KNOWLED AT200Bi Air Tube Light

The GODOX KNOWLED AT200Bi is an Innovative Low-profiled continuous lighting solution, that is all about achieving amazingly soft lighting in a portable form factor. Seamlessly combining a Foldable LED Light  Mat, with an inflatable softbox, the AT200Bi’s expansive light-emitting surface, ensures gentle, even, virtually shadowless illumination, making it the ideal soft Lightsource for photographers, budding independent filmmakers, as well as veteran lighting gaffers and cinematographers. Featuring a wealth of features such as a CRI and TLCI of 96+, DMX512 control (and CRMX with the TimoLink RX Receiver - sold separately), and IP65 Weather-resistance, makes the AD200Bi able to seamlessly integrate into a Broadcasting studio, professional filmmaker’s or cinematographer’s pipeline and workflow.

Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi A-r Tube LED Light