4 Types of Lighting Equipment You Need to Have for Photography

A professional photographer needs more than a high-quality camera and editing software to make it big. If you truly want to succeed in your emerging photography venture, you need to invest in the right lighting gear.

Here’s a helpful guide on where to start  when shopping for lighting products for professional photography.

Flash Lighting

Flash strobe lighting is a common form of lighting equipment that’s used in all kinds of photoshoots. The light source produces a rapid burst of light which illuminates the subject. It can also be further modified so that the photographer has greater creative freedom and control over the lighting.

Choosing the right strobe light or flash head can be tricky because of the plethora of options out there. Hence, we have a couple of suggestions for you that will make your shopping easier.

Take the PIXAPRO LUMI II 200 flash (Godox Gemini GS200 II), for instance. This is a monolight strobe that’s perfect for photographers who’re just starting out or are new to flash photography. With a flash duration of up to 1/2000th of a second, it helps create sharp and crisp images with clear detailing. Moreover, it’s also a relatively cheaper option and ensures that you have a steady source of light supply for your shoot.

Another great option for upcoming photographers who want to give flash photography is the PIXAPRO CITI300 PRO. This speedlight is powered by a lithium-ion battery, is extremely lightweight, and is also travel-friendly. This means that you can carry it to photoshoots without any fuss and manage your lighting equipment easily during the process.

Since the flash has a short recycling time, you can adjust your lighting setting before and during the shoot. The CITI300 PRO also makes colour temperature adjustment easier.

For projects that would require you to shoot moving objects, we recommend the PIXAPRO GIO1 TTL Compatible Speedlite (Godox's V1). The beam of light produced by this speedlight has a duration of about 1/20000th of a second. This helps you capture clearer and sharper images and prevents blurriness.

Continuous Lighting

As useful as flash lighting is, you also need alternative light sources for your lighting and photography kit. This brings us to continuous lighting. As the name suggests, continuous light sources provide a constant beam of light unlike the rapid flashes produced by strobe lights. This means that you don’t have to switch on the light source over and over during your shoot.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust or alter the light settings as per your preference during the shoot. With the right modifiers, you can adjust the light intensity. Like flash lighting, continuous lighting can also be adjusted for colour temperature. Moreover, this type of lighting allows you to gauge the kind of lighting you’ll have before you actually begin shooting.  

Continuous lighting products also exist in various forms. If you’re looking for single light heads, the DAYLiTE4 MKIII Single Head Unit is a good option. It’s a budget-friendly and energy-efficient device that can be used as the primary light source for portrait photography. It comprises four sockets and can support up to 2100W tungsten fixtures to provide uninterrupted soft lighting.   

The PIXAPRO DAYLiTE60D is another affordable option. It uses LED studio light with a high CRI rating that allows it to capture accurate colours. The daylight-balanced and flicker-free features of this LED light source give you greater control of the final image quality and enable you to get the perfect shot. Moreover, the light fixture has a 50,000-hour life expectancy, which means that you can use it for a long duration.

For a more comprehensive and convenient lighting experience, it’s worth investing in the DAYLiTE4 MKIII 1700W Single Head Softbox kit which comprises all the continuous lighting fixtures that you’ll need. From a four-light head unit and bulbs to a softbox and a power cable, this kit has it all!

Light Stands

You can’t do without light stands! After all, you’re going to need to fix the light heads and relevant accessories securely in place and at the right height. For this purpose, you need a piece of equipment that lets you set your light source at the right distance to create the desired effect. This is where light stands come into the picture.

The PiXAPRO 190cm Light Stand is one of the most popular options out there. With a maximum height of 190 cm, it supports a wide range of light fixtures such as strobe lights, speedlights, LED panels, and modifiers.

Since the stand itself is pretty lightweight, it can easily be carried to and from locations. Moreover, the easy adjustability of the stand allows it to be used for setting the lighting for different-sized items in studios.

For an even more travel-friendly and portable option, the PIXAPRO Carbon Fibre Light Stand is the perfect light stand. If you’ll be on the road a lot or will be shooting videos, this five-tier light stand is the ideal tool for making lighting adjustments. Whether you want to mount an LED light or a small strobe light, the compact light stand supports all kinds of fixtures.  


Reflectors are used to modify the light intensity and effects. They’re also ideal for accentuating subjects and helping photographers create a dramatic effect for their shots.

The PiXAPRO collapsible 60cm 5-in-1 reflector is the ideal option for emerging photographers. It’s budget-friendly, provides sturdy grip handles, and helps soften the light and eliminate shadows.  

If your focus is primarily making videos, we suggest you give PiXAPRO Lighting Modifier Reflector Bundle as well. This is especially designed for videography and motion photography, and can help manage lighting over longer distances.

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