Nostalgic Skate Rink Lighting with Godox KNOWLED LEDs

Today, we are going to dive in-depth into the “Nostalgic Skating Rink “ RGB Colour Palette in the film by Jameson Brooks. This guide will share everything considered throughout the production, including lighting equipment, location, and how he dealt with challenges during shooting. Read more and see how Godox's KNOWLED powerful lights create incredible night-out cinematographic videos and all the kinds of ideas to do the trick.

Equipment Checklist:

To set the scene, James uses a lot of Godox tube lights, panel lights, and modifiers to enhance the character of the skating rink and envelop the environment in a captivating glow. Here is his list: 

Godox MG1200Bi Light
Godox F400Bi LED Mat
Godox P600Bi Space Light
Godox C7R Light Bulb
Godox T4R Tube Light 
Godox TL120 Tube Light


For the location, James strategically chose the nostalgic skating RGB colour palette in film. It is a very large space with a lot of house lights in a lot of different areas. He closed down this location and brought in a lot of Godox lights to make the entire environment look like the skating rink was happening live.

Challenges and Solutions: 

Filming in a large space requires a lot of accent lighting to draw attention to different areas. Therefore, the strategic positioning of Godox lights becomes crucial, transforming this large space into a visually dynamic set. His purpose is to make this place a night-out skating rink with a cinematic vibe by playing around with Godox lights by placing them around the setting as practical lights to help draw the viewer's eye and create a depth in contrast to the flat overhead building lighting.

First Scene: 

Godox KNOWLED Series LED Light Behind the scene with Colour Patelle Film By PixaPro
Without Godox KNOWLED series 
Godox KNOWLED Series Behind the Scene Using RGB Colour Patelle Film Lighting Techniques
With Godox KNOWLED series 

First things first, he uses a gimbal and a ready rig to ensure camera stability, allowing him to float the camera when the actress was skating. In the first scene, he focuses on creating a cinematic experience when the actress rents skates and joins with her friends. Therefore, James strategically positions the P600Bi panel light combined with blue to get a more blue tint. It allows him to create an even illumination but also creates effects for the space. Setting the colour temperature at 8500k as a backlight, this panel light allows him to add depth and dimension to the subject. He is able to cast a magical RGB glow over the skaters and their surroundings.


Godox KNOWLED P600Bi - Behind The Scene Using RGB Colour Palette Lighting Techniques


With the Godox KNOWLED F400Bi Light, integrated with softbox, this works to illuminate the entire back area and draw focus to the trophies in the case.


Godox KNOWLED F400Bi LED Mat - Behind The Scene Colour Palette Film By PixaPro


To add more dynamic elements to the setup, James uses Godox KNOWLED TP4R pixel tube lights. These lights are set in pink and blue, creating a captivating RGB colour palette with a chase-motion effect in film. They are strategically placed on a locker, contributing to the overall visual appeal, with the neon-styled effects working to aid that nostalgic theme and appeal as a pastiche of 80's style media.


Godox KNOWLED TP4R Tube Light Using RGB Colour Palette Film By PixaPro


In the same area, he uses a spotlight with the Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi LED light to highlight the lockers from afar. It enables him to draw attention to key elements in the frame.


Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi LED Light - Behind the Scene Using RGB Colour Palette Film


The Godox KNOWLED F400Bi, integrated with a softbox, then is boomed over the actors to illuminate them from above to replicate overhead skate rink lighting, but instead allowing for significantly more control over the brightness, flicker rate, colour temperature and diffusion. When placing it overhead paired with the grid and diffuser, it provides a soft and flattering light which works great on actors' skin and helps to reduce harsh shadows.


RGB Colour Palette Film


He replaces a lot of house lights with Godox C7R light bulbs, which are set at 2800K, creating a warmer background and adding depth and warmth to the overall scene. To address the vast space, more TL120 tube lights are added to the wall, providing the overall ambience and offering easy control for maximum flexibility. 

Second Scene: 

In the second setup, he planned to take the energy to the floor, engaging in some skating, dancing, and all-around fun. He wanted to highlight that PIZZA sign in the centre. It proposes to enhance the background, becoming a focal point and adding character to the scene.

On one side, he uses Godox KNOWLED TP4R lights, pixel film lights with a captivating RGB colour palette that is a blend of purple, pink, and blue effects. These lights add a touch of motion, balancing out everything and the ambience from the first scene.

For key lights, he chose the F400Bi panel lights, which are softened with diffusion silk for a gentle glow, while the other, boomed overhead with diffusion silk and grid, delivers controlled and atmospheric illumination. 



Positioning the P600Bi Hard Light in the back, he incorporated it with a blue gel to create a little bit of accent colour. This bright panel can light up a large area, enveloping the entire environment in its glow, while combining a blue gel to add a touch of drama and style to the scene.


Godox KNOWLED P600Bi Hard Light


While utilising the MG1200Bi with a spotlight attachment, it becomes a versatile tool to add an innovative touch. This Godox KNOWLED light takes on the role of a manoeuvrable spotlight, creating a practical diegetic light source for the shot to be shone on the characters. 


Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi Light


What are the advantages of shooting with the Godox KNOWLED series? 

There are so many lights used in his work, but all of them come from the Godox KNOWLED range. The selected lights are perfect for shooting in a large area, with the design of the Godox lights and its modifier integration system allowing the crew to combine these attributes for different applications.

It also allows users to achieve a cinematic feel, sharp shadows, and soft and ambient lighting with a wide range of scenarios. For example, the Godox KNOWLED P600Bi light creates even illumination with depth for a cinematic feel, while the MG1200Bi provides a soft and flattering key light. In contrast, the Godox TP4R film pixel tube contributes to a visually appealing RGB colour palette. While the F400Bi and TL120 tube lights give him the ability to control illumination in vast spaces.

Additionally, James also gets more advantages by controlling all C7R light bulbs and TP4R and TL120 tube lights thanks to their app control. It enables him to control every single one of the lights on his set or tweak all of the lights together in one place, ensuring consistency and easy fixing for brightness or colour temperatures without having to move the equipment. 

Godox APP control - Behind the scene

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