Creative Tips for Using Godox TP Light Tubes in Photos and Videos

The Godox TP series LED tube lights are designed to provide versatile, superior lighting options for a wide range of artistic uses. The professional pixel tubes offer a wide colour range, weather resistance, and built-in CRMX control. Not only is it a compact and portable lighting tool, but it also comes with a wide range of features that make it a great complement to any lighting setup. 

In this guide, we’ll explore how to use Godox TP series LED tube lights effectively to enhance your creative projects.

Getting to Know the Godox TP Pixel Tubes

The Godox Knowled TP comes in three different models: TP2R, TP4R and TP8R. The Godox TP2R/ TP4R are priced at £397.99 and £568.99, respectively, while the TP8R costs £944.99 at time of publishing. They offer good value for money because the tubes not only have multiple flat edges that prevent the tube from rolling on the table but also have amazing battery life, excellent colour rendering, and an incredible IP65 environment rating.

Although it demonstrates good performance with high scores in colour accuracy and different temperature ranges, it also proved to be brighter in certain colour ranges, particularly red and green. Additionally, these Godox pixel lights have green and magenta correction options, giving users control over colour temperature adjustments. 

These pixel lights offer app control, perfect for independent filmmakers and those on large scale sets alike. One of the advantages of these LED light sticks is that they can be powered by spare batteries, allowing for on the go shooting. With 765 Lux of output at 1m and a run time of 120 minutes at 100% power, this feature is the ideal professional tool in music videos and interview sets.

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How Can You Use the Godox TP Series LED Light Sticks?

Light tubes can be used in a variety of ways, including as practical lights, backlights, fill lights, key lights, or rim lights. We’re here to give you some details on how to use TP light tubes in your setting. 

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Portrait Photography 

To use the tubes as a rim light, they can be placed along the side of a subject's face, adding depth to an image. Adjust the colour temperature to ensure accurate skin tones in your portrait. In contrast, adding the TP series as a fill light reduces shadows and well-lit portrait while retaining the same brightness. In the Art Video Productions review, he tests these lights as both front lights and rim lights at interview sets to demonstrate the effects of both

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Godox KNOWLED TP tube light by PixaPro ( Frontlight Interview Setting)
 Source: Art Video Productions - Godox KNOWLED TP4R and TP2R 2 Tube lights

Product Photography 

A TP RGBWW light wand is an ideal choice for product photography to complement the product’s features from various angles. To match the colour and texture of the product, you are able to choose any colour temperature from 2000 to 10000K. If you want to enhance background, you can create a striking environment by positioning these lights behind the product.   


Cinematic Video

In cinematic video, utilising Godox TP LED light tubes can enable you to simulate various real-life scenarios. For example, the TP8R provides 17 lighting effects, adding particular effects modes to your video scenes. It is helpful to create dynamic and visually interesting lighting setups. Furthermore, you can use its mapping capabilities to create unique and eye-catching effects. This feature makes the process of simulating lighting in real-life scenarios a breeze. At the same time, you’re also able to save time during post-production. If you want to highlight specific elements, placing the RGBWW LED wand behind actors creates halo effects.

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Godox KNOWLED Pixel Light / LED Light Sticks TP series By PixaPro

Outdoor Shoots 

The TP series LED light stick is also the ideal lighting tool for outdoor shooting. During low-light conditions, you can use LED tube lights as primary light sources because they provide consistent lighting. Furthermore, you can use daylight-balanced lights for outdoor lighting and tungsten-balanced lighting for warm indoor lighting. In other ways, it can be used to create a more balanced by reducing harsh contrasts. If you want to create practical effects, you can use these wand lights to mimic the glow of streetlights or car headlights. 

Outdoor shooting using LED Light Sticks

In outdoor shoots, the TP series LED sticks have the benefit of their IP65 waterproof rating, meaning photographers and film crew can use them outdoors without worrying about bad weather such as rain. It also includes an anti-shock capacity of up to one metre for further safety and security.  If you need the tool to be easy to transport and set up on location, don't worry. These lights are incredibly lightweight and portable, with a weight of 0.84 kg and dimensions of 47 x 47 x 600 mm for the TP2R and 1.5kg and 47 x 47 x 1200 mm for the TP4R. 

Studio Photography 

In studio photography, using Godox TP pixel lights can add a distinct and eye-catching element to your shots. To move the light tube around, you can also put it on a light stand, C-stand, or wall. You can also create a variety of different lighting effects. It will help to create more interesting results by positioning the light tubes strategically. To create softer and more flattering light, you can also add different filters or modifiers.

PixaPro - Godox KNOWLED TP LED Tube Light

Key Takeaway 

The Godox TP series offer a wide range of features that make them a valuable addition to the lighting toolkit. Whether portrait photography, product photography, cinematic photography, outdoor photography or studio photography, these lights provide the flexibility and versatility to create the quality of photos and videos.  

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