AT200Bi AirTube vs AD-S200 Stick Flash

Godox recently announced two new products, the AD-S200 and AT200Bi mini LED lightings. The Godox AD-S200 stick flash is designed to work with AD200/AD200Pro pocket flashes. The Godox AT200Bi AirTube Light, in contrast, is a new LED air-filled tube light. It is one of the tube lights in the Godox KNOWLED series, which is specially designed for video production and large-scale film and television sets. Both of these lights offer amazing versatility and portability, providing a powerful light source for on-the-go photographers and videographers. 


Godox AD-S200Bi Stick Flash Light By EssentialPhoto & Video
Godox AT200Bi AirTube Light By EssentialPhoto & Video

Both the Godox AD-S200 and the AT200Bi mini LED lights are designed with a focus on portability, being lightweight and compact. This design makes them the perfect choice for photographers who need a reliable and efficient light source while shooting on the move. 

In practical use, both the Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi and AD-S200 mini LED lighting share the same benefits. Firstly, these lights generate a large light source, even without modifiers, providing a less harsh directional light. Secondly, it comes from the dispersion of light across multiple surfaces, generating a softer spill on the subject. However, these lights also have numerous different features from each other. 


1. Comparison: Physical Design 

Godox AT200Bi Godox AD-S200

The Godox AT200Bi AirTube light is designed in a cylinder shape. With its weight of 2.15kg and dimensions of 280mm*267mm*1226mm, it is the perfect lighting option for people who want portability without sacrificing the quality of light.

The AT200Bi combines an LED mat with a softbox to enable speedy and easy set up. To inflate it, all you have to do is place an adaptor within the air intake valve, turn on the inflator, and press the “-” button to start inflating. The valve has a bleeder, which guarantees a smooth inflation process without any distracting whistling. Its design allows the softbox to be removed from the LED mat, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Even more, when the softbox is damaged, you can replace or repair it separately to minimise expenses and increase the lights lifespan. 

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Godox AT200Bi AirTube Mini LED Lighting By EssentialPhoto & Video

In contrast, the Godox AD-S200 stick flash features a 360-degree transparent, solid light tube design that is 4cm thick and 26cm long. Its distinctive cylindrical design allows the ADS200 to envelop the subject from all angles, resulting in a natural and even lighting effect.

A handle equipped in the flash tube adds to its portability, while both ends of the light tube feature a 1/4–20 spigot mount, which opens up various mounting possibilities, including attachment to tripods or other supports. Additionally, the flexible cable connection allows seamless integration with the AD200 flashes, making it perfect for portrait photography and product shots.

Even more, to add more convenience, the Godox ADS200 stick flash light comes with a barn door and a carrying bag, making it an excellent addition to any photography kit, allowing for precise adjustments, whether fully open, fully closed, or any step in between. 

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With its slim and compact design, it is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, such as in a car, in small home studio spaces and for ease of use on location shoots.


Godox AD-S200 Mini Stick Flash Lighting By EssentialPhoto & Video

2. Comparison: Specifications   

Godox AT200Bi

With its maximum LED power output of 210W, the AT200Bi is designed for illuminating larger areas than the AD-S200 and stands out for its wide range of colour temperatures, from 2700K to 8500K. It allows users to achieve the perfect lighting conditions, whether it’s warm, cosy, cool or crisp. 

Additionally, the AT200Bi is equipped with a high rating of CRI and TLCI at 96, ensuring that the light faithfully reproduces colours for those who require professional precision in their work.

In order to seamlessly adapt to diverse environmental conditions, this light also boasts precise dimming along the linear, exponential, logarithmic and s-curves. Whether it’s an indoor setup or an outdoor shoot, this tube light ensures optimal illumination.

Godox AT200Bi - BTS Cooking Show

In case you want to switch from dynamic colour transitions to atmospheric lighting scenarios, the Godox AT200Bi, with its 11 lighting effects provides a canvas for artistic expression, allowing photographers and videographers to push their creativity.

To further enhance its versatility, the Godox AT200Bi boasts an IP65 rating. This means this light is not only suitable for indoor shoots but also capable of withstanding various weather conditions, opening up new possibilities for outdoor projects. 

Godox AD-S200

Similar to the AD200 flashlight, the AD-S200 is designed with a maximum power consumption of 200W. With its colour temperature range of 5800±200K, the flash stick helps ensure colour temperature consistency throughout its power range, enabling photographers to create outstanding results. Whether you're working with a single light or in a multiple-light setup, you can rest assured that the colours in your images will remain consistent throughout.

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Godox AD-S200 Mini Stick LED Flash ighting By EssentialPhoto & Video

 3. Comparison: Specifications Table

Brand Godox
Model AD-S200 FLASH AT200Bi LED
Price £323.00 £799.99
Power 200Ws ≈210W
CCT 5800K±200K 2700-8500K
Brightness Range NA 0%-100%
Dimming Curves NA
linear, s-curve, exponential, logarithmic
FX Modes NA 11
CRI NA ≥96
TLCl NA ≥96
Waterproof Grade of Light Body NA IP65
Controlling Methods NA
DMX 512 Control (support RDM protocol),

2.4GHz Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Control
Bluetooth Controlling Distance NA Max. 30m
2.4G Remote Control Distance NA Max. 60m
Type-A USB Port NA
Firmware Upgrade/5V⎓1A Power Supply
Dimension 652x210*60mm (excluding the power
cable and including the barndoor)
Light Body: 280mm*267mm*1226mm/ 11”*11"*48"

Controller: 124mm*132mm*270mm
Net Weight 1.12kg (including the barndoor)
Light Body: 2.15kg (Including airbag)

Controller: 2.8kg

Final thought 

Generally, both of these lights mark a significant stride forward in terms of portable lighting solutions. Currently, there is no exact alternative to the AT200Bi on the market.

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