A Closer Look at Godox C7R and C10R RGBWW LED Bulbs

RGBWW LED light bulbs are an essential tool to achieve the desired look and atmosphere in filmmaking because of their ability to provide control, flexibility, and artistic expression. It can be used as a key light, fill light, or backlight. Even more, filmmakers can use light bulbs to achieve specific lighting effects, such as simulating sunlight, moonlight, or candlelight. 

Understand that Godox, an innovative lighting solution company, has introduced two powerful tools - the Godox C7R and C10R. These versatile lights quickly become a charging gamer through their ability to illuminate movie scenes effectively and also transform the art of practical lighting in film production. What are the Godox C7R and C10R bulbs? And how can they be used to elevate a movie story? Let’s dive in.

Godox C7R RGBWW LED Light Bulbs
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Godox C7R RGBWW LED Light Bulbs
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What sets the Godox C7R and C10R apart from other bulbs on the market?

When shooting in practical locations like someone’s house or any other non-professional setting, you often encounter challenges with lighting. These locations typically lack dedicated filmmaking lights built into the ceilings or lamps. As a result, you may need to rely on standard household lighting fixtures. However, using these standard lights can lead to issues such as flickering, particularly when you work with different frame rate settings on your camera. Meanwhile, it can distract the audience and compromise the overall quality of your video. 

Unlike traditional household light bulbs or smart lighting systems like LIFX or Philips Hue, the C7R and C10R RGBWW LED bulbs are perfect lighting solutions that are specifically designed for filmmaking purposes. It is engineered to minimise or eliminate flicker, ensuring a consistent and stable light source in any shooting environment. 

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Getting to know deeply about Godox C7R and C10R

Reliable Brightness 

With their names denoting their wattages, the C7R and C10R RGBWW LED bulbs output a constant 7W and 10W, respectively. If you’re frequently working in small setups or scenes that don’t demand extremely bright lighting, the C7R, with its 7W power consumption, is your ideal solution. It balances between providing sufficient illumination and conserving energy. Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about overheating when you’re shooting in tight spaces because it generates less heat. The Godox C10R creative LED bulb, on the other hand, can be an advantage for scenes that demand a brighter light source or situations where you need more flexibility with lighting intensity. Although it generates slightly more heat than the C7R, it is still a reasonable choice for many filmmaking setups. 


The Godox RGB bulbs have the power to convey emotions and tell stories without words. These dynamic colour adjustments provide a visual language that enhances the emotional impact of your work, such as a sense of horror, or to express a certain emotion, such as sadness or tension. It allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Furthermore, with a high CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 97, it injects vibrancy into your movie scenes, delivering enhanced realism seamlessly without any flickering. In fact, this cinema-grade RGB bulb elevates the quality of your creative work to new heights. 

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Adjustable Colour Temperature

Both C7R and C10R offer a colour temperature range of 2000K to 10000K. Whether you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere (2000K) or a bright and cool environment (10000K), these RGBWW LED bulbs give you the flexibility to easily achieve your desired look. As mentioned above, these lights can also be used in your everyday home lighting setup and transform the mood of any room. In contrast, for professional settings, these bulb lights provide lighting solutions that can accommodate a range of projects and activities. Therefore, these lights empower filmmakers to adapt to diverse environments, set the mood, or achieve a specific visual style, making your filmmaking visions a reality. 

Unrestricted Creativity 

Moreover, these lights stand out as beacons of innovation, as they not only tap into the convenience of standard E26/E27 sockets and USB-C inputs but also take it a step further with the inclusion of a powerful internal battery. If the E26/E27 sockets ensure a hassle-free experience for users, the USB-C input, in other ways, caters to the modern, tech-savvy creator. Unlike other traditional LED light bulbs, Godox bulbs break free from the limitations of power availability thanks to their powerful internal battery. It allows you to explore unconventional shooting environments and create cinematic magic in remote or challenging spaces. 

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In terms of control ability, the Godox C7R and C10R empower users to effortlessly switch between CCT and RGB modes with their on-board control buttons. Additionally, it helps you check battery levels for the C7R and adjust brightness with 10% precision without needing to use complicated menus or external devices. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these controls empower you to master your lighting setup with your fingertips. 

For more in-depth controls, the Godox Light App 3.0 will be your guide to total control over bulb grouping, step-less dimming, colour temperature customisation, magenta-green adjustment, versatile colour selection modes, and built-in lighting effects. This app ensures your lighting setup works in harmony, even when you’re working on a complex scene. 

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Explore the C7R and C10R for more creativity with the accessories list:

1. CR-B01 Round-Cup Bouncer

The lightweight and easy-to-attach bouncer adjusts beam angle and brightness effortlessly. Whether you’re shooting portraits or product photography, this accessory is a valuable tool for reducing hard shadows and providing more natural and even illumination. 

CR-B01 Round-Cup Bouncer By PixaPro

2. CR-LS Magnetic Lamp Socket

This CR-LS magnetic lamp socket is designed for those who crave precision and control over their lighting setup. After attaching to C7R and C10R creative LED bulbs, it provides a secure connection to metal surfaces. Its ½ screw-hole design on the sides and bottom of the socket allows for versatile hanging and side-mounting options. 

CR-LS Magnetic Lamp Socket By PixaPro

3. UNILiTE Continuous Powerful Lighting Head

For small or medium-sized photography and videography settings, the UNILiTE powerful lighting head is an essential accessory. It is compatible with C7R and C10R RGBWW LED bulbs, not only providing a softer, more even coverage of light but also adding a dramatic wrapping light. 

UNILiTE Continuous Powerful Lighting Head Unit Only Bulbs Not Included

4. 8-light Charging Kit

The charging kit is a must-have accessory for those who demand consistent power for their C7R bulbs. Due to its ability to charge multiple lights simultaneously, it ensures that your C7R lights are always ready for action. Whether you’re on a busy set or planning an extended shooting session, this charging kit keeps your lights powered up and ready to illuminate your creative vision. C10R bulbs are mains only, but can be powered with AC or DC power sources, traditional E27 Edison light sockets or external power banks using its USB Type-C interface. 

8-light Charging Kit By PixaPro

Final Thoughts  

Both Godox C7R and C10R creative LED bulbs offer a range of options to enhance your creative work, whether you’re a professional or an aspiring artist. These lights are perfectly designed for filmmaking, which adapts to your specific needs and brings your vision to life. With their innovative features, reliable brightness, RGB capabilities, adjustable colour temperature, and a range of accessories to enhance functionality, these bulls open up a realm of cinematic. 


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