What Light Modifiers, Accessories & Spare Parts are available for the CITI400 PRO?

The PIXAPRO CITI400 PRO (Godox AD400 PRO) is a Portable TTL Monolight that features a Self-Contained Rechargeable Battery, and High-Speed Studio Powerful Stroboscopic Flash that gives access to TTL Auto-Exposure which quickly provides you with the perfect exposure. It is perfect for shooting on location, and is great for weddings, action, and portraiture photography.

But what modifiers and accessories are available for it? And if something goes wrong with my CITI400 Pro and it's out of warranty, what spare parts are available for it? 


A vast majority of the modifiers we offer such as softboxes, beauty dishes and snoots are available to purchase alongside the CITI400 itself. Due to the Bowens S-Mount on the unit, the CITI400 will work with Bowens Type attachments including PiXAPRO or GODOX modifiers without the need for an adapter ring.

Easy-Open Range

The PiXAPRO Easy-Open softbox range is fully compatible with the CITI400 Pro and is especially suitable for on-location shoots that the CITI400 is so perfect for due to the ease with which you can set one up or take one down. 

The Octagonal Softboxes are often popular, coming in different sizes such as 120cm and 150cm, with the silver interior helps boost the amount of light being reflected from the lighting unit. 


105cm 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox and 35x120cm Arc Strip Umbrella Softbox and 120cm Premium Octagonal Easy-Open Umbrella Softbox

Our Strip Softboxes also give a similar effect with the silver lining, and are perfect for lighting portrait and fashion. They come in a rectangular 30x90cm in size or the 35x120cm Arc-shaped version. Or alternatively, our Rice-Bowl softboxes are perfect for maximising and softening the light from the unit, and the 16-sided shape helps to imitate a circular umbrella.

Beauty Dishes

We also stock a wide range of compatible beauty dishes in both silver and white that help to diffuse light in order to cast a soft, gentle light on your subject.

Collapsible versions are also available in both white and silver.


100cm (39.3") Collapsible Portable White Beauty Dish S-Type and 100cm (39.3") Collapsible Portable Silver Beauty Dish S-Type


Snoots can also be used with the CITI400 Pro, with both a conical snoot option and an optical snoot with a fixed lens being compatible. These snoots both come with gels to add some colour and creativity to plain lighting.

There is also an affordable barndoor kit for the CITI400, which comes with a selection of gels.

To browse our full collection of CITI400 Pro modifiers, click here!


We also stock a large range of accessories for the CITI400, such as:


The CITI400 Pro is compatible with the PIXAPRO One System thanks to it's built-in 2.4GHz Radio Transceiver System, meaning it will work with all PiXAPRO and GODOX branded 2.4GHz triggers. Examples of these are the popular PRO ST-IV that features a backlit LCD display, or the PRO ST-III.


PRO ST-IV 2.4GHz Flash Transmitter and PRO ST-III T 2.4GHz Flash Transmitter Only

Adapter Rings

We also supply a selection of adapter rings that allow you to use modifiers with other brand's fittings with your CITI400, such as Bowens, Broncolor, Profoto and Elinchrom.


The CITI400 fits a range of PiXAPRO stands on different budgets. The 300cm Professional Heavy Duty C-Stand is a great sturdy option for the CITI400 Pro, as are it's sibling models, the 300cm C-Stand with Boom Arm set and 300cm C-Stand with Boom Arm set and Adjustable Legs.

Another safe, sturdy alternative is the Super Heavy Duty Steel Wheeled Stand, with lockable castor wheels and a maximum load of 20kg. 


Spare Parts

So, what if something happens to your CITI400 unit outside of its warranty period? We offer a handful of spare parts that will help you to get longer use out of your CITI400 unit. 

Spare Battery

If you need a backup battery or need to replace your battery that doesn't quite hold as much power as you need it to anymore, we sell the CITI400 Pro battery as a spare part available, so that you can still use your CITI400 when you need it most.

Spare Battery Charger

Similarly, if you damage or lose your CITI400 Pro battery charger, we stock spare chargers too!

Mains Adapter

The CITI400 can also be used with a Mains Adapter, which will allow you to use the unit by plugging it in for power rather than relying on batteries. This is a great option if you're using it in a studio space and you don't want to have to rely on making sure the batteries are charged and maintained at all times.

CITI400 Carry Case

We also stock a sturdy Carry Case with rigid sides if you need to keep your unit protected when you're travelling. 

If you need a different spare part that hasn't been listed here, please get in touch with our Customer Support team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk with a photo of the issue and your order number for the product and our team will look into whether we are able to source a replacement part for you!