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KNOWLED AT200Bi Air Tube Light



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The GODOX KNOWLED AT200Bi is an Innovative Low-profiled continuous lighting solution, that is all about achieving amazingly soft lighting in a portable form factor. Seamlessly combining a Foldable LED Light  Mat, with an inflatable softbox, the AT200Bi’s expansive light-emitting surface, ensures gentle, even, virtually shadowless illumination, making it the ideal soft Lightsource for photographers, budding independent filmmakers, as well as veteran lighting gaffers and cinematographers. Featuring a wealth of features such as a CRI and TLCI of 96+, DMX512 control (and CRMX with the TimoLink RX Receiver - sold separately), and IP65 Weather-resistance, makes the AD200Bi able to seamlessly integrate into a Broadcasting studio, professional filmmaker’s or cinematographer’s pipeline and workflow.

A Convenient, Foldable Masterpiece.

The Main body of the AT200Bi, is an LED light mat with a lightweight, foldable design. This makes it a highly portable LED light source. This allows it to seamlessly integrate and adapt to a wide range of shooting environments, unlocking limitless creative possibilities. 

Innovative, Modular Design.

The AT200Bi sports a modular design, allowing for the effortless separation of the air softbox from the LED main light mat. This unique feature enhances user convenience and ensures hassle-free maintenance. In cases where the air softbox gets damaged, it can be repaired or replaced independently of the main light mat, thus minimising additional expenses.

GODOX AT200Bi's Modular Design

Handheld or Suspended.

The KNOWLED AT200Bi features a lightweight body and Built-in Handles enabling it to be handheld by a lighting assistant for shooting scenarios where using a traditional stand isn’t feasible or practical. It also featured a detachable stand mount, enabling it to be mounted C-Stand or boom stand.

IP65 Weather-Resistance.

Boasting a weather-resistance of IP65, the KNOWLED AT200Bi light body,  is your ally in rain or shine. Envelop your creativity in its brilliance, even amid challenging outdoor environments.

AT200BI in the rain demonstrating its IP65 weather resistance rating

Impeccable Colour Accuracy

Maintaining Godox's high- standards in colour fidelity, the AT200Bi boasts an average CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 plus. This ensures that colours are reproduced as accurately as possible.

Variable Colour Temperature.

Since the AT200Bi is a Bi-Colour light fixture,  you have the ability to adjust the colour temperature of your light anywhere between 2700K to 8500K. This enables you to give your lighting a warm or cool colour tone,  to either match the colour temperature of the Ambient light or to create mood and ambience to your set.

AT200Bi Features Variable Colour Temperatures

FX Lighting Effects.

The AT200Bi features 11 built-in Lighting FX presets, with customisable parameters, allowing you to fine-tune the effects to your needs. When paired with creative sound design, these Lighting effects can help bring an otherwise boring movie scene to life.

The Control is in Your Hands.

The AT200Bi can be controlled by a plethora of methods. It supports the industry-standard DMX512 protocol (Via a 5-Pin XLR Connector), as well as being able to be controlled via the Godox Light App, or the Godox RC-A6II wireless remote (available separately). The AT200Bi also supports CRMX control, Swift, and stable, when paired with the Godox TimoLink RX receiver (available Separately) for precise adjustments and to significantly improve on on-set efficiency.

Multiple Power Options.

In addition to Mains AC power, the AT200Bi can also be powered by V-mount batteries, giving you the flexibility to shoot virtually anywhere. Perfect for locations where you don’t have access to a mains Power source.

Light Controllability.

The AT200Bi ships with a selection of additional modifiers, including skirts and eggcrate grids. These accessories enable you to achieve various results and give you more options to control the direction and spread of light.  enabling various lighting results. Take control of light and shadow, elevating your shooting work on set to new heights.

BTS of KNOWLED AT200Bi being used to illuminate a Kitchen Film Set - Image by Ryan Priestnall

Image By Ryan Priestnall

The GODOX KNOWLED AT200Bi is a unique and innovative portable lighting solution for photographers, Independent Filmmakers, cinematographers and lighting gaffers, who are looking for a low-profile, lightweight and portable lighting solution for producing beautifully-soft lighting for their film and photography projects. Featuring handles for handholding, as well as the ability to be mounted to a standard lighting stand.

PLEASE NOTE: The AT200Bi Air Tube parts compatible with the TP-S4A accessories including the includes the Tube and the Grid.

Photometric Data for KNOWLED AT200Bi

CCT Unit 1m 2m 3m
2800K lux ≈1,720 ≈549 ≈267
fc ≈160 ≈51 ≈24.8
3200K lux ≈1,860 ≈599 ≈290
fc ≈173 ≈55.6 ≈27
4300K lux ≈2,160 ≈629 ≈343
fc ≈200 ≈64.3 ≈319
5600K lux ≈2,230 ≈712 ≈353
fc ≈207 ≈66.2 ≈32.8
6500K lux ≈2,210 ≈704 ≈349
fc ≈205 ≈65.4 ≈32.4
7500K lux ≈2,150 ≈685 ≈339
fc ≈200 ≈63.6 ≈31.5
8500K lux ≈2,050 ≈654 ≈325
fc ≈191 ≈60.7 ≈30.2


  • Innovative Lightwight Portable Design
  • Soft, Vitually Shadowless Lighting
  • CRI and TLCI of 96+
  • IP65 Weather-Resistance
  • Variable Colour Temperature between 2700K and 8500K
  • Multiple Control Methods Including DMX, Bluetooth App control, and Wireless Remote Control (and CRMX with TimoLink RX Module)
  • 11 Lighting Fx presets Built-in

What’s In the Box

  • 1x AT200bi Light Body
  • 1x Controller Box
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Extension Cable
  • 1x Grid
  • 1x Skirt
  • 1x Inflator
  • 1x Fabric Handle
  • 1x Carry Bag CB98
  • 1x Hook and Loop Fastener
  • 1x Connecting Holder


Power Supply100V-240V~50/60Hz 2.1A
Max. Power≈210W
Brightness Range0%-100%
Dimming CurvesLinear, S-Curve, Exponential, Logarithmic
FX Modes11
Waterproof Rating (Light Body)IP65
Control MethodsDMX 512 Control ((Via a 5-Pin XLR Connector) - Supports RDM protocol), 2.4GHz Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Control
Bluetooth Woring DistanceMax. 30m
2.4GHz Remote Control DistanceMax. 60m
Type-A USB PortFirmware Upgrade/5V⎓1A Power Supply
Stand Mount5/8" (16mm) Stud/Spigot
Light Body Dimensions280mm x 267mm x 1226mm (With air bag inflated. Does not include the connection cable.)
Controller Box Dimensions124mm x 132mm x 270mm
Light Body Net. Weight≈ 2.15kg (Including airbag)
Controller Box Net. Weight≈ 2.8kg


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