Rebranding: A New Introduction EssentialPhoto & Video!

We're excited to launch the next chapter in our journey of rebranding initiatives, with a focus on the newest professional video production lighting on the market.

Regular customers will have likely noticed our foray into video production lighting, especially high-powered professional lighting units for television and film productions, with us stocking the new range of Godox KNOWLED Video Lighting exclusively in the UK! So, with us evolving from primarily stocking Photography equipment, we aimed to make our store name a little clearer for anyone shopping with us.

We're now happy to announce that going forward, we will now be working under the name of EssentialPhoto & Video! 

Rebranding Logo with much more Video Production Lighting Range : Introducting EssentialPhoto & Video

Our new logo!

Don't worry, this isn't going to change anything with your shopping experience, this is primarily just a rebranding, meaning our logos may look a little different from now on.  

The website logo has changed but the website and URL will remain the same as always! You'll always be able to find us at 

The layout isn't changing currently either, so everything should remain in the same place and you shouldn't have any trouble browsing our site!

We will still also continue to be found at for contact and assistance from our Customer Support team, so just get in touch if you need us!


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