Godox C7R, C10R RGBWW Bulb vs Astera NYX

Searching for the best new RGBWW LED practical light bulb for filmmaking and videography can be a challenging task, especially if you’re a fan of a particular brand. Although sticking with a familiar brand has benefits, sometimes it could mean ignoring new lighting equipment that could improve your filmmaking experience. In this blog, we're comparing the C7R, C10R, and NYX light bulbs—two new innovative models from Godox and Astera—side by side. We'll evaluate each feature and help you determine which light bulb is best for you. 

Who are the Godox KNOWLED LED light bulb series and Astera NYX aimed at? 

Both the Godox KNOWLED LED light bulb series and Astera NYX bulbs were created to serve filmmaking and video productions. These lights are designed for visual artists and anyone who wants to create high-quality ‘practical’ fixtures. With their wireless control, customizable colours, dynamic effects, long battery life, and durable design, you can easily create any desired atmosphere. 

Despite sharing many similarities and being used in the film industry, these bulbs are also different from one another. Let see what is the primary distinction between these bulbs, and what is their intended use. 

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Godox C7R 
Godox C10R 
Astera NYX 

Difference 1: RGBWW or RGBMA Light Bulb 

One of the key differences between the Godox bulbs and Astera NYX bulbs is the colour spectrum they offer. The Godox released the C7R and C10R as two RGBWW LED bulb lights, while the NYX is designed as an RGBMA bulb. Both RGBWW and RGBMA bulbs provide a wide range of colours, including red, green, and blue. However, the Godox RGBWW bulbs offer a versatile colour spectrum with the inclusion of warm white LEDs.

Generally, the Godox light bulbs are ideal for wide applications, from home setups to studio environments, for achieving mood and ambient lighting. The RGBWA light bulb photo, in contrast, is commonly used in settings where achieving precision and consistency is required. So, the choice between Godox and Astera light bulbs mostly depends on your needs and preferences. 

Astera NYX Light Bulb Photo

Difference 1: Size & Weight 

The Astera NYX lightbulb has dimensions of 70 mm x 130 mm and weighs 249g. It is more lightweight and compact when compared to the other two lights, providing the ideal balance of performance and portability. Whether you’re a lighting designer on the move or an event photographer, the NYX light bulb’s design ensures creativity without limitations. In contrast, the Godox C7R RGBWW light bulb, measuring 73mm*136mm and weighing 256g, is a larger and heavier option. While C10R weighs 236g and has the same dimensions as C7R. So, both C7R and C10R are a well-balanced choice, giving users a performance gain without compromising size and weight considerations. 

Godox C7R Light Bulb Photo By PixaPro

Difference 2: Controlling Method 

Both Godox and Astera light bulbs provide users with the convenience of wireless control through delicate apps and Bluetooth connectivity. As some of you are already aware, this feature empowers photographers and videographers to fine-tune their lighting setups remotely, allowing for flexibility and creativity for a range of uses. It enhances the user experience by offering additional convenience features like the ability to change colour temperatures, play around with dynamic effects, or simply turn on and off the lights.

When compared with the Astera NYX bulb and the C10R, the Godox C7R Light Bulb Photo series takes advantage of the integration of an internal battery within its light bulbs. By building a bulb with an internal battery, C7R reduced the need for external power sources and setup restrictions. This is the reason why C7R is more expensive than C10R. At the same time, if you're looking for portability and flexibility options to set up in lighting areas without access to power sources may feel the Astera light bulb’s absence of an internal battery to be a drawback. 

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Godox C7R and C10R Light Bulb Photo By PixaPro

Difference 3: Kelvin Colour Temperature Range 

In terms of colour temperature range, the NYX light bulb outperforms the Godox light bulb. As an RGBMA light bulb photo, the NYX allow users to set the colour temperature range from 1,750K to 20,000K, which is wider than the colour temperature range offered by the Godox LED light from 2,000K to 10,000K. The Godox C7R and C10R RGBWW light bulbs have a narrower range to cater to a wide array of settings for everyday lighting needs, however they still have a wide enough range for a vast number of applications, while the NYX bulbs’ broader range is suited to more specialised applications. 

Astera NYX Light Bulb Photo

Difference 4: CRI and TLCI

Two different brands released their light bulbs with the same CRI of 96. However, with a TLCI of 97, the Godox light bulbs outperform the NYX light bulb photo, which has a TLCI of 96. This is the reason why Godox bulbs serve slightly higher colour fidelity, which is particularly well-suited for broadcast studios and high-end cinematography, even when the most accurate colour reproduction is necessary.

Godox C7R and C10R RGBWW light bulb By PixaPro

Difference 5: Brightness & Power Consumption

In comparison, both Godox C7R and Astera NYX light bulbs share the same maximum power consumption of 10W. At the same 1m, the Godox C7R boasts an approximate lux of 101, while the NYX bulb offers an approximate lux of 124. So, if you’re working in a small space, the Godox C7R is good enough. It also may be more energy-efficient for ambient lighting than Astera NYX. In contrast, the C10R and NYX bulbs are suitable for larger spaces because of their higher brightness.

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Astera NYX RGBWW Light Bulb

Overall, both the Godox light bulb series and Astera NYX Light Bulb Photo cater to filmmakers and video producers, offering wireless control, customizable colours, dynamic effects and durable design. The key differences between C7R, C10R and NYX bulbs are RGBWW and RGBMA lighting spectrums, size, weight, control method, colour temperature range and brightness. In the end, it’s critical to match your decision for your creative preferences and filmmaking requirements, regardless of whether you choose Astera or Godox. 

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Comparison Table

Brand Godox Astera
Model C7R C10R NYX Bulb
Price £62.00 £51.00 £139.49
Input Power Max. 10W Max.12W Max. 10W
Colour Temperature 2,000K - 10,000K 2,000K - 10,000K
1,750K - 20,000K
CRI ≥96 ≥96 ≥96
TLCI ≥97 ≥97 ≥96
Compatible Bulb Holder E26/E27 E26/E27
E26/27/BC socket
lluminance Data(100% brightness & 5500K CCT) ≈360Lux/34fc(1.64ft/0.5m)
124 Lux (1m)
Operating Temperature -10-40°C -10-40°C
0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
Battery 7.6V/1300mAh (Lithium) 7.6V/1300mAh (Lithium) N/A
Charing Time approx 2h 30min(AC 220V) approx 3h (DC 5V 3A) approx 2h 30min(AC 220V) approx 3h (DC 5V 3A) N/A
Lithium Battery Working Time approx 1h approx 1h N/A
Controlling Method Bluetooth APP control / light body control Bluetooth APP control / light body control N/A
Dimension 73mm*73mm*136mm 73mm*73mm*136mm
Ø 70 mm x 130 mm / Ø 2.76" x 5.12"
Net Weight 256g 236g 240 g / 0.53 lbs


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