EASIFRAME Custom Studio Cyclorama Construction

Now available at EssentialPhoto & Video, get in touch with our team to enquire about CUSTOM Easiframe Commercial background quotes for your large studio space!

Unlike a traditional studio cyclorama or infinity cove, EASIFRAME backgrounds have the benefit of being transportable, and easy to set up and down, giving you the option to use it on short notice or pack it down if you don't need it for a shoot. The fitted fabric skin background covers give you the option for a variety of background colours, such as white, black and chroma key green, plus a range of different colour and texture patterns! 

Due to their handy frame construction and design, these cyclorama systems are much more cost effective than a permanent studio cyclo, making them a great option on a tighter budget, and handy in rented spaces. 

Size and Shape Options

Custom studio EASIFRAME kits come in a range of different sizes and shapes to suit your needs, including corner fitting or curved corner options. The final size of the frame and skin will be custom made to fit your studio space to ensure a smooth and professional background surface. 

Please note, fabrics for particularly large studio backgrounds may have seams where multiple skins are joined together due to the scale. 

How to Enquire

1. Contact our team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk

Provide some information on your studio space and the background you're after, including dimensions, how many walls this would cover, and the colour you want. Include images if possible so our team can get an idea of space and size.

2. You may also request a site visit from our team to show them exactly what you'd like to achieve and discuss options for your studio space. Site visits can cost between £125-£175 and will depend on your studio location. Site visits are available within UK Mainland only.

3. A quote will then be provided for the custom cyclorama, and any further details or arrangements can be discussed before going ahead. 


Shop standard and studio (6m and 12m wide) EASIFRAME kits below if you're looking for a pre-prepared kit option! Or, contact our team now for your custom background quote. 

Shop now, pay later with Klarna at EssentialPhoto.