the plethora of available accessories designed for it (available separately).

What's In The Box?

GODOX KNOWLED TP2R Pixel Tube K4 Kit box Content



Distributed By EssentialPhoto

We are proud to now stock Godox branded lights as distributed by EssentialPhoto, this means that you will get Godox but with everything that you loved with the service of EssentialPhoto, including a 2-year warranty and UK customer support.

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  • Ideal for professional Broadcast Studio, Film & TV Production
  • High Pixel Density
  • 2,000K - 10,000K Colour Temperature Range
  • 360 Selectable Hues
  • Images Mapping feature for Lifelike practical lighting
  • Supports Professional Control Protocols including DMX, CRMX, LumenRadio, etc.
  • Can be used in an array to great large lighting panels

What’s In the Box

  • 4x TP-2R Pixel Tubes
  • 2x Power Adapters
  • 2x Power Cables
  • 8x Steel Ropes
  • 4x Clamps
  • 8x Bolts
  • 1x CB76 Carry Case


DC Inputs20V = 1.6A
Max. Power33W
Lithium Battery14.4V 3000mAh
Power SuppliesDC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery
Note: Vmount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above Sold separately).
Number of Pixels16
Battery LifeApprox 120m on fill-power
Charging TimesApprox. 150m
Waterproof GradeIP65
Average TLCI>96
Average CRI>96
Colour Temperature Range2,000-10,000K
Modes5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode
FX Types17
Controlling MethodsDMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls
Bluetooth Control DistanceApprox. 30m
Wireless Control DistanceApprox. 150m
Working Environment Temperature-10°C - 40°C
Net. Weight0.84kg
Box Weight

Box Dimensions

Approximately    Height  40cm  Width  19cm Length   83cm


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