What is the CRMX Wireless System?

Lighting gaffers and DMX users in the videography world will be aware of how useful the technology can be in regards to connecting multiple lighting units and controlling them from one place seamlessly together. CRMX Wireless System is a newer technology patented by LumenRadio, built specifically for DMX consoles and touted as the most reliable new form of DMX technology. 

Meaning Cognitive Radio MultipleXer, CRMX Wireless System is slowly becoming the standard within photography and videography lighting units, specifically those built for film and television productions on large sets with multiple lighting units on the go. Arri and Aputure are two well known brands who have been at the forefront of these updated equipments with the aim of catering to the professional market. 

CRMX Connectivity with Godox KNOWLED TP Series RGB LED Tubes 


To quote LumenRadio themselves, the CRMX technology is the "first smart wireless system to automatically and continuously adapt to its surroundings in real time" and was specifically designed to meet the need for reliable and cost effective wireless light controlling. 

Godox has also become one of the big names working with CRMX technology for their new KNOWLED series of lighting such as the new powerful MG1200Bi (CRMX built in), F Series of Flexi LED Mats, and M Series studio lighting heads, primarily via the TimoTwo modules created for wireless transmitters to connect to DMX units. Releasing the TimoLink Receivers and Transmitters, and designing much of the brand new powerful KNOWLED Range of lighting to cater to the professional industries, Godox have created a selection of equipment that caters to the new DMX standard in technology.

KNOWLED Products that support DMX512 control (RDM Protocol), and LumenRadio CRMX (Built-in Receiver) will also be compatible with the LumiAir App, Blackout Lighting Software, and the MadMapper App.

TimoLink Wireless DMX Receivers and Transmitters

The TimoLink RX and TX work with any DMX-compatible light fixtures that do not include a built-in wireless DMX module (Such as the GODOX LD seriesTL Series, and Knowled M series) and enable them to receive a wireless DMX signal. The TimoLinkTX and TimoLink RX are perfect for filmmaking, broadcasting, theatrical lighting, or any other situation where wireless DMX is required.


The Godox TimoLink system supports automatic frequency hopping, to ensure you are always getting a stable CRMX signal within a 300M radius, regardless of how complex your shooting situation is on set.

The TimoLink's compatibility with the KNOWLED Range makes the whole set a great selection to keep to hand for productions due to it's versatility and wide range of applications on large sets. 


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