Godox Review: What is the AT200Bi Bi-Colour LED Air Tube Light?

Are you looking for portable and lightweight softlight solutions for outdoor video recording? Are you seeking an alternative to traditional softboxes? The recently introduced Godox AT200Bi Bi-Colour LED Air Tube light is the perfect solution. Keep reading to find out why!

What is the AT200Bi? 

A common issue with many LED lights is that they produce harsh and direct light. So, softboxes have been introduced as a remedy to scatter and soften the light. However, traditional softboxes can be expensive and lack portability. To solve this issue, the appearance of the AirTube light is a unique solution for those who demand soft lighting with a super lightweight and compact design for on-the-go outdoor video recording. 

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Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi Bi-Colour LED Light With IP65 - EssentialPhoto & Video

Take the AT200Bi Air Tube light, for example, it is the perfect combination of an LED mat with an inflatable softbox. It is not only specially designed to increase the beam spread produced by the mat light but also to create a very soft, flattering source. Moreover, this distinctive design allows for quick inflation when in use and convenient deflation for storage. It makes the AT200Bi Air Tube Light stand out as a practical and effective tool for enhancing the overall quality of your lighting setup. Let's dive into it. 

Compact and Lightweight Design 

As mentioned above, the AT200Bi has a compact design with a weight of 2.15kg and dimensions of 280mm*267mm*1226mm. The AT200Bi AirTube light features ultra-bounce materials, creating soft and cylindrical lighting sources. In the light body, it is equipped with a pump for inflating the tube and a valve with a bleeder, ensuring the air won’t whistle while you’re inflating the AT200Bi. This feature enhances the overall user experience, avoiding any distracting whistling during setup. Additionally, the softbox can be removed from the LED mat, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. In case of softbox damage, it can be repaired or replaced independently, minimising expenses and prolonging the lifespan of the lighting.

 Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi IP65 Bi-Colour LED Light By EssentialPhoto & Video

Furthermore, the Godox AT200Bi’s robust mounting solution is another innovative feature, ensuring stability and reliability during use. This versatility feature makes it adaptable to a range of shooting scenarios, whether you choose to handle, suspend, or stand-mount it. It empowers you to achieve your desired lighting result effectively, offering flexibility and ease of use for both amateur and professional videographers. 

Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi BI-Colour LED AirTube Light

Brightness Performance 

Besides the Godox AT200Bi's compact and lightweight design, it also boasts a maximum power output of 210W, positioning it as a professional lighting solution. For instance, if you’re shooting in a dynamic environment or a cinematic video production, it ensures that you illuminate scenes with precision, capturing every detail with clarity. 

Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi 210W Bi-Colour LED Light By EssentialPhoto & Video

In terms of data illumination, the Godox AT200Bi LED Tube Light demonstrates that it offers reliable lighting for adjusting to various conditions in both daylight-balanced lighting and tungsten lighting. Thanks to this, you can confidently select the appropriate colour temperature based on the specific mood or theme you want to convey in your projects. 

CCT Unit 1m 2m 3m
lux ≈1720 ≈549 ≈267
fc ≈160 ≈51 ≈24.8
lux ≈1860 ≈599 ≈290
fc ≈173 ≈55.6 ≈27
lux ≈2160 ≈692 ≈343
fc ≈200 ≈64.3 ≈31.9
lux ≈2230 ≈712 ≈353
fc ≈207 ≈66.2 ≈32.8
lux ≈2210 ≈704 ≈349
fc ≈205 ≈65.4 ≈32.4
lux ≈2150 ≈685 ≈339
fc ≈200 ≈63.6 ≈31.5
lux ≈2050 ≈654 ≈325
fc ≈191 ≈60.7 ≈30.2


Colour Performance

As its name implies, the Godox AT200Bi LED Air Tube Light offers a bi-colour temperature range from 2700K to 8500K. This flexibility allows you to adapt the lighting to different scenarios, no matter whether you want to capture the warmth of a sunset or the cool tones of moonlight. Plus, with a Colour Rendering Index rating (CRI) of over 96, the AT200 ensures accurate and vibrant colour reproduction. Its high CRI allows the light source to faithfully represent the colour of the subjects being illuminated, contributing to the overall quality of the visuals. At the same time, its TLCI of over 96 ensures consistent and reliable lighting for moving shoots and video production, meeting the dynamic demands of professional content creation. 

Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi 2700K -8500K

Outdoor Shooting and Easy Transport 

The Godox AT200Bi is not only designed for studio setup but also for on-the-go shootings. Its 210W maximum power ensures ample brightness to illuminate outdoor scenes effectively. Whether you’re capturing dynamic landscapes, conducting on-location interviews, or shooting action-packed scenes, the AT200Bi ensures professional-grade results in various outdoor scenarios. 

Additionally, it takes the next step in dealing with unpredictable weather conditions with its impressive water resistance at IP65, certifying that it is protected against dust but can also withstand water jets, making it a reliable companion in the rain. You can now focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about the impact of the weather on your light tube. 


Even more, when shooting outdoors, it can be a challenge to access a reliable power source. The AT200Bi addresses this concern by featuring compatibility with V-mount batteries which are sold separately from the main unit. This ensures uninterrupted operation and provides flexibility in choosing shooting locations, making the AT200Bi LED Tube Light an ideal choice for outdoor shoots where mobility is important. 


Last but not least, its inflatable airtight design not only ensures the weight is minimal and the illumination is incredibly soft, but also enhances mobility, seamlessly adapting to various environments and scenes and unlocking limitless creative possibilities. It allows photographers and videographers to carry and set up their lighting equipment with ease. 

Accessories and Creativity 

Among its incredible features, the Godox AT200Bi Bi-Colour LED Light also expands a wide range of accessories for enabling various lighting results, including skirts and grids. If you’re working in a narrow space or aiming to restrict light spills, skirts are a perfect option because of its ability to block and shape the light. Conversely, grids are commonly used to create a spotlight effect or to control the spill of light in specific directions. This is particularly valuable in portrait photography, interviews, or any scenario where you want to isolate specific areas with precision. 

Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi with Grid By PixaPro
Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi Air Tube Light By PixaPro

Beyond its versatility of accessories, the AT200Bi offers 11 FX lighting effects with customisable parameters. These choices not only broaden your creativity but also transform your concepts into realities. You can also control these effects by utilising multiple control options: DMX512, app control, wireless remote and CRMX control to improve on-set efficiency. Likewise, this ensures seamless integration into various production setups, offering adaptability to different creative workflows and environments. 

Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi Balloon Tube Light for Outdoor Video Shooting

What’s in the Box

Godox KNOWLED AT200Bi Air Tube LED Light By PixaPro

In conclusion, the AT200Bi Bi-Colour LED AirTube Light is the latest innovative lighting solution from Godox. Beyond its powerful performance, innovative design, and adaptability for outdoor shooting, the inclusion of customisable FX lighting effects and versatile accessories makes it a comprehensive lighting solution for creators who want to upgrade their lighting kit.

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Brand Godox
Model  AT200Bi
Price  £799.99 
Power Supply 100V-240V~50/60Hz 2.1A
Max. Power ≈210W
CCT 2700-8500K
Brightness Range 0%-100%
Dimming Curves Linear, S-Curve, Exponential, Logarithmic
FX Modes 11
CRI Average≥96
TLCI Average≥96
Waterproof Rating (Light Body) IP65
Control Methods DMX 512 Control ((Via a 5-Pin XLR Connector) - Supports RDM protocol), 2.4GHz Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Control
Bluetooth Woring Distance Max. 30m
2.4GHz Remote Control Distance Max. 60m
Type-A USB Port Firmware Upgrade/5V⎓1A Power Supply
Light Body Dimensions 280mm x 267mm x 1226mm (With air bag inflated. Does not include the connection cable.)
Controller Box Dimensions 124mm x 132mm x 270mm
Light Body Net. Weight ≈ 2.15kg (Including airbag)
Controller Box Net. Weight ≈ 2.8kg

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